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Is the Sandpiper 5th Wheel Worth It?

Of the 46 brands of RVs that Forest River manufactures, the Sandpiper features three different lines: a Sandpiper destination trailer, Sandpiper fifth wheel, and Sandpiper Luxury fifth wheel.

The fifth wheel units range from 13,669 lbs to 16,132 lbs, which means you can find a model that works for single rear wheel trucks as well as dual rear wheel trucks. There are so many floor plans and upgrades available. 

Let’s dive in and explore the Sandpiper fifth wheels!

About Sandpiper 5th Wheels

With various floor plans in the Sandpiper lines, there’s sure to be a fifth wheel for almost every type of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a shorter 38-foot option that still provides dedicated sleeping space for the kids or a longer, spacious mid-room model for a dedicated office room, you’ll find a floor plan that meets your needs.

They fall into the medium price range for fifth wheels. They’re not considered entry-level, but they aren’t top-of-the-line either.

Who Manufactures the Sandpiper 5th Wheel RV?

As already mentioned, Forest River, one of the leading RV manufacturers in the country, produces the Sandpiper fifth wheel. This company also produces RVs made by Cherokee, Forester, Berkshire, and numerous other brands.

Peter Liegl began Forest River in 1996, then Warren Buffet and his company, Berkshire Hathaway, acquired Forest River in 2005. 

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Where Are Sandpiper Campers Made?

Based in Elkhart, Indiana, Forest River produces different types of RVs, towable and drivable. Elkhart is known as the “RV Capital of the World,” with most leading RV manufacturers calling the area home. In fact, two out of every three RVs are produced in Elkhart, Indiana. Approximately 100 brands are manufactured here, including Jayco, Winnebago, Grand Design, and Keystone.

Exterior of Sandpiper 5th wheel RV product shot from Forest River website.
Sandpiper 5th wheel RVs have many awesome floorplans for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Sandpiper 5th Wheels?

The variety of floor plans makes Sandpiper fifth wheels great options. A retired couple looking for an RV with great space to entertain friends while also providing sleeping space for their grandchildren will find a unit that fits their desires.

A family of five looking for privacy to separate the kids from the adults can find several bunkhouse and mid-bunk room options. 

The Sandpiper units also come equipped with more upgraded features like an automatic leveling system, a French door refrigerator, and an enclosed underbelly.

What Are the Disadvantages?

The Sandpipers over 15,000 lbs need to be pulled with a dual rear truck. For RVers who can’t tow a fifth wheel that heavy, they’ll be limited in floor plans and models. These aren’t lightweight fifth wheels. You also don’t get an outdoor kitchen in all models. This could be a huge disadvantage for campers who like to cook outside. 

Finally, the cost might be too high for some families who need the space but can’t afford the price tag. They aren’t entry-level fifth wheels, so if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to look at used models.

Interior of Sandpiper 5th wheel RV product shot from Forest River website.
Enjoy the spacious luxury of a Sandpiper 5th wheel RV.

What Are the Key Differences Between the Sandpiper and Sandpiper Luxury 5th Wheels?

Of the seven Sandpiper luxury floor plans, six are 40 feet or longer. Some of these models also feature outdoor kitchens. Inside, there are additional upgrades like premium hardwood accents, a stainless steel range, and underbelly armor.

Five floor plans also have a king-sized bed instead of a queen-sized one. In contrast, the standard Sandpiper units are queen-sized beds in all bedrooms. They’re also shorter, with only one unit over 41feet in length.

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How Much Do These 5th Wheels Cost?

RV pricing varies tremendously based on floor plans and amenities. A Sandpiper with a residential refrigerator and deep stainless steel kitchen sink will cost more than one without those upgrades.

However, the MSRP for a standard Sandpiper fifth wheel unit will be around $70,000 to $100,000. The luxury Sandpiper line is similar in that the pricing varies from model to model. The MRSP will be about $10,000 more than the standard Sandpiper units.

The Best Sandpiper Floorplans for Couples and Families

Although there are four Sandpiper fifth wheel floor plans ranging from 38 feet 3 inches to 41 feet 4 inches in length and seven Sandpiper Luxury fifth wheel floor plans ranging from 35 feet to 43 feet 6 inches in length, here are four of the best options for couples and families.

