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5 Best Keystone RVs in 2022

5 Best Keystone RVs in 2022

Keystone RV might be one of the most popular names in the towable RV industry. But have you ever wondered who they are and what their most popular models are?

Keystone RV slays it in the towable RV game, and in this article, we dive more into the company itself and its best models in 2022.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Keystone RV? 

Keystone RV is an RV manufacturer based in Goshen, Ind. It’s one of the most popular names in the towable RV world today, producing some of the most popular and sought-after fifth wheels and travel trailers currently on the market. 

Keystone RV company began in 1996. There are more than one million Keystone RV owners out there.

The company also has 5,000 team members and more than one million square feet of manufacturing space in Indiana and Oregon.

Truck towing trailer.
Hit the road in a Keystone RV.

Who Owns Keystone RV? 

Cole Davis started Keystone RV Company in 1996. In 2001, Thor Industries purchased the company.

Thor has its own brand of RVs and is the parent company of many other well-known RV brands, including Airstream, Dutchmen, Heartland, Jayco, Tiffin, DRV, and many more. 

5 Best Keystone RVs in 2022

Keystone is one of the most popular manufacturers out there. Owners love their Keystone RVs. Here are five of the best Keystone RV models available in 2022.

Truck and RV parked in lot next to palm tree.
Keystone has many quality RV options to choose from.

1. Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheels

The Cougar model is perhaps the most popular Keystone RV on the market today. It comes in both half-ton and premium models. 

Half-ton Cougar RVs weigh between 5,586 and 8,521 pounds without sacrificing on space or amenities. The half-ton model comes in more than a dozen floor plans ranging from 26 feet 10 inches to 37 feet 5 inches.

You can fit a couple or a whole family, with sleeping space for up to 11 people on the largest model. That large model also includes a bunkhouse. All models store 60 gallons of fresh water. However, you only get between 30 and 38 gallons for waste and 30 and 76 gallons for your gray water.

Premium Keystone Cougar fifth wheels weigh between 9,981 and 11,751 pounds. There are seven floorplans for the premium model, ranging between 33 feet 9 inches and 39 feet 4 inches.

You get an 81-gallon freshwater tank, 76 gallons for gray water, and between 38 and 76 gallons for the black tank. Sleep six to 10 people with up to two bedrooms.

Some models even have a loft.

2. Keystone Montana Fifth Wheels

The Keystone Montana fifth wheel is one of the most well-known and well-loved fifth wheels on the road. Older Keystone Montana RVs are the most popular with RV renovators for their versatile floor plans. 

This RV comes in a couple of different varieties, including Montana and Montana High Country. The Montana is a luxury RV with premium features, and the Montana High Country is a family-focused RV with the same luxury features but more lightweight and versatile floor plans. 

The Montana fifth wheels have nine different floor plans varying between 35 feet and 41 feet 4 inches. They weigh between 12,273 and 14,248 pounds. The sleeping capacity ranges from four to eight people. You get 66 gallons for fresh water, 49 to 88 gallons for waste, and 88 gallons for gray water.

On the other hand, the Keystone Montana High Country line is more family-focused; these RVs can sleep anywhere from four to 10 people, depending on the floor plan. The High Country line has eight different floor plans to choose from, ranging from 32 feet 2 inches to 41 feet 11 inches. It weighs between 11,015 and 13,418 pounds.

The bunkhouses and lofts on some floor plans help add sleeping capacity.

You can store 87 gallons of fresh water on this rig. For black and gray water, your capacity varies between 39 and 88 gallons for waste and 78 and 88 gallons for gray water.

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3. Keystone Arcadia Fifth Wheel 

Keystone RV’s newest model is the modern and sleek Arcadia. The Arcadia has a beautiful, bright, and airy modern farmhouse interior. Right now, the Arcadia comes in half-ton and ¾ ton models.

The half-ton has two different floor plans that both clock in at 8,910 pounds. The smaller model is about a foot shorter than the larger one, at 32 feet 5 inches and 33 feet 7 inches, respectively. A rear living room and front bedroom make sleeping space for four on the smaller model.

Meanwhile, double bunk beds add sleeping space for up to six on the larger model. Both offer 66 gallons of fresh water, 49 gallons of wastewater, and 88 gallons of gray water.

The 3/4 ton lineup, or the Arcadia Premium, also has two floor plans. These RVs weigh in at 10,895 pounds. One is 36 feet 6 inches, but the other is currently listed as “not defined.” Sleep four to six people by choosing between a rear living room or bunk room and loft.

You get a lot of water capacity here, with a 107-gallon freshwater tank. The blank and gray tanks are 49 gallons and 88 gallons, respectively.

4. Keystone Arcadia Travel Trailer

Keystone didn’t limit the Arcadia line to just fifth wheels. The Keystone Arcadia travel trailer has two different floor plans to choose from, both of which weigh 9,340 pounds. One is 36 feet 10 inches, while the other is listed as “not defined” currently.

Both sleep four people and carry 66 gallons of fresh water. For black and gray tanks, you get 39 gallons and 78 gallons, respectively.

The travel trailer version has the same beautiful, modern light farmhouse interior styling and luxury features available in the fifth wheel models. It doesn’t currently include a bunkhouse model.

However, both floor plans have rear living rooms with mid-kitchens and three slide-outs. 

5. Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler

Keystone RV offers fifth wheels, travel trailers, destination trailers, and toy haulers, too. The Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler is a luxury toy hauler with a beautiful light interior with 10 different floor plans. 

These toy haulers can sleep eight or nine people and come in lengths between 39 feet and 45 feet 11 inches. They weigh between 13,779 and 16,230 pounds.

For your tanks, depending on the floor plan, you get 94 to 106 gallons for fresh water, 44 to 88 gallons for wastewater, and 88 gallons for gray water.

Are Keystone RVs High Quality?

Keystone RVs are popular for several reasons, including top-notch build quality. This brand strives to stay on top of trends, including offering light interiors when most manufacturers are still building with drab, dark browns.

Keystone RV listens to its customers when building new RVs and incorporates feedback from real-world RVers. All of this makes them high-quality RVs.

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RVs parked at RV campsite.
With so many options, Keystone is likely to have the perfect RV for your travel style and goals.

Is a Keystone RV Right for You? 

Keystone RV has many different fifth wheel and travel trailer models, from luxury to budget and everything in between. However, whether these RVs are right for you comes down to your specific circumstances.

We think Keystone is likely to have an RV that suits your travel style and goals, but check them out for yourself to decide.

Have you ever owned a Keystone?

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