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Justice Clarence Thomas Is an RVer

RVing can make a great pastime. For some, it is even a full-time job. But its allure has captured people’s attention from all backgrounds and income levels. 

No one is immune from the draw of freedom to travel the highways, byways, and backroads of the country. They want to visit long dreamed of destinations and meet interesting characters along the way. 

Even one particular Supreme Court justice has been bitten by the RV traveling bug. Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife have found that touring by motorcoach is the perfect way to see the country he serves in a more personal way.

Who Is Justice Clarence Thomas? 

Clarence Thomas is celebrated as the second African American to serve on the United States Supreme Court. He was a lawyer who worked up the ranks as an assistant attorney general in Missouri. 

He served as the assistant secretary for civil rights in the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission chairman.

Thomas, raised in Savannah, Georgia, attended the College of the Holy Cross and Yale Law School. His law degree led him on a path to serving as an associate justice on the Supreme Court in 1991, where he still sits as its longest member for over thirty years.

Until 1999, Justice Thomas admitted that he had no interest in RVing, but that changed when he and his wife purchased a motorcoach and began traveling the country between court terms. Since then, they have enjoyed touring through dozens of states.

Back of RV with American flag on it.
Let freedom ring as you hit the road in your RV.

Does Clarence Thomas Have an RV? 

Clarence and Ginni Thomas purchased a used class A RV in 1999. They still enjoy its comforts as they travel through several states during each court hiatus. 

The Thomas’s have no qualms about stopping for a night’s rest in a Walmart parking lot and have done so on numerous occasions. They frequent campgrounds, as well, when in need of electricity.

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What Kind of RV Does Clarence Thomas Have? 

His Honor travels in a remodeled Prevost motorhome customized by Marathon Coaches. Their 40’ coach, although almost 25 years old, still cruises the roads of America. 

US Marshals, responsible for the security of court justices outside of Washington, D.C., won’t allow the media to show pictures of the RV’s exterior for anonymity’s sake. But Justice Thomas sometimes gets recognized while ‘on tour.’

What Is a Prevost Motorhome? 

Prevost is a subsidiary of Volvo, located in Quebec, Ontario. It manufactures luxury touring coaches measuring 45’ long. But Prevost also produces transit coaches up to 60’ long. 

Eugene Prevost built a customized bus around a wooden frame in 1924 and began to receive multiple orders. Eventually, they built a manufacturing plant, and the company flourished. In fact, today, Prevost has 19 parts and service centers in North America.

The motorcoaches now have a stainless steel chassis. It can endure 1 million miles of travel and serve as the foundation for personal RVs and corporate bus travel. 

Prevost motorcoaches have an inner “Prevost Beam” core. This makes the vehicle stronger, giving it more weight capabilities and slides without affecting existing storage space.

With the foundation set and a Volvo engine and powertrain installed, Prevost then partners with a few premiere converter companies. They build a motorhome that sets the standards in safety and driveability to make a top-of-the-line luxurious house on wheels. 

These partners have opulent designs, with quality and comfort as their top goals. They include Marathon Coach, Emerald Luxury Coaches, Liberty Coach, Millennium Coach, and Featherlite Coach. 

All interior and exterior elements have high-end finishes, materials, appliances, and furniture. And you can completely customize a Prevost motorhome. 

RV parked on beach with an American flag.
See all of the stunning sites America has to offer by taking on RV life.

How Much Does a Prevost RV Cost? 

When you order a top-notch motorcoach, expect to pay top dollar. New Prevost coaches start at $1.5 million and move toward $3 million. However, since you can customize them, the price can skyrocket if you add more luxury items and amenities.

Finding a used coach, as Justice Thomas did, will bring the price down significantly. Of course, if the motorhome’s customization doesn’t suit your needs, you can always have one of the five converter companies re-customize it for you. 

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Is a Prevost Worth It? 

If money is no object and you desire an extravagant home to travel in, you will find the Prevost well worth the cost. Its excellent construction and dependability are uncompromised. 

You will have the room to take almost everything you own on the road. Any other coach has unmatched storage space. And you’ll garner gazes of envy from other RVers who only dream of such a stunning motorcoach. You can be like Justice Clarence Thomas and travel the country in style?

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    I have never met Justice Thomas but have read in the past that when in a campsite he is very friendly and outgoing, going around the camground and introducing himself and chatting. Very nice for someone so famous to do that.

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