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Buy Or Avoid: Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

Buy Or Avoid: Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

Should you buy or avoid the Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel? It’s a popular choice for many travelers. The Grand Design brand has worked hard to deliver a consistently great RV.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, we’re here to answer your burning questions.  

Let’s take a look.

About The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

The Solitude is a top-of-the-line fifth wheel made by Grand Design. It has many options and floor plans. With a spacious living area and residential finishes, it gives you an advantage for long-term RVing. 

Grand Design is one of the many brands underneath the Winnebago Industries umbrella.

Reasons To Like The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

There are plenty of reasons to like this RV, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top three.


This fifth wheel is easy to tow without a doubt. Like any fifth wheel, you do need the right truck to pull your RV safely.

Hitch weight on Solitudes is between 2,350 and 3,096 pounds, depending on the floor plan. Unloaded vehicle weight ranges between 11,442 and 14,866 pounds.

While the gross vehicle weights are between 15,000 and 16,800 pounds.

Overall, many Grand Design owners has enjoyed the towability of this unit.

Pro Tip: Here are the best 3/4 ton trucks for towing.

Livable Floor Plan

The Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel has approximately 15 different floor plans on the market. They range in length from 34’ 4” to 41’ 5”. You can find a floor plan with or without a bunk room, a front living area, two bathrooms, and more unique layouts.

Each floor plan offers a livable space that is conducive to full-time RVing or short trips. The kitchens are designed to feel as if you’re in a bricks and sticks house. And the living rooms are set up for gathering while taking advantage of the natural light from well-placed windows.

4-Season Coach

The Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel is constructed with fully laminated walls. Rigid foam insulation is used in the sidewalls, rear wall, slide room end walls, and slide room roof. It also has a thermal roof design with fiberglass and radiant foil insulation on the roof and front cap. The roof has a vented attic allowing for condensation to escape. 

The floor is triple insulated. This includes a layer of radiant foil insulation and 2 layers of fiberglass insulation. In addition, the underbelly of the coach has aluminum rails to keep the barrier tight against the frame for maximum seal. Even the gooseneck and outdoor baggage doors have insulation. 

Its heating system includes heated underbelly and storage bay heat ducts as well as 12-volt heat pads for each holding tank. Inside the coach, there is an even flow heating system. The Solitude has 40,000 BTU of heating power. 

These measures taken by Grand Design make the coach well suited for any season. The coach has been tested in extreme temperatures from 0 to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It remained fully functional in these conditions.

Drawbacks Of The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

Any RV has pros and cons. We’ve come up with three common drawbacks that consumers have voiced about the Solitude. 

Material Quality 

There is a common theme among reviews from Solitude owners about material quality. For example, several owners have complained of handles and trim falling off.

Like any RV, material and construction can vary in quality.

When your RV is going down the road at 65 miles per hour, you want assurance that it’s going to hold up. Be sure to read through reviews and do a thorough inspection of any RV, new or used, that you plan to purchase. 


The luxuries a Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel provides comes with the cost of extra weight. These are heavy fifth wheels, which affect fuel costs and the size of truck you need.

The heaviest Solitudes having a gross weight capacity of 16,800 pounds. Safety should also be considered when towing this much weight, therefore getting the right truck is vital. 


Grand Design RVs are at a higher price point than most of their competitors. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. However, given the growth in the RV industry, we do find the Solitude to be priced out of reach for many buyers. 

How Much Does The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel Cost?

Base prices for the Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel can range between $80,000 and $110,000 MSRP. A smaller floor plan can get you in at the lower end of that range. Start adding features and your cost can go up to around $150,000 MSRP. 

Does The Solitude Fifth Wheel Have A Good Reputation?

The Solitude has a great reputation. Overall, owners give this RV good reviews. You’ll see many in RV parks around North America. 

As with any RV, there are plenty of customers who’ve had a bad experience. Their voices can be loud in online communities.

Should You Buy Or Avoid The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel? 

We vote for “buy” if you have the budget and truck to pull it. The Solitude is a great home on wheels. Plus, resale on the Grand Design products is good.

I’ve got to be honest with you, as our family grows, we may very well buy a Grand Design Solitude for our next RV.

Head over to Grand Design’s website to learn more about the company and the Solitude. If you have a Solitude, we would love to hear your take on this RV. 

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    We have had nothing but trouble with our Solitude – toilet and drain tank valves, Furrion refrigerator and microwave/convection, a/c, trim, backup battery system leading to problems with slides and leveling system, etc, etc. And Grand Design hides behind Texas’ franchise law as far as getting warranty services done (we’ve relocated and are no longer near the selling dealer). Ours must have been built on a Friday (workers thinking about getting drunk) or Monday (workers hung over from getting drunk).