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The Best RV Brands in 2022

The Best RV Brands in 2022

Since the first RVs were built in 1910, brand models have transitioned from canned hams to luxurious motor coaches and everything in between.

In fact, today’s lineup includes more than 100 names, making it a challenge to pick the cream of the crop.

So we researched for you, taking a deep dive into available RVs to single out the best brands of 2022.

Let’s take a look at what we consider the top brands in the industry today.

What Makes an RV Brand Rise to the Top?

Below you’ll find a guide to help you narrow down your choices to those RVs built with quality and customer service in mind. What criteria did we use to find manufacturers that produce high-quality RVs? Here are four essential benchmarks that our top brands exemplify:

Quality Construction

The ultimate goal in searching for an outstanding recreational vehicle starts with quality construction. Many motorhome and travel trailer manufacturers see the benefit in building their RVs with high-end materials. These not only last longer but give the consumer more protection, comfort, and peace of mind.

Toxic formaldehyde is a thing of the past, and particleboard is now lightweight composite panels. These are just a couple of examples of the improvements made in construction quality.

Putting new ideas, designs, and equipment into their product lines is another standard that sets apart our top RV brands. Rather than continue to “do it the way it’s always been done,” these manufacturers integrate innovative floor plans, incorporate modern technology and listen to consumers’ needs. These manufacturers aren’t afraid of change, creating improvements throughout the industry.

Variety of Floor Plans

Because they’re willing to meet customers’ requests, you’ll find that most of these brands increased their offered floor plans. Campers have a variety of wishes. And recreational vehicle builders have found a way to satisfy more of them with a dizzying array of design opportunities.

Excellent Warranties

Manufacturers have also discovered that consumers expect more dependable warranties. These keep their vehicles safely on the road for longer periods of time. Brands that take quality construction seriously have no fear in issuing two to five-year warranties. They proudly stand behind their work.

Will Brand New RV Prices Go Down in 2022?

There’s no way to know if RV prices will continue to rise or start falling unless you’re a talented prophet. But all signs point to continued strength in motorhome and trailer sales.

After all, a travel trailer is a perfect vehicle for times like these:  a self-contained camping vehicle. And along with that, supply chain shortages have made delivery of new models extremely difficult. All this means that the prices of existing RVs are going through the roof.

If manufacturers can get the parts to complete their current inventory over the following year, there’s no reason to assume that recreational vehicle prices will fall. But if demand lessens, manufacturers will have to drop prices to get these new vehicles off of their lots. It seems only time will tell.

The Best RV Brands in 2022

After considering all of the criteria listed above, we’ve picked nine brands that offer outstanding RV models. Here’s what you can anticipate from each in 2022.


Newmar has always set the standard in Class A grandeur and design with unparalleled craftsmanship and exquisite materials.

And their offerings for 2022 are no different, with Super C, gas, diesel, and luxury motorcoaches under names like Dutch Star, Ventana, and Mountain Aire. 

Grand Design

These 5th wheels and travel trailers certainly live up to their brand name. Grand Design offers some of the most popular, well-built trailers in the industry.

Look for more Reflection and Momentum 5th wheels in 2022, along with their Imagine travel trailer floor plans.


Long associated with opulent motorcoaches, the Tiffin RV brand does not disappoint. Their 2022 selection of models focuses on comforting decor and additional safety provisions, along with the ultimate in high-end finishes.

Between their extravagant Class A models like the Allegro, Phaeton, and Zephyr and their new entries into the Class B market with the Cahaba and the Class C Wayfarer, Tiffin has the luxury market covered.


The only brand that comes to mind when considering truck campers is Lance. Although not as luxurious as other motorcoach companies we’re including, Lance has a dependable reputation for creating high-quality campers.

Their construction is first-rate, and 2022 models include sleek interiors and models that fit both long and short bed trucks.

Their pull-behind trailers start at 15 feet, and families find the 25-foot-long models excellent for housing the entire crew.


Airstream has long been the standard by which other travel trailers are measured. With their bullet-shaped aluminum exteriors, they’re immediately recognizable. And, their top-of-the-line construction and minimalist living spaces are both elegant and practical.

Airstream’s 2022 models include more of their popular Basecamp trailer, as well as the Bambi and Flying Cloud floor plans. Since the addition of their Class B Interstate model, Airstream has watched this segment of the RV industry take off.

Look for new, warmer interiors and more electronic connectivity in these new offerings, as well. 


Well-known for their Class C RVs like the Minnie Winnie, the Winnebago brand’s smaller travel trailer offerings have become more popular of late. But camper vans are all the rage now, and the Travato is the all-time selling vehicle in the Class B lineup.

Listening to their customer base, Winnebago offers more models with off-road capabilities and dispersed camping amenities like those found in the Revel, Boldt, and the Solis.

Leisure Travel Vans

Always considered the premium in diesel Class B+/C vans, Leisure Travel Vans has recently unveiled a gas engine on a Ford Transit frame.

This line is aptly named “Wonder,” as it provides comfort with a bit of elegance, all while racking up to 20 mpg! LTV is still cranking out their diesel Unity models, as well, and each line has three floor plans from which to choose.


Coachmen answered the call to deliver quality construction and design across the board with Class A, B, and C motorhomes, plus travel trailers, 5th wheels, and pop-up campers.

Their showpieces lie in the Class A and B types, with the Pursuit, Galleria, and Beyond motorhomes. These coaches incorporate Amish cabinetry, electronic connectivity, four-season insulation, and well-thought-out designs for 2022.


Made one at a time, Oliver travel trailers are full of unique details and sumptuous amenities not typically found in an 18 or 24-foot RV.

These fiberglass vehicles are ordered directly from the manufacturer, with no dealership intermediary, giving you complete control over features, interior colors, and materials. In 2022, choose from a single axle or double axle trailer, and custom build your dream RV.

Let the Best RV Brands Guide You to Your Dreams

The year 2021 was record-breaking for the RV industry, with more sales and more units on the road than ever before.

It’s hard to guess what next year might bring, but sticking with the best brands providing quality construction, innovative design, and dependable warranties will always guide you to the RV of your dreams, no matter what the future may bring!

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  1. Carlo Frazzano says:

    Since the year 2000, we have had two manufactured Class A diesel motorhomes and one converted MCI J4500 which we have now. There is no comparison in that the manufactured units virtually and gradually came apart and were plagued with poor quality. The manufactured units are not designed for regular, long distance use and we got to the point that we were beginning to dread our trips wondering what next would fail, break or leak. In my opinion, buyers of Class A diesel units are better off purchasing a maintained, used converted MCI, Prevost or Newell than a new or used manufactured Class A diesel.