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Buy or Avoid: Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel

Buy or Avoid: Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel

You’ll find at least one Montana fifth wheel in nearly every campground you visit. But are they worth buying over other fifth wheels?

There are a variety of manufacturers that produce fifth wheels. And, because many of them come equipped with the same great features, it can be tough to narrow them down. Today, though, we’re going to take a look at the Montana fifth wheel line. 

Let’s dig in!

About the Montana Fifth Wheel

Keystone, founded in 1996 by Cole Davis, manufactures the Montana fifth wheel. Mister Davis wanted to create a high-quality RV loaded with features. Today, the company has more than a million owners and manufactures some of the most well-known RVs on the market.

Their Montana lineup features 22 layouts that range in lengths from 35’ to 41’4”. Montana fifth wheels also come with three interior design options: bourbon, cobblestone, and white cottage.

Each unit comes ready for four-season camping, allowing owners to enjoy their fifth wheel year-round. There’s a layout for everyone with Montanas! In fact, buyers will find the full spectrum of layouts such as a rear kitchen or living space, a mid-bed, or front living space. 

Reasons to Like the Montana Fifth Wheel

Thankfully there are plenty of reasons to choose a Montana Fifth Wheel. They didn’t get to one million owners without having a quality product. Let’s check out some of the reasons a Montana fifth wheel is a great choice. 

Attractive Interior

Montana has done a fantastic job keeping up with modern decor without feeling ultra-trendy. Some RV manufacturers are stuck with only dark drabby color options, but not Montana! Whether you prefer a clean white, maple, or cool gray cabinetry they have you covered.

The furniture nicely compliments the overall style of each unit. Stepping inside one of these units will likely have you forgetting you are in an RV.

Spacious Floor Plan

Montana floor plans don’t leave you feeling cramped. With plenty of slides and open floor space, there is room for the whole family. Many models feature opposing slides, giving you a more residential feel. If you choose the right layout, you can even sleep eight people. The whole family will love having their own space for those rainy laid back days. 

Washer Dryer Hookups

Each Montana layout comes prepped for a stackable washer and dryer. Having the ability to install a washer and dryer in your fifth wheel is a large benefit. Families who travel full-time will appreciate this feature as it will keep them out of the laundromat several times a month.

Even weekend warriors will love this feature for those days when the kids can’t seem to stay out of the mud. 

Drawbacks of the Montana Fifth Wheel

With every product, there are drawbacks, and a Montana fifth wheel is no exception. There will always be things we’d like to change about an RV. Only you can decide if they are deal-breakers. Let’s take a look at some things we feel are drawbacks of Montana fifth wheels. 

Material Quality 

Thor purchased Keystone RV back in 2001. Reviewers have mentioned they feel the quality has gone down since the purchase. Quality is always a source of frustration when it comes to RVs. As such, it’s important to do several walk-throughs of units before deciding to make a purchase.

Be sure to touch all aspects of the fifth wheel and that all features are functioning properly. This is important regardless of what brand you are choosing. 

Not Enough Storage

While the Montana fifth wheel’s design is on point, the storage can leave you wishing for a bit more. There may be times when you feel they could have created an extra drawer here or an additional cabinet there. Every inch counts when it comes to RVs, and wasted space is not something anyone likes to see. 

Easy to Overload

While having a spacious fifth wheel with plenty of storage is what everyone wants, it can be a recipe for disaster. It’s very easy to overload a Montana with too much stuff, especially at the beginning if you’re using it for full time traveling. Overloading your RV can cause issues on the frame, suspension, and even cause premature tire issues. The last thing you want is to be broken down on the side of the road because you were overweight. Sometimes not having enough storage forces you to re-evaluate your needs and wants while RVing.

How Much Does A Montana Fifth Wheel Cost?

There are a lot of factors that come into play regarding the price of an RV. The specific layout and features on any given fifth wheel can increase or reduce the price tag. The MSRP on Keystone Montana fifth wheels ranges from $81,053 to $96,504. Be sure to shop around with several dealers to see the current going rate to help you with your negotiations. 

Some of the most popular Montana fifth wheel models are a bit more unique. Floor plans such as the Montana 3700LK provide the kitchen in the rear of the RV, which isn’t commonly seen. This floorplan also features an impressive four slides, making it spacious as well. 

Another popular layout includes the Montana 3855BR. This floorplan features a mid-unit bedroom perfect for the kids. Additionally, there is a loft giving plenty of space for friends or even a great extra play space. Parents still have a private bedroom, giving a bit of quiet space after a long day of adventure. This is a great unit for families! 

Does Keystone Have A Good Reputation?

Keystone has a reputation for being reliable. Owners tend to feel heard regarding their feedback and concerns. This is a great quality for a manufacturer to have. Many owners feel confident in recommending their unit to others. Keep in mind that with any brand of RV, it is also important that you have a good dealer.

A good dealer can make all the difference in communicating with the manufacturer, including Keystone.  

Should You Buy or Avoid the Montana Fifth Wheel?

If you’re someone who appreciates a good-looking RV and can deal with a few minor shortcomings, we consider the Montana fifth wheel a good buy.

The layout options make it a very versatile unit and, as a result, a great choice for various campers. The Keystone Montana is certainly one of those fifth wheels you’ll see in nearly every campground. If you’re hoping to take your adventure off-road, though, it might be a bit much for these units to handle. 

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  1. Mike K says:

    We bought a new one back in 02. Just two slides but worked for us at the time.
    Big plus that we’ve seen in quite a few models is their very unique bathroom door.
    A few downsides is there lack of shorter 5th wheels.
    They use to have them. As far as washer/dryer prep goes there rear bedroom models with that is a joke.
    The bed is so close to the doors they don’t even open all the way.
    All the big heavy 5th wheel manufacturers need to make disc brakes and 17.5″ tires standard. If GVWR is 16,000 or above it makes a big difference!

  2. Tom Bauman says:

    We owned a campground , sold it and retired in 2019.
    People had more problems with the Montana 5th wheel then any other camper.

    We have friends that owned 2 Montana 5th Wheels, had nothing but problems with them. The 2nd one the baught had 32 things wrong with it. The main door wasn’t even lined up and wouldn’t stay closed. The RV dealer said they wouldn’t fix it with that many problems. They had to drive it to the manufacturer in Elkhart ,leave it there. Two months later they called to see how long until it would be ready and the manufacturer said they couldn’t locate their RV.
    After a few phone calls and the wife totally freaking out they found out the RV was delivered back to the dealership. No one called them and told them this.
    When they went to pick it up it had gotten damaged in the delivery.
    Needless to say we didn’t buy a Montana.
    We toured the Grand Design plant and purchased a Solitude to start our fulltime RVing. Great purchase.

    Tom Bauman

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