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Are RV Parks Open on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Are RV Parks Open on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

While a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas at home are always nice, sometimes you’re just looking for something a bit different.

Hotels on a tropical island and cabins in the woods are often popular choices for those choosing a holiday vacation. Don’t let your imagination end there, however.

You may not have considered an option to book a campsite or RV park and do the holidays in your home on wheels.

But are RV parks even open on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Let’s take a look!

Are RV Parks Closed on Holidays?

While many businesses close up shop on holidays, that’s not always the case for RV parks. Holidays are some of their busiest times of the year. With everybody off work, it causes many to run to RV parks and campgrounds for holiday retreats. 

However, RV parks that operate seasonally and close up in the fall generally remain open for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

RV parks that are open for reservations year-round will most likely be open for the holiday season, too.

So if you’re looking for a place to call home for the holidays, a local RV park just might be it!

Can You Book an RV Spot for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Yes, you can book an RV spot for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If an RV park is open all year long and not just seasonally, they should accept bookings even on holidays.

This will be subject to availability as holidays, regardless of the season, tend to book quickly. Check out the location’s website or give them a call if you want to be sure.

How Far Should You Book Out for a Holiday Camping Spot?

While this might be your first time considering taking the RV out for the holidays, many people do it every year. If you have a specific RV park or resort you’re hoping to call home for the holidays, book it as far out as you can.

You might be able to snag a last-minute cancellation if you weren’t able to reserve in advance. Most people don’t leave holiday plans to chance, so it wouldn’t be wise to show up without a reservation.

Check with the RV resort you’re hoping to stay at to find when their booking window opens.

If you’re confident in your dates, we suggest booking your location as soon as the window opens. 

Can You Expect Fewer Campground Amenities During the Holidays?

This is going to vary significantly based on the park. Are they generally a bare-bones type of park? If so, they’ll likely be in hibernation mode during holidays and operating with reduced staffing.

When staying at a resort that typically comes with lots of activities, such as a Jellystone RV park, you’ll likely find fun holiday-themed activities in addition to their everyday amenities. This can make for an enjoyable holiday experience while RVing.

If a campground is open for the holidays, you can expect basic amenities to remain functional such as bathhouses, laundry rooms, and dump stations, unless otherwise noted.

A quick call to the RV park should provide answers regarding any amenities questions you have.  

Are All RV Campgrounds Open Year-Round?

Many campgrounds throughout the country are open year-round, but due to their locations, some are not.

Generally speaking, the farther south you go, the more RV parks you’ll find that are open year-round. Areas with weather that can accommodate camping even during the winter months tend to remain open. 

If you’re unsure if the area you’re looking to camp in will be open for the holiday season, the best way to find out is simply to call. If calling isn’t an option, you may be able to tell from the park’s online reservation system or by checking campground reviews sites. 

Should You Reserve a Campsite for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Camping for Thanksgiving or Christmas can be a unique way to create fun family memories. Those looking to change things up will love celebrating the holidays while camping. You’ll have the same great comforts of home while setting up shop in a fun new location. 

It may feel different than years past, but it might just be exactly what you need this season. Taking your family traditions on the road can be a great adventure. And sometimes, breaking away from the norms actually makes a family tradition feel even more special than just doing the same thing year after year.

Does hitching up and hauling out for the holidays sound fun or stressful to you?

Not everyone would enjoy celebrating their Thanksgiving or Christmas on the road, but it’s a chance for many to truly get away from it all and have a simple holiday with family. An RV park can be a great place to spend the holidays.

Will you be spending your holidays at an RV park this year?

Pro Tip: Here’s the new campground reservation rule for 2022.

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