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How to Easily Clean a Greasy Stove Top

A grimy and greasy stovetop may be unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Built-up grease can quickly turn into a disaster as grease fires spread fast and can be challenging to put out.

Cleaning your greasy stove will make a big difference to your kitchen. It can feel a bit overwhelming and challenging to know where to start.

Today we are looking at the best methods and tools you can use to get your stove sparkling clean. 

How Do You Degrease a Stove Top?

To degrease your stovetop begin by wiping it down with a wet cloth. Starting with a damp cloth lets you loosen that top layer of built-up gunk; think of it as a presoak.

Water alone will not break down the grease, but it can often remove other residues. Once you’ve started breaking down the top layer, it is time to move on to a soapy sponge to break down the built-up grime further. Once you are confident you’ve done some prep work, it is time to bring out the tough stuff; you are now ready to get some results. 

What Is the Most Powerful Degreaser? 

Take care when degreasing your stove to avoid damaging it. You’ll want to avoid using an abrasive scrubber as it could easily scratch your stovetop. Depending on the severity of the build-up, you will need to use a powerful degreaser to cut down the grime and get your stovetop sparkling again. 

So what is the most potent degreaser available? It depends on who you ask. Like most cleaning products, everyone seems to have their favorite and can be rather passionate about why it is the best. Some insist you choose professional options from retailers selling industrial-grade supplies, while others swear by cheap bargain store options.

For what it’s worth: We think the Goo Gone is the best degreaser for a great value ($11.55).

The functionality of these products will vary significantly based on what is stuck on your stove and the environment in which your kitchen resides. There will likely be a bit of trial and error to achieve the results you are looking for with commercial products. 

What Is the Best Homemade Degreaser? 

While commercial products are tried and true options for degreasing your stovetop, sometimes they aren’t the right choice for you. If you cannot get your hands on a store-bought product or aren’t keen on using powerful chemicals in your home, you still have options.

We know water alone won’t break down a greasy mess, but with a few items you probably already have in your home, you can work to achieve the intended results. Let’s take a look at a few excellent DIY stovetop degreasers. 


If you happen to discover a greasy mess while it is still wet, consider grabbing your flour. Just like flour can absorb grease to aid in thickening up your recipes, it can absorb oil to make it much easier to wipe up. Don’t forget that your grease may still be hot, so ensure you’ve let the grease and flour mixture cool before wiping it up. 

Baking Soda and Water

Those seasoned in DIY cleaning supplies might already know about baking soda’s seemingly magical cleaning abilities. Baking soda makes surfaces shine again and is a primary ingredient in many store-bought cleaning products.

To use baking soda to remove stubborn grease, mix baking soda with water to create a paste. Start with around three tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of water. If your oil is extra stubborn, you can allow the baking soda mixture to sit for several minutes before you scrub the grease off. Smaller messes may even wipe off with minimal effort. 

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Greasy stove top
There are many easy DIY solutions to clean your greasy stove top and make it look like sparkling new.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is great for getting your dishes clean but can also help clean up your grease mess. It has grease-fighting properties that can help you clean up grease from almost any surface. If you have grease splatter on the stove, walls, countertops, or floors, it can be a gentle way to remove the grease. Some have even used dish soap to spot clean clothing with grease splatters. 

Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

Unfortunately, grease sometimes splatters on harder-to-clean surfaces such as rugs and chairs with fabric coverings.

When you find a fabric that you cannot throw into the washer, try using salt and rubbing alcohol to lift the grease. Mix one part salt and four parts rubbing alcohol and use a cloth to rub the mixture onto the stain. Once you’ve removed the grease and it fully dries, vacuum the leftover salt and use a damp cloth to remove any extra residue. 


You may have used vinegar in the past to wipe out your microwave, but did you know it works great on your stovetop as well? Spray vinegar directly on the stuck-on grease and let it sit for at least five minutes. While it may not take away the greasiness, it can help you clean off that hard-to-remove food stuck onto surfaces.

Removing this stuck-on food will allow you to get to the grease under it more easily. 

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Person scrubbing greasy stove top.
When in doubt, clean your greasy stove top with Dawn to get all the grease gone!

Is Dawn a Good Degreaser? 

Dawn works great as a degreaser, especially on glass surfaces such as glass cooktops and windows. Splattered grease happens to the best of us, and Dawn is often within easy reach.

While other dish soaps can also help fight grease, remember that not all dish soaps are the same. If you are hoping to use something different than Dawn, be sure it is specifically designed to fight grease. 

Are Homemade Degreasers Worth It?

Regardless of how careful you are, grease is bound to make its way out of the frying pan. Instead of paying the high cost of commercial-grade cleaning supplies, it is often worthwhile to try a homemade alternative. If the homemade options aren’t cutting through the grease, you can always choose to head to the store.

Do you have a tried and true stovetop degreaser that you’d recommend? Tell us your secrets in the comments below!

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