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If You Tow Your Trailer With This, You’re Trying Too Hard

If You Tow Your Trailer With This, You’re Trying Too Hard

Is towing an RV with a Hummer H2 practical? We think it’s overkill.

You’ll have to keep reading to find out if we’re joking. But we can all agree that the Hummer H2 is a beast.

We’ll find out what it can pull, if it’s worth it, and what kind of gas mileage it gets. Then, you can decide if you agree with our analysis.

Let’s dig in!


Let’s Face It: The Hummer H2 Just Isn’t a Practical Towing Vehicle

Let’s cut to the chase. The Hummer H2 isn’t our first choice for an RV towing vehicle for several reasons. It’s a gas-guzzling, poorly designed, massive presence on the road. Can it tow an RV?

Yes, but it simply isn’t practical.

About the H2: Towing Capacity, Cargo Capacity, and More

General Motors produced the Hummer H2 from 2003-2009. Its heavy-duty front-end design comes from the General Motors pickup, and the back is from the Chevy Tahoe. It differs from the original Hummer H1 in that it has less of a military style. 

They made two versions of the Hummer H2. One is an H2 SUV, which looks more like an SUV than a truck. It has a fully enclosed cab and rear. The other version is called the H2 SUT (sports utility truck). It also has four doors, but there’s a small truck bed in the rear. 

The 2003-2007 models have a towing capacity of 6,600-6,700 pounds. Those years had a 13,500-pound GCWR (gross cargo weight rating) and a 4.10 axle ratio.

The 2008 and 2009 models have a 6.2L engine, which ramped up the towing capacity to 8,200 pounds. And the GCWR for the last two years of the Hummer H2 is 15,000 pounds with an axle ratio of 3.73.

Hummer H2 driving through creek.
A Hummer H2 can tow an RV, but it is not the most ideal option.

Can You Really Pull an RV Trailer with a Hummer H2?

You can pull a travel trailer with a Hummer H2. The 2008-2009 models can pull lightweight trailers under 8,200 pounds fully loaded. And the 2003-2007 models can handle trailers under 6,600 pounds. 

Since the H2 SUT has a truck bed, you may wonder if it can pull a small, lightweight fifth wheel. Unfortunately, no. The truck bed is very short, at only 37.4 inches from front to back when closed.

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Types of Campers You Can Tow with a Hummer H2

The campers you can tow with a Hummer H2 include most pop-up campers and lightweight travel trailers.

Typically a travel traveler under 25 feet has a lower GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). There are some fun and easily towable small campers on the market that the H2 would pull well.

Person pumping gas.
When towing an RV, the gas mileage on a Hummer H2 dramatically decreases.

What’s the Gas Mileage?

The gas mileage of a Hummer H2 is about 10 mpg in the city and 13 mpg on the highway. But it gets worse. When towing an RV, the gas mileage decreases. Depending on what you’re pulling, it may average around eight to ten mpg. 

Towing with a Hummer? You Might as Well Be Towing with a Motorhome

When towing with a Hummer H2, you’re getting the same gas mileage as you would driving a motorhome. So if you’re purchasing a Hummer to go RVing, we recommend rethinking.

You can likely get a great motorhome for the same cost as a Hummer H2 and camper combined. The motorhome will provide a lot more features and amenities, and you can tow a small car behind to balance out gas mileage while camping.

Orange Hummer H2 driving on road.
Hummers are known for being gas-guzzling, poorly designed, and impractical.

Are There Any Benefits to Towing with a Hummer H2? 

We have a hard time coming up with benefits to towing with a Hummer H2 that would outweigh towing with a truck. But if you’re keen to tow a lightweight camper with an SUV, the Hummer can fulfill that niche as long as you’re realistic about the downsides we’ve discussed.

One thing we do like about the H2 is the significant cargo-carrying capacity. It can only hold up to five passengers, but the GCWR is between 13,500-15,000 pounds, which is good for an SUV.

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Does Anybody Really Need a Hummer?

Nope. There’s no need to purchase a Hummer. Car enthusiasts may debate this, but we would argue that wanting and needing one is quite different. The Hummer simply isn’t a practical vehicle for everyday use.

This video on Autotrader documents a man driving around a Hummer H2 for three days in Florida.

He concluded that it’s the most embarrassing thing one can drive. From the overly done branding on the vehicle to the limited visibility on the inside and poor design, he shows us the impracticality of the H2.

If You Tow Your Camper with a Hummer H2, You’re Trying Too Hard

If you’re towing an RV with a Hummer H2, you’re trying too hard. The H2 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Driving it as an everyday vehicle, let alone towing with it, is going to give you a hefty gas budget.

It could’ve won us over a little more if it had some amazing technological advances, but that’s not the case.

There are many other trucks and SUVs more practical for towing campers. But what do you think? Would you tow your camper with a Hummer H2?

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