They offer ample room for sleeping and entertaining while providing privacy in a tiny space.

Sandpiper 3330BH

About: The 3330BH unit has everything a family needs. It features a front bedroom with a queen-sized bed and slide-out wardrobe, an entertainment center with a 50-inch flat-screen TV and fireplace, and a bunk room that can sleep three kids. This fifth wheel has a GVWR of 13,769 lbs and is about 38 feet 3inces long.

Key Features: For families looking for a second bathroom, the 3330BH model is a great option. It has rear bath access from the bunk room and the outside. It’s in a great location for kids to shower after a day outside or hop out of bed to use the bathroom at night. With the cargo carrying capacity at 3,000 lbs, it’s also a great choice for larger families traveling with a lot of stuff. The full-sized pantry in the kitchen and 16 cubic foot refrigerator means lots of room to store food and kitchen gadgets.

MSRP: Around $80,000

Sandpiper 3440BH

About: At just over 40 feet in length, the 3440BH unit is one of the longest Sandpiper fifth wheels. It’s also heavier with a 14,075 lb GVWR and a 2,075 lb tongue weight. Like the 3330BH model, the living area has an entertainment center with a 50-inch flat-screen TV and fireplace, and the front bedroom has a queen-sized bed and slide-out wardrobe.

Key Features: The kitchen island provides excellent prep space for meals and an additional area to slide up a couple of chairs during dinner. The rear loft bedroom is one of the best features of the 3440BH unit. 

Made for families with older teenage kids who need more sleeping space, this loft room features two much larger beds: a 60-inch x 74-inch sized bed, and the loft has a 54-inch x 74-inch sized bed. The addition of an extra half-bathroom in the rear is also a great feature for traveling families.

MSRP: Around $85,000

Sandpiper Luxury 391FLRB

About: This features five slide-outs. The Luxury 391FLRB unit has a dual vanity sink in the rear, ample storage, a king-sized bed in the main bedroom, and front living space with three seating areas. It’s much heavier and longer than the 3330BH and 3440BH models, with a GVWR of 16,0009 lbs and a length of 43 feet 3 inches.

Key Features: If you’re looking to entertain guests, the 391FLRB model may be perfect. Enjoy watching the big game on the 50-inch pop-up TV with the glow of the fireplace underneath. Prepping snacks and serving hors d’oeuvres for a family game night is easy in the kitchen with an island and a huge residential fridge. 

Although the inside is stunning and offers a great place to entertain, the exterior features are just as impressive. The rear storage features a sliding cargo tray for easy access to all of your tubs and gear. This fifth wheel also has an outdoor kitchen and several pass-thru storage bays.

MSRP: Around $108,000

Sandpiper Luxury 39BARK

About: This unit has a much different floor plan than the Luxury 391FLRB. Instead of the living space in the front, the Luxury 39BARK features a central living space with a rear kitchen. Even with no kitchen island, there is plenty of prep space on the L-shaped corner countertop. With only four slide-outs, this floor plan doesn’t have quite as much interior room but still has a king-sized bed in the front, main bedroom. It’s about 40 feet long with a GVWR of 15,079 lbs. The Luxury 39BARK is also another option with a large cargo carrying capacity of 3,000 lbs.

Key Features: With the kitchen in the rear, the layout is much different but still features a huge residential refrigerator and pantry. It’s easy to take snacks into the living area and have conversations with guests because of the open concept. There is only one bathroom in this model, but it is larger than the other units. It features a shower with a seat that could also function as a tub for small children and a double vanity for plenty of room to get ready in the mornings.

MSRP: Around $110,000

Is the Sandpiper 5th Wheel Worth It?

The Sandpiper fifth wheels are great options for traveling families or couples who want entertaining space. Grandparents who want to take their grandchildren on weekend camping trips will also appreciate the extra room of the bunk rooms. They’re in a medium price range compared to similar units, which is better for travelers on a tighter budget. But, Forest River doesn’t skimp on amenities. These units feature everything you need for a fun camping adventure! 

Which model fits your needs the best? Drop a comment below!

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