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Is Arctic Wolf a Good RV Manufacturer?

If you’re not careful when buying an RV, it could spend more time in the repair shop than in a campground. Choose a reputable manufacturer that produces high-quality RVs.

One manufacturer that’s gaining in popularity is Arctic Wolf. But is Arctic Wolf a good RV manufacturer? Let’s see!

Who Makes the Arctic Wolf RV?

Forest River RV, a division of Forest River Inc, makes Arctic Wolf RVs. Forest River is one of the largest manufacturers of RVs in the United States.

They’ve called Elkhart, Ind., home since 1996.

While they produce Arctic Wolf RVs, Forest River RV also produces several other brands of travel trailers, motorhomes, and truck campers. Some brands include Cedar Creek, No Boundaries, R-POD, Salem, and Sandpiper.

Berkshire Hathaway owns Forest River Inc. This company specializes in pontoons, buses, commercial trucks, and recreational vehicles. Berkshire Hathway is led by chairman and CEO Warren Buffet.

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Arctic Wolf exterior product shot from Forest River website.
Owned by Forest River, Arctic Wolf RVs are a great option for many adventurers.

Arctic Wolf RVs

Forest River noticed that the RV market was missing a value-driven fifth wheel. They responded to the demand by adding Arctic Wolf RVs to their lineup. This involved combining the Forest River and Cherokee product teams to create an RV that provides a different camping experience. With multiple floor plans and modern conveniences, these RVs ensure you’re comfortable, no matter where you’re using your RV.


Much of what makes Arctic Wolf a unique line of fifth wheels often gets hidden during the construction. The use of aluminum framing and laminated construction provides a high-quality and lightweight RV. The powder coating of the frame helps protect it from rust and other elements that could cause issues over time.

Additionally, a seamless tank construction for the water tanks helps ensure no problems arise due to weak points in the tank.

The walls are laminated in-house to give them complete control of the lamination process. This reduces the likelihood of delamination and results in superior strength between the fiberglass and the backing. Something new is the addition of 2-inch sidewalls that help insulate the rig and reduce the amount of noise heard inside the rig.

There are several areas where Arctic Wolf RVs go above and beyond what’s expected during construction. The end result is a solid RV that ensures maximum control of the climate and comfort inside the RV.


In the Arctic Wolf line of RVs, the focus was packing as many features in the RV at the lowest price possible. Their goal is to create an RV that functions properly and is aesthetically pleasing. It might surprise you the features Arctic Wolf crammed into this RV and still keep it budget-friendly.

In this day and age, you can’t make a fifth wheel without auto leveling. The Ground Control Auto Leveling System makes setup and takedown incredibly easy and provides a tremendously secure footprint to minimize movement. The Reese Revolution Hitch is another wonderful addition that allows for a wider turning radius, tighter turns, and no need for a sliding hitch. It’s a game-changer for sure!

Some other features that we love that Arctic Wolf includes are the friction hinges. These special hinges ensure your RV door doesn’t slam shut or damage the side of your RV. This is an upgrade many RVers choose to make later, but Arctic Wolf sees the importance of doing it right from the start.

Interior of Arctic Wolf RV from Forest River website.
Arctic Wolf RVs offer quality construction and reliable use.

What Are the Benefits of Arctic Wolf?

There are quite a few benefits when it comes to choosing Arctic Wolf. One major benefit is the super tall main slides. These allow more headroom and space for taller ones in your RV. It also allows them to install massive windows and create a more open feel inside the RV.

Another benefit is the oversized sink and sink covers. You’re going to need to do dishes, so you might as well have a sink that fits them. We love how the sink covers fit flawlessly into the groves and create a smooth surface to create more counter space when preparing and serving meals.

The construction of the Arctic Wolf RVs is also a tremendous benefit. You get a solid RV built for you and your fellow camper’s comfort. This is extremely helpful when you’re camping in cooler or warmer environments. You want your RV to be comfortable when you need to escape the uncomfortable outdoors. When you choose an Arctic Wolf, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about staying comfortable.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Arctic Wolf?

While the RV has plenty of fancy features, consumers would like to see an improvement in insulation and protecting sensitive components during colder temperatures.

What Makes an RV Good?

You want to be comfortable. That’s one of the keys to a good RV. You can have the best layout and the fanciest features, but if it’s not able to keep you comfortable, you’re not going to be satisfied. This means generous insulation in the walls, ceiling, and flooring. You want sensitive plumbing lines and components protected during colder temperatures. A good RV should be able to withstand cold and warm weather conditions and still maintain a level of comfort.

Another aspect of a good RV is solid construction and materials used. You can feel it when manufacturers use cheap,low-quality materials. When dealers use high-quality products, consumers are willing to spend more money on premium-level RVs. 

Is Arctic Wolf a Good RV Manufacturer?

Arctic Wolf is a good RV manufacturer. You can see this in the fact that they’ve made adjustments in recent years to how they construct their windows and the amounts of insulation they’re putting into their RVs.

These adjustments create a high-quality RV and maximize its profits. If they continue to evolve and make adjustments based on market demand, they’re surely going to be a force to reckoned with in the fifth wheel market for years to come.

Is an Arctic Wolf RV Worth the Investment? 

Arctic Wolf RVs are great options if you’re looking for a budget-friendly RV loaded with features. They’re lightweight with a solid construction, making them ideal for those not interested in upgrading to a massive and expensive truck. You and your family can make memories for years to come when you choose an Arctic Wolf RV.

Have you ever walked through an Arctic Wolf RV while RV shopping? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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