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Can You Visit the Field of Dreams?

Can You Visit the Field of Dreams?

The movie Field of Dreams has won over millions of moviegoers. 

Watching the movie certainly made cornfields seem more magical to baseball fans everywhere. 

But which field is in the movie and can you visit it?

Let’s find out!

What Is the Field of Dreams?

The Field of Dreams is the site of the 1989 movie Field of Dreams

In the movie, the main character (played by Kevin Costner) is a baseball-loving farmer. He builds a baseball field in his cornfield after receiving the iconic message, “If you build it, they will come.” After completing the field, the ghosts of famous baseball players gathered to play there.

The Field of Dreams movie site is an attraction that celebrates the movie and hosts baseball games.

Where Is the Field of Dreams?

The Field of Dreams is in Dyersville, Iowa. Don Lansing’s farm provided the setting for the farm scenes. Luckily for fans, he maintained the site as a tourist attraction.

In 2011, Go the Distance Baseball purchased the farm for a believed $5.4 million and added a larger stadium to the site.

Fence looking out onto baseball field.
Baseball fans will love exploring the house from Field of Dreams.

Can You Visit the Field of Dreams?

Yes, you can visit the Field of Dreams. The field is open, and there’s no admission fee to spend as much time as you like there. However, they do accept and appreciate all donations for upkeep.

There’s a concession stand and souvenir shop, as well as an event center available for weddings. You can even rent the field for $150/hr. 

Know Before You Go: Hours of operation and visiting change with the seasons, so be sure to contact the Field of Dreams movie site in advance.

Does Anyone Live in the Field of e House?

You can, at least temporarily!

You can rent the three-bedroom farmhouse starting at $500/night. It sleeps seven. 

If that’s a little beyond your budget, try a 30-minute guided tour for $20. You’ll hear the history of the house and its transformation to a legendary movie site.

Or, tour the house from home in your pj’s with a virtual tour on their website. That cost is $5, and all proceeds go to the upkeep of the Field of Dreams site.

Woman standing in field.
Spend the night in the Field of Dreams house.

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Best Hike Near the Field of Dreams

New Wine Trail

This trail is a 2-mile loop.  It’s rated as moderate, but reviews indicate it’s suitable for all levels. It’s mainly used for hiking, and dogs are welcome if they’re on a leash. 

New Wine Trail connects to a second trail. However, you have to cross a creek to get there, which could get you wet up to the knees. 

Best Camping Near the Field of Dreams

New Wine County Park

This campground is near the Field of Dreams. They have 29 sites, all of which have full hookups. The site rental fee is $23/night. 

The campground is in New Wine Park, which has some beautiful walking trails and outdoor recreation options. Picnic, playground, and shower facilities are also available. 

The park closes in winter. In addition, you need to make reservations four days or more ahead of a visit. Alternatively, they do have many first-come, first-served sites. 

Pro Tip: Before you park your RV for the night, make sure you’re not at one of these 5 Places It’s Illegal to Park Your RV.

Riverview Ridge

This site is a little out of the way, but reviewers say it’s worth the distance. 

With roomy spots, full hookups, friendly hosts, and strong cell service, Riverview Ridge is a low-stress place to stay. They have mountain biking and hiking options, plus they rent tubes if you want to go tubing. There’s also a nearby pub.

Riverview Ridge has 104 sites, and rates are around $45/night.

Is a Field of Dreams Road Trip Worth It? 

Like a lot of movie sites, it all depends on how much of a fan you are. If you’re a big fan of the movie – or baseball – this is a must.

There aren’t a lot of movie sites that let you get this up-close. Here, you can spend time in the field, enjoy outdoor events like movie viewings, and catch the rare MLB games. You can even rent the field or stay in the house. 

While there probably won’t be the ghosts of baseball greats, they do offer many ways to make your field of dreams a reality.

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    Thank you so much for this info about the Field of Dreams! We will be traveling through the area next fall and will surely stop for a visit. If they have room for tour buses, they must have room for our RV.