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7 Things You Should Know About Camping World

Camping World is one of the largest RV dealers in the country, with nearly 200 locations. You’ll find most of them near major highways and interstates, making them easy to access and hard to miss.

You’ll likely spot them and their giant American flags several miles before seeing the first RV on their lot. Whether you want to buy your next RV or some camping gear, there are some things you should know about Camping World.

Today, we’re sharing seven things you need to know before shopping at Camping World. Let’s get started!

What Is Camping World?

Camping World sells RVs, RV parts and equipment, and servicing rigs. Their locations typically have a mixture of camping supplies and a typical RV dealership. However, unlike most RV dealerships, their lots usually have hundreds of RVs in their inventory.

They have an online and physical retail space. If you spend any time traveling the highways and byways of America, you’ll likely drive by one of their locations.

What Is Camping World Known For?

When it comes to reputation, Camping World has a somewhat sketchy one. While their large lots and multi-million-dollar sponsorships with Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and ESPN may help, it hasn’t won over many in the RV community.

The company is known for its massive dealership lots with plenty of inventory. However, many in the RV community have had horror stories of disappointment in the service and sales departments. Combine lousy customer service with some politically-charged comments from the company’s CEO, and you’ve got the perfect combination for a bad reputation.

Couple standing together in front of RV
If you’re ready to join RV life, sells RVs, Camping World sells RV parts and equipment, and servicing rigs.

7 Things to Know About Camping World

Before you head over to your nearest Camping World, there are some things you need to know. Whenever you’re spending your hard-earned money and making an important financial decision, you want to make an informed decision.

So let’s take a closer look at Camping World.

1. What Companies Are Owned by Camping World?

Camping World RV & Outdoors is a division of Camping World Holdings. The entire brand only RVs and camping gear and buys other brands. It’s amassed quite a portfolio of companies, including Gander Outdoors, Good Sam, Overton’s, and The House. 

Its acquisitions cover various forms of outdoor recreation and adventure. So whether you love or hate Camping World, you directly support their bottom line when you shop or make purchases from one of these major brands in RVing.

2. Is Camping World Part of Good Sam?

Camping World Holdings is the parent company of both Camping World and Good Sam. Because the entire suite of companies is “Camping World Holdings,” many confuse it with being the same as the Camping World dealership. Like siblings, they’re individual and distinct.

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3. How Many Locations Does Camping World Have? 

Camping World has just under 200 locations across the country. They dot the map, but you’ll find more east of the Mississippi River. You can find Camping World locations in 42 states, so you’ll likely have a location near you.

Two little girls and corgi playing in front of RV
Hit the road with your family by buying an RV from Camping World.

4. What Type of RVs Does Camping World Sell?

If you’re in the market for an RV, Camping World can be a great place to shop. They sell new and used travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. You’ll find rigs from Keystone, Forest River, Fleetwood, and Winnebago. 

Due to their massive network and position in the RV market, they can offer exclusives on RVs from Heartland, Coleman, and Thor. Camping World describes these as “an even mix of value and build quality” for shopping on a budget.

5. Does Camping World Negotiate on RV Prices? 

Buying an RV at Camping World, like most RV dealerships, is no different than car dealerships. You’ll have some flexibility in the sticker price. However, it depends on the market.

Previously, some shoppers with excellent negotiating skills paid 30% less than the MSRP on an RV. However, due to the increase in demand, most find that dealerships won’t budge much below MSRP on most transactions.

Couple posing in front of mountain with RV.
Need camping gear or things to repair your RV? Camping World has you covered!

6. What Type of Gear Does Camping World Sell?

Whether at a physical store or shopping online, you’ll find a wide selection of camping gear. Camping World has about anything you could need inside and outside your RV. They have items for maintaining your rig and keeping it safe while in storage.

You can even find just about any item you could need to set up a comfortable and relaxing campsite. If you want ways to entertain yourself once set up, you’ll find fishing gear, books, and satellite receivers to watch your favorite show. It even has a section of clothing for all ages and styles.

7. Does Camping World Have an App?

Camping World currently has no app. The company had posted about a Camping World app for Android and iPhone users, but it’s no longer in use.

However, you can visit their website, which is very friendly to mobile phones. You can easily search for RVs, locate the nearest Camping Word location, or chat with a member of their support team, all from your phone.

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Is Camping World a Good Company?

Camping World is a large company that has been in the public spotlight for quite some time, mostly due to the CEO’s comments and bad reviews. However, many of the complaints from unhappy people are nearly identical to what you hear from customers at other large RV dealerships.

And anytime a company’s CEO steps in to make political comments, they will upset half their customers.

FYI: Here’s why we dropped Camping World after years of loyalty.

Even if you don’t ultimately buy your RV from them, visiting one of their locations while shopping for your RV is a good idea. You can see various floorplans and layouts to consider before purchasing. Additionally, if you don’t want to risk their service department, you can always take it to a different service location for any repairs you need in the future.

Would you purchase an RV from Camping World? Tell us in the comments!

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