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Where Can RVers Meet Each Other?

Here’s a hidden truth about RV life that no one ever talks about: it can be incredibly lonely. It’s hard to sustain a traveling lifestyle when you feel like it’s you against the world.

Sure, there are plenty of other RVers on the road, but how do you find the ones you actually have things in common with? In this article, we’re covering all the best ways to make RVing friends.

Be sure to read through the entire list because different places are better for different people.

Best Places for RVers to Meet Each Other

If you’re ready to meet other RVers, your options are almost endless. Here are the best places to meet other RVers, make new friends, and find like-minded people. 

RV Rallies

RV rallies are some of the best places to meet RVers in person. There are countless RV rallies held by many different RV clubs, lifestyle and special interest groups, and RV manufacturers. 

There are far too many to list here. If you’re a member of certain RV clubs, check their website for rally and event information. Or, if you’d prefer to meet other RVers with similar rigs, find out if your manufacturer hosts events or if there are any customer-led RV rallies for your brand.

Family roasting hotdogs at RV campsite
The RVing community is full of many unique and friendly people.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV parks and campgrounds can be wonderful places to meet other RVers, but they can also be a mixed bag. Meeting other RVers at RV parks and campgrounds can be fun, but since anyone can book a campground, the chances of you having the same niche interests as other guests are low. 

Follow proper etiquette when meeting other RVers at a campground. Don’t show up to other campsites uninvited, and don’t go knocking on doors. The best way to make friends at a campground is by meeting other RVers in public spaces like the pool, lounge, laundry room, etc. 

RV campsite
You can always find friendly faces at RV resorts and campgrounds.

RV Club Events

Many RV clubs have yearly rallies and other smaller events throughout the year. Here are some of the best RV clubs for meeting other RVers. 

Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club is one of the biggest RV clubs in the world and has an incredibly active member base. This club has a wide age range from 20-somethings to retirees, and the club offers events for all of them. There are caravans, ocean cruises, trips to Mexico, adventure-style events, and laid-back casual events. 

This club also has different regional chapters around the U.S. that hold their own events like dinners, campouts, and more. In addition to chapters, Escapees RV Club has “BOF” groups. These “Birds of a Feather” groups are member-led special interest groups. There are BOFs for just about every interest you can think of, and each has its own get-togethers and online groups. 

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Xscapers is an offshoot of Escapees RV Club aimed at the young and young-at-heart. It has a yearly rally called the Annual Bash, which is like a 10-day party in the desert. Throughout the year, they have smaller gatherings called convergences. Convergences include adventurous get-togethers, holiday celebrations, trips to Mexico, ocean cruises, and more. 


FMCA stands for “Family Motor Coach Association.” This RV club has a yearly international rally and other events and rallies throughout the year. It also has regional chapters that organize their own events and structured activities throughout the year. Chapter rallies run on weekends.

FMCA rallies and events focus on bringing RVers together for education, shopping, entertainment, and camaraderie.

Passport America Rallies

Great America Caravans by Passport America holds rallies and caravans around the U.S. throughout the year. Passport America is a discount camping membership that gives members 50% off of camping fees at more than 1,400 participating campgrounds in the U.S. Members love the discounts, and many members love the events, too. 

Caravans are great opportunities to meet other RVers and travel together to places with a coordinated schedule of events. In addition to caravans, Passport America has rallies throughout the year in places like New Orleans, Branson, Sarasota, and Nashville. 

Fulltime Families

Fulltime Families is an RV club for RVers raising families from the road. This club holds events for full-time families to come together and make new friends: kids and adults alike. 

Fulltime Families has two branches to make it easier to find new friends who have similar interests. The first type of branch is location-based, and the other is interest-based. So you can find other full-time families in your local area or by specific interests.

Fulltime families hosts get-togethers throughout the year all around the country, and even in Mexico. In addition to regular hangouts and family events, Fulltime Families also has a teen rally for kids to make new friends on the road. 

RV Shows

RV shows are another great place to meet RVers. These shows are full of people who are dreaming about RV life. Full-time RVers love attending RV shows to see the latest and greatest in the RV industry. These shows are fun places to take seminars, see new RVs, shop for the best RV-related products and services, and meet new people. 

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RV Educational Classes

You’ll find tons of RV-related classes online and in-person that can be great places to meet new RVers. Classes like Escapees RV Club’s RVers Boot Camp take place in-person over three days in a classroom-like setting. This could facilitate both learning and friendship.

Woman happily smiling from van while on the road.
When in doubt, the internet is full of many RV groups to join!

On the Internet

The best place to meet new RVers is online. There are countless Facebook groups, RV-related forums, and even a social network for RVers only called RVillage. RVillage even has a feature where you can check into a campground and network with other RVers in the same place. They have their own rallies and events too. 

There’s a group or forum for just about every lifestyle, interest, and RV brand that you can think of. This is a great place to start when looking for new RVing friends with similar interests, and you can branch out and meet them in person. Many of the larger non-brand affiliated RV Facebook groups organize their own in-person events as well.

How to Find Like-Minded RVers

The best place to start finding like-minded RVers is online: either by joining Facebook groups, browsing RV forums, or connecting on RVillage. From there, you can decide which RV events are right for you and sign up for some. 

Life on the road can be lonely without friends. Even better than having a few friends is being connected to an entire community of like-minded RVers. Now that you know how to make RVing friends get out there and do it.

How have you made connections on the road? Tell us your tips in the comments below!

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