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7 Reasons RV Park Owners Hate Their Job

7 Reasons RV Park Owners Hate Their Job

Managing a hospitality business is a challenge! RV parks are no exception. 

However, if you could hear some of these RV park owner complaints, you might get a good laugh.

Here’s the thing…unlike hotels, RV parks are often owned and operated by campers. These owners usually buy a campground because they love camping. That’s a big mistake!

The service industry is a pain in the arse (everyone should wait tables at least once).

It’s clear, though, that some of these RV park owners are in over their heads!

Here are ten humorous complaints I’ve heard as a fly on the wall in RV owner forums.

Too Many Golf Carts

RVers love golf carts. The trend is really catching on. However, certain RV park owners are not welcoming of golf carts.

Some of the gripes include – the RV park streets are too crowded, no designated golf cart parking, insurance is confusing, and (obviously) they drive too fast!

Why Are People Calling Me 24 Hours a Day?

Many RV park owners don’t think they operate a 24/7 business. They believe once the office is closed, they’re off duty.

What an awful assumption.

Patrons are trained (by past hotel experience) that the hospitality industry is never closed. If an issue arises after hours, it still needs to be dealt with.

This is a common complaint of ‘mom & pop’ RV parks. It’s understandable why an owner may believe it, but it doesn’t align with the modern RV campers expectations.

It’s Too Busy This Summer

This strange summer is punishing every part of the hospitality industry, except RV parks. Complaining about too much business sounds extremely ungrateful.

I understand that it may be crazy busy…but making money is more than some can do right now.

People Aren’t Listening

As if this is something new. Since the beginning of humanity, the lack of listening has been a universal human trait.

What do RV park owners expect? Campers are excited to arrive. It’s their vacation for crying out loud!

When RVers check in to a park, the last thing on their mind is a page full of rules.

If only an RV park owner had previous service & hospitality industry experience, they’d realize this is par for the course.

Guests Are Complaining About Bad Wifi

RV parks are notorious for using “free wifi” in their marketing material, only to offer a virtually unusable network.

Yes, RV park wifi almost always stinks. Don’t offer it if it doesn’t work well. And, indeed, don’t gripe about guests being dissatisfied with lousy wifi.

If you want to camp at an RV park with AMAZING wifi, check out Island Retreat RV Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It’s the best we’ve ever experienced!

There Are Too Many Kids Running Around

This is a valid complaint if you’re managing a 55+ RV park. Otherwise, it’s summertime and kids are gonna be kids!

I understand it can be overwhelming; I have a one-year-old running around the house every day. But, RVers go to campgrounds for vacation…not for silent meditation.

RVers Are Always Asking for a Discount

Well, duh! Everyone loves a discount. Believe it or not, RVers are a frugal bunch.

Many discount programs like Good Sam, Passport America, Thousand Trails, and Harvest Hosts offer significant campers discounts.

Considering the steep price of RV parks, it’s only natural to find a way to lower the bill!

RV Park Guests Aren’t Off The Hook

Just because RV park owners have a lot to complain about, it doesn’t mean the guest are off the hook. Everyone should behave like a civilized person!

But, it’s summertime…so go have fun and be your best self!

If you must be reminded – here are the Don’ts of RV Park Camping.

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  1. Louise says:

    My friend once told me about someone with a brand new RV. First trip out. He had so much trouble backing into the sight that he ripped the tongue off of the camper. No kidding. It was covered by the warranty so it was repaired. But how embarrassing is that?!

  2. A spence says:

    As an owner sure we may gripe, but man campers can be so damn entitled. We are also going to complain about campers not listening to the rules at check in, and then they get mad when we get on their case about breaking them. The rules exist for the safety and comfort of guests. Many times in these rural campgrounds strong Internet doesn’t exist. I don’t know one owner who doesn’t want to provide strong wifi. We all want to, many times it’s not possible.