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Are Christmas Lights Safe in an RV Camper?

Are Christmas Lights Safe in an RV Camper?

Nothing says Christmas in your RV quite like Christmas lights. And no matter where you are in your RV, if you’re a fan of Christmas, you’re probably a fan of Christmas lights.

The more, the merrier, right?

We all want to help light up the night for festive Christmas celebrations. But are they actually safe in an RV camper?

Let’s find out!

Can You Safely Hang Christmas Lights in Your RV?

Hanging Christmas lights safely in an RV is about the same as hanging them in a stationary home. Yes, you can safely hang Christmas lights in an RV, as long as you pay attention to safety.

Don’t overload your electrical outlets or your RV’s electric capability, for that matter. 

And speaking of electric capability, you may not even have that option. It all depends on where you’re parked for the holidays. So before you head out to purchase a cart full of Christmas lights, do a bit of planning.

You can plug in Christmas lights safely, but you might be better off with battery-powered lights instead. And just like in a stationary home, you should turn off the lights when you’re not around to prevent any possibility of fire.

Family sitting in front of festive Christmas camper.
Keep your RV cozy this holiday season with some cute Christmas lights.

How to Hang Christmas Lights in an RV

Most RVs won’t be able to accommodate an eight-ft tall live ponderosa, so instead of worrying about which tree to hang your lights on, string the lights all around the RV. The type of lights doesn’t matter, from traditional Christmas light strands to rope lights to mini battery-powered lights.

It’s quite simple to hang any of these in an RV. With today’s technology, you’ll find a hanging option that works for any wall or ceiling. 

Command Strips offer a variety of hanging options for almost any type of lighting. But if you’d rather not break the bank, get creative. Badge holder clips are a brilliant way to hang lights without attaching anything to your walls.

Suction cups and magnetic hooks will also work wonders. Whatever you choose, you’ll now have options for hanging lights and decorations both inside and outside your RV.

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Woman standing in front of Christmas lights.
You can safely hang Christmas lights in and around your RV.

Decorate Outside Your RV as Well

Christmas lighting isn’t meant for just the inside of your RV; have fun decorating outside your RV, as well. The traditional C7 or C9 size lights will work just fine on your RV’s exterior, just as they do on a traditional home.

But rope lights may be a better option. They make for beautiful lighting, but they’re also great for outlining your boundary at the campground.

Add to the joy of the season with a few outdoor holiday blowups placed strategically around and on your rig. Nothing says Christmas like a snowman on the roof of an RV. If you plan on driving more than staying still during the holidays, ditch the snowman on the roof idea, and attach a festive wreath onto the front grill, instead.

Really want a Christmas tree but can’t fit the one you want inside?

No problem.

Just put one up outside. Just be aware of what you decorate it with. Feeding a family of deer sounds wonderful, but we all know we need to keep the wild in wildlife. Plus, nobody wants to pick up tinsel that has blown away in the middle of the night.

Use lights to bring out the beauty instead of ornaments.

LEDs or Traditional Lights?

While traditional lights seem less expensive than LED lights, you’ll save money and energy with LED lights in the long run. LED lights last longer than traditional lights, use less energy, and give off a radiance that puts regular lights to shame.

You can find LED Christmas lights in rope lighting, all types of electric lighting, and battery-powered lighting. LEDs are definitely the way to go.

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Girl happily posing in front of Christmas tree.
While decorating your RV for Christmas, add a small Christmas tree to your list!

Think Beyond Lights: Other Christmas Decorations for Your RV

Many RVers love their lawn ornaments, and Christmas is the time to love them even more. So take the traditional RV lawn ornaments, such as the pink flamingos, and wrap some lights around them and give them a Santa hat, too, for good measure.

Add a wreath to your front door or anywhere inside the RV. Inside and out, hang natural garland and mistletoe. Use spray snow on the edges of your windows, along with holiday clings, to give every inch of your RV that cozy Christmas ambiance. 

Use a small plant for a Christmas tree, and wrap it in lights to make it festive. And then take the ornaments that won’t fit on the tree and hang them around the RV. They’re the perfect size for that and make every inch of the RV festive and bright.

Use battery-powered candles to create a festive centerpiece without the risk of burning down the RV. Miss the scented candles?

Bake cookies, instead.

Spread the holiday cheer to your campground neighbors by decorating the front cab. Have fun creating a blissful holiday scene with a mini-tree and a blow-up or two. And don’t forget to add more Christmas lights to keep it cheery and bright.

And last but not least, bring out the holiday cheer with your linens and blankets. Use holiday-themed or colored blankets and throw pillows to make your home on wheels feel like the perfect holiday getaway.

Have a Cozy Christmas in Your RV

We all dream of a white Christmas, but that ideal sounds less cozy when you’re in an RV. Instead, we want a comfortable and festive Christmas, and Christmas lights and decorations can achieve that.

With a bit of decorating, it won’t matter that you’re not at home because you’ll be spending a cozy Christmas in your home on wheels instead.

Do you have any decoration ideas for Christmas in an RV?

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