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How to Use RV Trip Wizard to Revamp Your Travels

When you jump into RVing, you quickly learn you can’t take it down just any road. Successfully maneuvering a larger camper down the highway requires planning. You also likely don’t want to be wasting gas by taking an inefficient route.

It’s hard to find a better resource than RV Trip Wizard to use when planning an RV road trip.

This app is a game-changer for staying organized during your RVing adventures. RV Trip Wizard is for you if you’re looking for a tool to help you revamp your travels.

Today, we’ll share why we think you shouldn’t consider anything else for your trips. 

What Is RV Trip Wizard?

RV Trip Wizard is a trip planning resource to help you keep the details of your adventures organized. You can use their software to plan out your future RV trips. You can plan your route, pick one of the 20,000 campgrounds in its database, and read reviews to help you select the perfect spot to camp.

Planning your route has never been easier than with RV Trip Wizard. You can input the dimensions of your RV, and it will help you avoid low clearances, steep grades, and even propane-restricted tunnels and bridges. The turn-by-turn directions can allow you to worry less during your trip.

Additionally, the app has over 57,000 points of interest to help you find interesting things to do along your route. You can even input your costs, and the fuel estimator will help you stay on budget.

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Is There an App for RV Trip Wizard? 

RV Trip Wizard is great because it has an online desktop resource and a mobile application. While some apps only work on specific devices, RV Trip Wizard is available for Apple and Android. You can plan on your phone or computer and then access all of the details on your mobile device. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Person planning road tripusing app
Organize and plan your RV trip with ease by using the RV Trip Wizard app!

How Does Trip Wizard Work?

RV Trip Wizard is an incredible resource that full-time and weekend RVers enjoy using. With over 15,000 reviews on the App Store, the app has a 4.6 rating.

We’ve loved using it during our adventures and find it helps us keep track of the specific details of our adventures, so we’re all on the same page.

How Do You Use RV Trip Wizard?

When you first log in to RV Trip Wizard, you’ll want to set your default settings. This takes the dimensions of your RV, weight, fuel type, and the size of your fuel tank to help plan your future trips. It will help you avoid routes where your RV won’t fit and can help you plan when and where to stop for gas.

Once you put your dimensions into the system, you can start planning your first trip. First, create your trip to start from your current location or a different one. Next, you can put your final destination in and start filling in everything between your starting location and your final stop. The trip radius allows you to set the maximum amount of daily travel you want to do, and it will make suggestions for locations to stay to avoid exceeding that limit.

Then, you can look at the individual campgrounds and see reviews from other users and even pictures of the campground. You can use the satellite feature in the map to help scope out the campground and the various campsites you want to consider. You can also include your memberships, and the software will highlight campgrounds in that membership network along your route.

Once you finish adding campgrounds and any stops along the trip, you can hit the road. When that day comes, you can hop in your vehicle and open the RV Trip Wizard app on your phone, and it will provide turn-by-turn directions on a route that’s safe for your rig.

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Man driving RV using RV Trip Wizard app
Pay $59 per year to plan your RV adventures with ease.

What Does RV Trip Wizard Cost? 

While you could spend several hundred dollars on a simple RV-specific GPS unit, you only have to pay $59 per year for the full RV Trip Wizard service. You get an RV GPS on your mobile device and robust trip planning software. 

Does RV Trip Wizard Include Harvest Hosts?

The app itself doesn’t include Harvest Hosts. However, if you’re a Harvest Hosts member, you can add in the various Harvest Hosts stops once you have a stay accepted.

RV Trip Wizard has made multiple attempts to work with the Harvest Hosts to incorporate their locations into their app. However, the company isn’t interested in a partnership. They want to ensure their host’s information stays private and that only active members stay at a host’s location.

Is RV Trip Wizard Worth It?

RV Trip Wizard is a steal of a deal, considering all you get for the $59 annual subscription. If you struggle to stay organized or want to make the most out of your time on the road, the app can help do just that.

The software is easy to use and helpful for all RVing styles. Those tired of being unorganized while on the road may love this app.

What do you use to plan and organize your RVing adventures?

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