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Does Costco Have Quality Tires?

If you like to drive, it’s a sure bet you’ve put some “new shoes” on your vehicle over the years. Good dependable tires can be costly.

However they are necessary to keep your car, truck, and recreational vehicle safe and operational. So, how can you make shopping for tires easy and affordable? By visiting your neighborhood Costco warehouse to scan a big selection of name-brand treads. 

Let’s take a look at what this megastore has to offer.

What Kind of Tires Can You Buy at Costco?

Whether Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, or BF Goodrich, Costco carries well-known premium brand tires. They also carry other great quality brands that might not sound familiar but produce long-lasting tread for your vehicle. And, what they don’t have in-house at their tire centers, they can find at regional stores or tire suppliers.

The warehouse store can fit tires on all types of automobiles, including sports utility vehicles and trucks. They also have inventory for ATVs and utility terrain vehicles. Surprisingly, you will also find that Costco can supply tires for your golf cart and trailer, as well. 

And, for your one-stop shopping, you can find wheels and automotive products like oil and car wax in the aisles with accessories, including electronics for your vehicle. Twelve-volt batteries and deep-cycle 6-volt marine batteries that can be used in RVs and are available in the tire center, too. 

Do You Have to Be a Member to Buy Tires at Costco?

Attaining access to discounted prices like those available at Costco does come at a price. It requires membership to purchase tires (or any other product, for that matter) at the store, but the cost is not too steep. Sixty dollars will lasso you a one-year Gold Star Membership.

That allows you to shop at their warehouses or online at and even fill up your gas tank at Costco gas stations.

You can splurge on an Executive Membership for $120. That will also provide you with a 2% membership reward on almost all purchases and other perks offered on services. And Costco has made it easier for seniors age 60 years and older to shop by opening early just for them!

Are Tires Cheaper to Buy at Costco?

In most cases, when price shopping, Costco comes out on top as the most budget-friendly tire store. Costco tires almost always come in at the lowest price compared to stores like Discount Tires, Big O Tires, and Bridgestone Tires Centers.

The store includes several services with your tire installation that aren’t part of the price at its competitors’ shops.

For instance, Costco offers a 5-year road hazard warranty with their tires, along with free maintenance services. That means free tire rotation and flat fixes.

They will check tire pressure for you whenever you come to the tire center. They will also fill your tires with nitrogen. All in all, the cost of Costco tires is much lower than you’d find elsewhere, especially when you consider all of the extra services they provide.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Your Tires at Costco?

Costco tires are exceptional, not only because of the quality of their tread but also for the additional items, activities, and services that come with your purchase. They include:

5-Year Road Hazard Warranty

In addition to the manufacturers’ warranty, Costco adds its own 5-year road hazard warranty. They will replace tires that have become ‘unserviceable’ by checking their tread depth and issuing a credit toward new tires based on the useful life of the tire.

Free Maintenance Services

If you don’t like looking for an air pump at every service station you pass, you will love Costco tires’ free maintenance offering. Whenever you drive to a Costco tire center, the attendant will check your tire pressure and fill them if needed.

They also have a manual air pump if you prefer to fill them on your own. Free tire rotation and flat fixes are also included in the purchase price of your tires.

Shop While Your Car Is Serviced

No one can resist meandering through a big Costco warehouse, even if nothing is on your shopping list. So having that activity available while you wait for your tire installation makes your time at the tire center much more enjoyable and worthwhile!

Competitive Pricing

If you are budget-oriented and like saving a buck (or $50), Costco tires will keep your dollar figures right on track. They purchase in bulk, so they can offer discounted prices on your favorite name-brand tires.

Tires Filled With Nitrogen

Costco has discovered that tires filled with nitrogen will maintain air pressure longer because the air molecules are larger. This is rumored to provide better gas mileage and a longer life for the tire because they remain properly inflated.

So, Costco mechanics offer to fill tires with nitrogen if the customer desires.

Can You Buy Quality Tires at Costco?

By all accounts, Costco tires are great investments in the foundation of your travels. Because they carry many of the high-quality name brands, the warehouse chain can offer dependable tires with additional services at no extra cost.

And because they can purchase (and sell) in large bulk and get discounts from their suppliers, they can sell their tires at discounted rates to their members. There are different benefits to each brand, model, and tread. So, buyers should compare those features to decide which Costco tire suits their needs best.

Should You Go To Costco For Your New Tires?

When the rubber hits the road, it’s fair to say that Costco tires speed to the front of the line when comparing costs and services rendered to other tire stores.

If looking for car, truck, or trailer tires, it would behoove you to start shopping at the popular warehouse store. Not only will you find excellent quality in their inventory, but the level of customer service and extra attention to detail will have you returning whenever your vehicle needs a new set of shoes.

Do you go to Costco for your tires?

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  1. Greg C. says:

    I absolutely agree that Costco does have quality tires and excellent service; we’ve used them for many of our vehicles, starting back with our Chevy Astro van. Never a problem.

    Would also like to suggest Sam’s Club, as well. We have membership at both places, and sometimes will find a brand or price we like better at one club than the other. Both offer same kind of service.