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What Is an RV Honey Wagon?

If you’re new to the RVing lifestyle, let’s save you some embarrassment and inform you about an important service: an RV honey wagon.

When you check in to a campground that only provides electricity and water, a staff member may ask if you want a honey wagon visit. Don’t think they are asking if you want to try the local honey.

Let’s take a closer look at what an RV honey wagon is so that you don’t end up red-faced at check-in!

What Is an RV Honey Wagon? 

Contrary to its name, an RV honey wagon doesn’t deliver honey. It’s a truck or trailer that visits campsites, empties the black and gray tanks, and carries off the waste.

You might wonder where its name came from if it has nothing to do with honey. “Honey wagon” comes from the old horse-drawn wagons that carried sewage waste. Nowadays, when you empty the black tank of your RV, there might be a honey-colored liquid that comes out. 

If you’re at a campground with full hook-ups, you won’t need a honey wagon, as you already have a sewer connection and can empty your black and gray tanks as needed. So if you always stay at campgrounds or RV resorts that offer electric, water, and sewer hook-ups, you might never even hear about an RV honey wagon service.

Sewage tank truck pumping machine
Don’t stress over removing waste from your RV, a honey wagon can help!

Why Do Some RV Parks Use Honey Wagons? 

Getting sewage waste pipes established at every campsite is an ordeal. To avoid this hassle, some campgrounds will offer electric and water hook-ups but no sewer.

Usually, there is a dump station on the property where RVers can empty their tanks when leaving. However, if you’re staying for a more extended period than just a couple of days, you’re going to need to empty your tanks before departing.

This is where an RV honey wagon service is convenient. Some campgrounds will offer this service free of charge, while others will charge a small fee. A honey wagon saves you some work from emptying the tanks into a portable waste tank and then having to visit the dump station.

Offering a honey wagon service is also a great idea for campgrounds with limited sewer hook-ups because RVers will often stay longer. When there’s a convenient way to empty their tanks without doing the work themselves, that makes their stay much more enjoyable.

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Man using honey wagon.
Keep an eye out for whether or not your campground offers a honey wagon service.

How Do Honey Wagons Work?

If you want to take advantage of this service, you can sign up at the campground office. Typically, a honey wagon won’t drive around every day. So you’ll want to find out what days the service will be available. You’ll give the office manager your site number – that’s it!

If you have plans the day the RV honey wagon drives around, don’t worry. You don’t have to be present at your campsite. The worker will just need access to your tank valves. So, before you leave, make sure nothing blocks them. 

The process is simple. The worker will hook up a hose from the tank on the truck or trailer to your tank valve. The waste from your toilet will empty into a black tank and travel through the hose into the tank on the truck. Then, the sinks and shower wastewater will drain into a gray tank.

RVers appreciate having a honey wagon service when staying in campgrounds without full hook-ups.

Do Campgrounds Charge for Honey Wagon Service?

It varies from campground to campground. Some RV honey wagon services don’t cost anything. It might be an added amenity at the campground to entice travelers to stay there.

Other services range from $5 to $20. Just remember that most times, this isn’t a daily service. You’ll want to plan accordingly and let the office staff know if you need a visit during your stay.

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Will an RV Honey Wagon Be Able to Empty My Entire Black Tank?

If you’re staying at a campground with partial hook-ups and need to empty your tanks during your stay, having an RV honey wagon service is convenient. You don’t have to mess with a portable waste tank or take your RV to a dump station.

You can remain stationary during your entire visit. It’s also an inexpensive service, so it’s certainly worth it to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself. Again, you don’t have to be present for them to empty your black tank. You can return to your RV with no worries.

The next time you stay at a campground without a sewer connection, ask the office staff or ranger about a honey wagon service. Otherwise, you’ll need to figure out the best way for you to empty your tanks if you’re staying longer than a couple of days.

Doesn’t a honey wagon service sound like an easy way to make your stay more enjoyable? Will you get the honey wagon service? Tell us in the comments below!

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