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Are There Any Decent RV Manufacturers in 2022?

RVs continue to rise in demand. Unfortunately, those who produce them push them out the door more quickly than they can design new models. So are there any decent RV manufacturers? 

This article discusses who builds the most reliable RVs on the market.

And we identify five brands making quality RVs.

Keep reading to learn which manufacturers rise to the top.

Who Builds the Most Reliable RV? 

Newmar and Winnebago typically take home the prize for producing the most reliable RVs. Newmar is a quality brand proven by owners who keep their motorhomes for the long term.

Winnebago is a classic in the motorhome world, and they have remained steady throughout the years. Both companies put a lot of time and energy into quality control and overall construction. We’ll explain more about these brands and more further on.

Travel trailers are the most popular RV. Manufacturers have difficulty keeping up with the demand for these pull-behind campers. Yet, they’re a go-to RV for the masses due to their affordability and various floorplans for families. 

Woman happily drinking coffee in front of RV.
Before you buy an RV, make sure you’re investing in something reliable and sturdy.

Are There Any Decent RV Manufacturers in 2022?

You may have read negative reports about defective RVs due to mass production and the inability to keep up with the current demand. But don’t let the rumors sway you.

You can still find RV manufacturers that focus on quality assurance and customer service. So let’s look at five of the top RV companies that produce quality products today.


About: Newmar designs and produces luxury Class A and Super C motorhomes. It focuses on craftsmanship, quality control, and customer service. Newmar RVs have a custom chassis, which sets their motorhomes apart from the competition.

The STAR Foundation is a steel superstructure engineered to improve the chassis strength and durability. It also provides a quiet and stable ride.

What types of RVs do they manufacture: Class A and Super C Motorhomes

What is their most reliable RV: The King Aire is Newmar’s most luxurious and dependable RV. It’s a 45-ft diesel pusher with the innovative Comfort Drive steering system to make it a dream ride. And the interior has hardwood cabinetry, quartz countertops, and residential-style appliances.

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Leisure Travel Vans

About: Leisure Travel Vans exudes quality, luxury, comfort, and style. The company has been in business for over 50 years and continues to improve its builds and customer service every year.

Each of their RVs has a well-thought-out design. They use in-house steel fabrication, handcrafted fiberglass molds and parts, and their own woodworking and fabric work.

What types of RVs do they manufacture: Gas and Diesel Class C Motorhomes

What is their most reliable RV: All Leisure Travel Vans products are reliable. But the diesel-powered Unity Class C RV is a stand-out. It has five floorplans that each ooze innovation with user-friendly and space-saving features. Additionally, the modern finishings with a clean, sleek design make the compact motorhomes look bigger than they are.


About: Winnebago is an iconic brand that has been around since the 1950s. It focuses on quality and innovation, and it shows as they release new RVs and improve the classics. And they do an excellent job of listening to their customers. As a result, Winnebago owners play a role in shaping new designs and what RVers want. 

What types of RVs do they manufacture: Class A, C, and B Motorhomes, and Travel Trailers

What is their most reliable RV: Winnebago’s Class A motorhomes and their Class C Ekko model are among their most reliable products. The Forza is one of their largest Class A RVs that offer versatile floorplans and luxury features.

And the Ekko is newer to Winnebago’s lineup, and it’s getting rave reviews. It has the efficiency of a camper van but the capacity of the larger Class C models, and it’s AWD.


About: Airstream is another iconic brand in the RV industry. They started building RVs in the 1930s. The evolution of the Airstream included unique innovations to design, construction, and technology. Today, you can control almost everything in an Airstream from your phone. 

What types of RVs do they manufacture: Travel Trailers and Class B Motorhomes

What is their most reliable RV: The Airstream Classic is among the manufacturer’s most reliable RVs. The silver bullet ranges from 30’ to 33’ long and is a perfect family travel trailer. Everything in the RV is top of the line, from construction to appliances and rigorous quality control.

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Alliance RV

About: Alliance RV is the newest manufacturer on our list, opening its doors just a few years ago. They focus on quality construction and customer service. Recently, they’ve geared their floorplans toward full-time RV living.

What types of RVs do they manufacture: Fifth Wheels, and Toy Haulers

What is their most reliable RV: The Paradigm fifth wheel is Alliance’s most robust and reliable RV.

And it comes in various floorplans for nearly any type of traveler. 

Which RVs Hold Their Value Best? 

Based on the Consumers Report, Class B RVs hold their value better than others. They are also considered the safest among driveable RVs. However, since they hold their value and have a high safety rating, they also cost the most. Class B RVs typically range from $85,000 to $150,000 or more. 

Are you ready to purchase a new RV this year? Start with the manufacturers in our list and see if you find something that fits your needs.

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