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Naked and Noisy Campers Bring Complaints to RV Park

You likely have a few characteristics you’re looking for when it comes to a campground. Your list may include spacious sites, full hook-ups, or possibly even cable TV.

Nakedness and noisy campers aren’t likely to be features of your perfect campground.

However, one northwestern New Mexico RV park has locals listing these as two of their biggest complaints regarding the park.

Let’s take a deeper dive and look at the naked truth of Tico Time River RV Resort.

The Tico Time River RV Resort Is Getting Bad Press

Tico Time River RV Resort sits along the Animas River in northwest New Mexico.

The incredible landscapes make it an idyllic place to build a home away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. However, the Tico Time River RV Resort has drawn attention from residents for all the wrong reasons.

The park is expanding both in size and amenities. This year the park has introduced music festivals to many of its weekends. However, it’s not just the loud music from the festivals that bothers the locals, but also the behavior of some of the attendees.

Some report that they have a clear view into the park from their home and have witnessed nudity on multiple occasions from campers. While they were willing to overlook it at first, they’ve had enough. 

The locals have taken their complaints to the county manager’s office.

However, there are no local zoning codes or noise ordinances and very few government regulations, which means there’s not much the county can do.

About the Tico Time RV Resort

Tico Time RV Resort is a 74-acre RV resort with phenomenal views of the Animas River. Instead of feeling like you’re in northern New Mexico, your eyes will convince you that you’re in the middle of Costa Rica.

Just 20 miles from Durango, Colo., this oasis has everything you and your family could need for a memorable camping adventure.

Here you’ll find zip-lining, a 60’ climbing wall, tubing, paddle boarding, sand volleyball, a massive 130’ waterslide, an 18-hole disc golf course, and music festivals.

The park offers so many activities that you’re sure to find yourself wanting to extend your stay.

Naked Campers, Loud Music, Drugs, and Alcohol Concern Resort Neighbors

Despite offering a tremendous amount of activities and amenities, the resort is getting complaints. Guests and residents say nudity, loud music, and drug or alcohol use are all ruining their experience.

When you’re paying $64-$94 per night on the weekend, you’re probably not going to tolerate these types of activities ruining your trip.

With shower and restroom facilities on the opposite end of the campground from the Magical Forest, tent campers also have difficulties.

Many choose to bathe in the river, some in bathing suits, but others in nothing more than their birthday suits.

This can be uncomfortable for other guests and those with houses on the other side of the river or within view of the park.

While the county has received multiple complaints from residents, there’s not much they can do. The area where the campground sits is a rather remote area of the county.

Typically, many of these activities would raise more concerns for local officials. However, the park has done everything by the books. They’ve done everything the county expects from them and even put in measures to minimize the noise.

The local officials are monitoring the situation as the season comes to an end. Officials will help ensure that next season will be much smoother and look a little different.

If complaints continue, there’s likely to be more regulations to come down to help curb behaviors like public nudity and the use of drugs and alcohol.

Festivals Held at Tico Time Resort

There are nine different festivals held at Tico Time Resort during May, August, and September. Festivals range from their Sangha Festival, which focuses on fitness and health, to the Four Corners Reggae Festival. 

The festivals offer unique experiences and the opportunity to appreciate music, dancing, and various workshops. Other festivals include Soberfest, Unison Festival, Country Festival, Chrisitan Celebration Festival, Jam Festival, and the Bluegrass Festival. 

Activities at Tico Time Resort

When it comes to activities, Tico Time Resort is loaded with them. Some of the popular activities include rafting, tubing, and paddleboarding in the river. However, if you’re not a fan of aquatic activities, this park still has plenty to offer.

You’ll find an 18-hole disc golf course, beach volleyball, two zip lines, a 60’ bungee jump, a 40’ Tarzan swing, a 60’ rope climb, and a 60’ climbing wall. This park offers so much and will continue to grow its impressive list of amenities.

Will the County Shut It Down?

There are no plans for the county to shut the park down anytime soon. The park has followed all of the procedures and worked very openly with the county regarding what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. However, if complaints continue to roll in next season, officials will likely need to step in and work closely with the park to help develop a solution.

Would You Stay at This Kind of RV Park?

When selecting an RV park, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. If the park hosts a music festival during your stay, you shouldn’t be surprised that there’s loud noise. While Tico Time may offer lots of amenities, avoid it during peak season on the weekends if you’re a family.

You can still enjoy all of the amenities during the week without having to worry about festival noise.

Would you stay at an RV park during a music festival?

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  1. StephenM Harvey says:

    Why did it never occur the the people offered by nudity. DONT LOOK?

  2. Bob says:

    I thought this was funny, the park saying they are doing all they can when what they mean is they’re doing all the feel like. It’s private property. They don’t want nudity? Every RV park I’ve been in gave me a list of rules and regulations when paying. In addition post signs saying no nudity. Then simply kick out the people not obeying.

  3. Bob says:

    @StephenM Harvey, Has it ever occurred to people to obey regulations? If people are entitled to do whatever they want then it’s OK for me to pepper spray them. Right?

  4. M Bruce Parker says:

    Did you imply that Tico Time River RV resorts offers full hook-ups? With other campers?

  5. Captain Quirk says:

    @Bob, are you seriously comparing PEPPER SPRAYING someone with simply being naked in a remote, rural location?

    Furthermore, WHAT regulations? According to the article, there appear to be no regulations that prohibit nudity. (Nor should there be, for that matter. I don’t get the hangup that some people have with the human body. And it’s not like this is downtown Albuquerque.)

    The noise complaints from the neighbors are a little more understandable, since noise travels and you can’t “look away” from it. But even then, one has to ask who was there first. If the resort was there first, then anyone who builds a home near a large facility like that assumes the risk of noise, especially on summer weekends.