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How to Park Your RV Overnight at a Casino

When looking to make a long trip from one city to another, most RVers will want to search for a quick overnight location to stay along their route. Instead of making one long eight or nine-hour drive, RVers will often break it up. 

But when taking a trip from point A to point B, you don’t want to veer too far off the interstate. You don’t even need hook-ups. You just need a place to pull off and park for the night. 

Casinos are a great option. They’re RV-friendly and provide some relaxation and enjoyment after a long day of driving. Let’s look at how to park your RV overnight at a casino.

Can You Sleep in the Parking Lot of a Casino? 

You can park your RV overnight in the parking lot of a casino. While some shopping centers have cracked down on overnight stays in their parking lots, casinos still welcome weary travelers. 

It’s a great option, too, because of their security. Since most casinos are open 24/7, it usually has guards patrolling the parking lot all the time.

Melbourne, Australia – January 12, 2017: An entrance to the Crown Melbourne integrated resort in Southbank.

How to Park Your RV Overnight at a Casino

Just because you can park your RV overnight at a casino now doesn’t mean you can in the future. If RVers respond to this hospitality with rude, inconsiderate behavior, this privilege can easily be taken away. Let’s make sure you know the proper rules of etiquette for overnight parking at casinos.

Locate Casinos on RV Apps

AllStays is a popular app used by RVers to find all types of locations to stay overnight. You’ll find campgrounds, resorts, and free overnight spots. RVParky is another app that provides similar information.

OvernightRVParking is another good option specifically geared towards helping RVers find free overnight locations. However, if you do find a casino, always call ahead and ask if it’s okay to stay overnight. Apps sometimes have old information, so you always want to call ahead to verify before making plans.

Check-In with Security or Reception

After parking in a designated spot, the first thing you need to do is go inside. Let someone know you’ve arrived and if this particular casino has any rules for overnight travelers. Additionally, ask if they have designated spots when you check in. 

You may also want to ask if they allow generators, if they permit you to put stabilizers down, or if you need to leave by a certain time in the morning. Show you are intentional about respecting the property and the other guests.

Park in RV Designated Spots Only

Like in other overnight parking locations like Cracker Barrel or Walmart, you don’t want to take up too much space. If it has designated spots for RVs, use them. If not, park in the back or off to the side to stay out of the way. 

Additionally, don’t take up three or four parking spaces meant for guests, and don’t put out your awning. Try to avoid putting out any slides, if you can. You want to keep yourself as small as possible.

Abide by All Posted Signs and Rules

If there are signs posted that say No Overnight Parking, don’t stay there. However, if you see RV Parking signs, then that’s where you park. 

It may also have designated areas for pets and posted quiet times. Don’t ruin the possibility of other travelers using casino parking lots for quick overnight stays by ignoring the posted signs and rules. 

Leave No Trace

If you travel often enough, you may be familiar with Leave No Trace. This means cleaning up after yourself. Don’t litter. Don’t leave piles of dog poop. There should be no evidence that you were ever there when you leave. 

When you visit National Parks and other outdoor areas, this is just as important to preserve the natural surroundings. When staying overnight at a casino, you want to respect the property and business by not leaving a mess. You just stayed for free. Keep it clean as a big thank you.

How Many Nights Can You Park at a Casino? 

Any free overnight stay should be limited to one night. Whether you park in the parking lot of a Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, or some other business, you don’t want to overstay your welcome. These are businesses, not campgrounds. 

However, some casinos do have campgrounds attached to their properties. If this is the case, the manager or security guard may tell you to stay there instead of in the parking lot when you check in. They may allow additional nights in the campground but always ask.

Is There a Fee to Park Your RV Overnight at a Casino? 

Parking at casinos overnight is free. This is why it’s a privilege that many RVers take advantage of. If you want to try your hand at a little gambling, by all means, head inside for a few hours of fun.

But there is no fee. If the casino has a campground at the facility, it may have a fee, so you’ll certainly want to know this before planning your overnight stay.

Do Las Vegas Casinos Allow RV Parking? 

This is one of the best ways to visit Las Vegas because the casinos allow RV parking. Why would they do this? First, their parking lots are usually large and can accommodate RVs more easily than a smaller venue. 

Second, adult campers bring more business. The likelihood of RVers going into the casino to play a few slot machines is high. But if you don’t gamble, most casinos have restaurants inside, so many travelers happily go in to enjoy a meal. Usually, the food is high quality and professionally prepared.

Specifically in Las Vegas, you may find a few casinos with RV parks that don’t allow overnight parking in the actual lots. California Casino, Circus Circus Casino, and Sam’s Town Casino are less than two miles from the interstate. It’s easy to get off and stay the night and get back on in the morning.

Is RV Overnight Parking at a Casino Worth It?

Free overnight stays are always worth it if you travel on a budget or need a quick stop getting from one location to another. Many RVers follow a travel day rule of 2/2/2 or 3/3/3. Once they reach that number of miles or hours, they stop for the night somewhere.

It’s convenient and cheap to stop at a casino between long destinations. And it’s well-lit and safer than other overnight parking lots. Plus, it’s a little fun!

Have you ever stayed in a casino parking lot overnight? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments!

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