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RV Curtains: Open or Closed on Travel Day?

Some people will jump at any chance to debate with others. There’s no limit when it comes to the possibilities of debate topics.

Does the toilet paper go over or under on the holder? Which athlete is the greatest of all time? Who makes the best tow vehicle?

Today we’re looking at a hot topic we recently saw some RVers debating. When it comes to RV curtains, should they be open or closed on travel days? 

Let’s get started and pull the shades on this argument! 

Should RV Blinds Be Up or Down When Traveling? 

Ideally, your RV blinds will remain closed while traveling from one destination to another. While it’s unlikely traveling with your blinds up will cause serious issues, if something as simple as remembering to leave the blinds down has benefits, it doesn’t hurt to put it on the travel day checklist. 

What Are the Benefits of Closed RV Curtains on Travel Day? 

When going down the highway, the sun is likely to find its way through your windows. If you are someone who camps primarily during the summer months, this means you are going to have even more of an uphill battle cooling off your rig once you get parked at your site. In addition to keeping it a tad cooler in your unit, it also helps keep sun damage at bay. 

Unless you have well-tinted windows, open blinds give anyone who passes by a full view of the inside of your RV. It may not seem like a big deal as people pass you going 70 mph. But, when you’re parked, it’s more than an uncomfortable unintentional invasion of privacy.

If you make a pit stop to refuel your vehicle or grab a bite to eat, you invite curious onlookers to look at what you have inside your RV. Ill-intentioned people may even take the opportunity for a quick break-in while you are preoccupied with a gas station attendant. Don’t set yourself up for a crime of opportunity. 

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Family and cat driving RV
Block out extra UV rays by keeping your RV curtains closed while on the road.

What Are the Disadvantages of Closed RV Curtains on Travel Day?

If you want your curtains closed on travel days, it’s another item on your to-do list when packing up your RV. Travel days are already stressful enough, so adding anything to this list can complicate them even more. While it may only take a second or two to close all of the curtains in your RV, it’s just another task you’ll need to make sure gets done.

Curtains can protect your RV’s interior from harmful UV damage, but nothing protects the curtains. This means that they’re more likely to show signs of fading and discoloration as they age. They’ll also be more likely to get damaged from swaying around.

If you had custom curtains made, you might not enjoy watching them suffer through the aging process. If your RV spends a significant amount of time in the sun or extremely harsh sun conditions, you may only enjoy them a season or two of looking like new.

How Do I Stop My RV Blinds from Banging? 

One very common way of keeping RV blinds from banging while rolled down for travel is to use adhesive strips. These can come in many different forms, such as velcro, magnets, or clips.

This allows you to pull the blinds down and secure them to the wall of your RV. That way, they don’t have the opportunity to bang up against the walls as your RV swings and sways from the natural movement of your rig. 

Old van parked with red curtain.
A curtain can keep your RV safe when you’re not inside it, but it might not be necessary for when you’re driving it.

Should I Leave My Blinds Open During the Day?

A good rule of thumb is to keep your RV blinds closed if you’re not in or near your RV. This reduces the sun effects on your RV’s interior and keeps prying eyes out. If you are in your RV or it’s visibly within your sight, you may feel it is not worth worrying about your blinds. This will be especially true if it doesn’t have the hot summer sun beating down on it.

Be careful leaving your blinds open once the sun goes down. Even with tinted windows, when it’s dark outside and you have lights on inside, you will essentially be on display for the entire campground to view if you have your blinds up. 

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What’s Your Travel Day Preference, RV Curtains Open or Closed?

We do our best to close our curtains before pulling out of a campsite. However, we understand not everyone does or even thinks twice about the status of their curtains for travel days. Your decision will greatly depend on how you use your RV. If it’s going to sit for weeks or months at a time in storage, you’ll likely want to remember to close your blinds when packing up compared to if you’re moving from campsite to campsite. 

So, open or closed? Where do you fall in the debate? Tell us in the comments below!

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