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What is the Mojave Megaphone in California?

What is the Mojave Megaphone in California?

The Mojave Megaphone is a desert mystery that many have tried to solve. 

Many have sought it in an isolated part of the Mojave desert. 

Can you give it a try yourself, and what is this mysterious item anyway?

Let’s explore!

What is the Mojave Megaphone?

The Mojave Megaphone is a giant metal ‘something’ attached to a rock in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It’s about eight feet long and weighs around 600 pounds. Nobody knows where it came from, why it’s there, or even precisely what it is. 

The Mojave Megaphone is in a very isolated part of the desert. It probably went unnoticed for a while. Locals speculate it’s been there for at least 30 years. 

It’s too large for one person to have mounted, so it could have been a group project. 

It’s called a megaphone for its shape, but it might not be one. Theories about its use are surprisingly pragmatic. One idea says it’s a siren in case of a chemical spill in the area, which was once used to transport chemicals.

Because of the crosshair metal strips, some think it was a gun sight. Others speculate it was part of a rocket or pipeline. 

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Is the Mojave Megaphone Connected to Edwards Air Force Base?

Possibly. The Mojave Megaphone is located near Edwards Air Force Base. The base performed a lot of sound barrier experiments in the past. In fact, Chuck Yeager’s famous barrier-breaking flights were there.

Some speculate that the Megaphone is a measuring device related to aviation, sound waves, or related properties.

Explore the stunning Mojave Desert while searching for the Mojave Megaphone.

How Do I Get To the Mojave Megaphone?

The Mojave Megaphone is in Ludlow, California. To get there, get onto I-40 and take exit 50 to Ludlow. Turn left at the exit. Drive north on Crucero Road for about 23 miles.

Stop when you see remnants of an old railroad – old rail ties atop a straight trackbed. Keep an eye out. When you see the Megaphone atop a pile of rocks, you’re there. You can climb the rocks to get closer but be warned that it’s incredibly steep.

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What Else is Near the Mojave Megaphone?

If it’s not enough to see just one mysterious object in the Mojave Desert, may we suggest you also see the petroglyphs?

The petroglyphs are also known as Coso Rock Art. They feature paintings and carvings of symbols, including bison and humans. While we don’t know anything about their origins for sure, one theory is that they display “hunting magic.” That means the drawings are a kind of vision board to help with future hunts. 

The other prominent theory is that shamans drew these symbols as part of visions.

The petroglyphs are inside the China Lake Naval Base. Check with their public affairs office about a private tour. You can call them at (760) 939-1683. Occasionally, they’ll also offer group tours for the public.

Person sitting in Mojave Desert drinking beer at a campsite.
After spending all day exploring the Mojave Desert, relax at some amazing free campsites.

Best Hikes Near the Mojave Megaphone

Teutonia Peak Trail

Teutonia Peak Trail is a 3.2-mile out-and-back trail. It’s rated “moderate.” The trail is dirt and offers gorgeous desert views. Dogs are welcome if they’re on a leash.

Sadly, the 2020 wildfires devastated many Joshua Trees, and you’ll see many of their burned remains in the area. One fun thing about this trail is that there used to be a silver mine here, so you’ll pass numerous mine entrances. 

Lava Tube Trail

The Lava Tube Trail is an easy .5-mile walk that’s great for birdwatching and wildflowers. Leashed dogs are welcome. Fair warning, reviewers comment that the road is bumpy and not recommended for low-clearance vehicles.

The remarkable thing about this trail is the cave you’ll see, particularly how it has openings for really wonderful light. It’s best to go on a sunny day when you can see the rays beaming in.

Best Camping Near the Mojave Megaphone

Kelbaker Boulders

The Bureau of Land Management manages the Kelbaker Boulders area, and camping is free! The campground is within the Mojave Nature Preserve, so you don’t have to go far to see a lot.

Kelbaker Boulders is a small primitive area with good cell service and access to local hiking and sightseeing. Best of all, the panoramic views let you wake up to huge, dramatic skyscapes. 

Soda Lake View

This site is also free and in the Mojave Nature Preserve. It has dry and dispersed camping with good cell service.

Some reviewers mention “thirsty bees.” If you’re allergic, best to avoid the site. If not, put out some water for them.

Is a Mojave Megaphone Road Trip Worth It? 

Oh yes. Even if you don’t finally solve the mysteries of the Mojave Megaphone or the petroglyphs, you’ll enjoy seeing them. However, just about everything you see here is worth it.

The wide-open skies, photogenic boulders, and Joshua Trees make this a unique area indeed. Plus, there are free campsites right inside the Mojave Nature Preserve!

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