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RV Resort Manager Arrested for Stealing Almost $1 Million from Campground

When researching your next RV trip, you probably aren’t expecting to find a headline “resort manager arrested for stealing.” 

However, this is precisely what RVers looking for campsites in South Carolina found this week. Crazy, right? 

Keep reading to learn more about the arrest and how much the manager stole. We’ll also tell you about the campground and help you stay safe for your next camping trip.

Let’s go!

RV Resort Manager Arrested for Stealing

Carolina Pines RV Resort manager 52-year-old Troy Bittner was arrested and accused of stealing more than $867,000. 

Although Bittner managed the resort, it operates under Sun Communities. The arrest happened seven days after someone reported embezzlement to the Horry County police. 

The Theft Accusations:

Bittner removed over $80,000 from the company safe and used it for personal use. This theft was captured on video. He also refunded company funds to his personal credit cards.

Bittner is now under house arrest and facing two theft charges for over $200,000. 

This theft isn’t the first time the park has had legal issues. In 2021, North Myrtle Beach filed a lawsuit against Carolina Pines RV Resort for improper use of a cabana house in Tilghman Beach. 

About Carolina Pines RV Resort and Sun Outdoors

Carolina Pines RV Resort is full of amenities, including pools, mini-golf, bowling, water park, bar, and restaurant, to name a few. The resort is in Conway, South Carolina, 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach. 

Carolina Pines had its Grand Opening Event on October 22, 2019, and has around 800 gravel and paved campsites. All sites have water, electricity, sewer, cable, free WiFi, picnic tables, and fire rings. 

Sun Outdoors, formerly Sun RV Resorts, is part of Sun Communities, Inc., which buys, operates, develops, and expands RV parks and manufactured home communities. They own RV sites in over 142 locations across the US and Canada, including Carolina Pines RV Resort. 

In addition to Sun Outdoors, they also own brands such as Sun Retreats, Sun Resorts & Residences, Sun Uncharted, and partner with Jellystone Parks. 

What About Me? Is It Safe to Leave My Campsite Unattended?

Most RV park employees are stand-up citizens and often fellow RVers. If you feel you’re being scammed or ripped off, talk with the manager or your credit card company. Although nothing in life is 100%, it’s generally safe to leave your camp unattended, especially if you follow our tips. 

Find Out About Park Thefts

Before booking a campsite anywhere, make sure you check reviews. If there has been a problem with theft, someone will share it in the reviews of the park. You can also do an online search for the campground or RV park and thefts. 

Security Measures at the Park

You may also feel more comfortable staying somewhere with security personnel and gated entry. If a park has it, they’ll mention it on their website. Of course, if you find a place without a website, make sure to call and ask. Never assume they have either security or locking gates.

Ask management if they do background checks for parks that allow long-term residents. Some parks require these checks for campers staying longer than a month, but others do not.

Anti-Theft Gear to Keep Your Camping Gear Safe

You can add anti-theft gear to your RV. Many video monitoring systems let you see what’s going on in and around your RV at all times. Some even allow you to communicate with anyone approaching your RV, even when you’re away.

Your RV comes with locks, but changing them out may help keep your home on wheels even more secure. Use locks for your trailer hitch or steering wheel locks for your motorhome. 

If you really want to keep your RV from moving without you, use Tire Boot Locks. These might not be a good solution for those of you that move often, though. 

Keep it Simple!

Don’t forget the basics for preventing theft! Keep the lights on inside your RV when you leave, lock your doors, and hide your valuables. Bring things inside every night and when you leave your campsite. It’s easy for someone to just walk away with anything you store outside that’s unsecured.

Camping Can Be Safe

Yes, a resort manager was arrested for stealing, but this is not the norm! Most campground stays are full of safe fun and a lifetime of memories. That being said, always use your best judgment and protect yourself. 

How do you keep yourself and your belongings safe while camping? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. FrankA says:

    We are presently snow birding at Carolina Pines RV Resort and loving every minute of it, we heard about this through some other Campers and were shocked,every employee we have met here has been friendly and helpful in make your stay safe and comfortable. This is our first time here and plan on coming back again.