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The Best Canadian Made RV Campers

Have you ever been driving down the road only to stumble across a really cool RV camper you’ve never seen before? You take a second look and notice it has Canadian plates, and it all clicks. It’s no wonder you like it — it’s different from all the RVs you typically find on a U.S. lot. But is it just the novelty that makes these Canadian RV campers so appealing? 

In this article, we attempt to answer this question by exploring Canada’s RV movement and looking at the five best Canadian-made RVs.

Which RVs Are Made in Canada? 

If there’s one stand-out theme when it comes to Canadian-made RVs, it’s that they’re high quality. This is likely because Canada has fewer manufacturers compared to the United States. And they have less pressure to mass-produce RVs quickly and efficiently on an assembly line. 

Moreover, there’s a higher demand for four-season RVs that will handle rugged terrain. After all, cold weather is not new to Canadians. And they want to feel secure and warm in their RVs regardless of where they go. 

So, what are the names of these Canadian RV manufacturers? The complete list includes Bigfoot RV, Escape Trailers, Outback Trailers, Bruce Coach, Fleetwood, and General Coach. You’ll also find Glendale RV, Leisure Travel Vans, Northern Lite, Pleasure Way Industry, Precision Coach, Prevost, and Triple E RV. 

Woman sitting on top of camper van
Hit the road in a quality Canadian made RV.

How Many RVs Are There in Canada?

So, how popular is RVing in Canada? Let’s take a look at the data. In 2019, 2.1 million RV owners took an estimated 7.7 million RV trips in Canada. Moreover, Canadians took approximately 419,000 trips in rented RVs in 2019. 

Thus, Canadian RV owners and enthusiasts seemed to have made good use of their RVs, but compared to the population of Canada (about 38 million), only a small fraction are RVers. 

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Woman posing in RV door
Many Canadian RVs come with glowing reviews and durable construction.

The Best Canadian Made RV Campers

Where should you look when in the market for a Canadian-made RV? Good question. Let’s take a look at the top five best Canadian RVs. 

Leisure Travel Vans

About: In 2009, Leisure Travel Vans joined with Triple E RV to create some of the most high-end Class B RVs on the market. According to the website, Leisure Travel Vans takes pride in focusing on the fine details, constant innovation, and quality components when designing RVs. The company, based out of Manitoba, also touts its dedicated team and strong work ethic. This allows them to make some of Canada’s top RVs.

Types of RVs: Leisure Travel Vans currently makes two Class B models: Wonder and Unity. Between the Wonder and Unity models, you have eight floorplans, ranging from the luxurious Unity Murphy Bed to the comfortable Wonder FTB.

Best Features: You can travel in style regardless of whether you choose the Unity or Wonder models. Both feature sleek, modern interior decor, with real wood and massive windows. And a variety of layouts make excellent use of the space. 

Northern Lite

About: Are you in the market for a high-quality truck camper? Look no further, Northern Lite is a Canadian RV company that prides itself on making rugged, four-season truck campers. Based out of British Columbia, it makes RVs “for those that don’t want to hibernate.” Northern Lite has even tested the limits at -20 degrees Celsius with water on board. 

Types of RVs: Northern Lite features three truck camper editions, including the Limited Edition, the Special Edition, and the Sportsman Plus — all of which come with the option for a long-bed or short-bed version. You can also choose from a dry or wet bath, except in the long-bed Sportsman Plus. This model only features a wet bath. 

Best Features: Northern Lite truck campers stand out because of their molded-fiberglass design. According to its website, it uses a two-piece fiberglass construction that virtually eliminates seams and provides an R-7 insulation rating. Northern Lite also takes pride in its durable hardwood cabinetry, ample headroom, and high-end appliances. Couple that with heated holding tanks, and these truck campers last. 


About: Pleasure-Way Industry has been in business since 1986 and manufactures high-end Class Bs. This family-owned and operated business based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is founded on “old-fashioned work ethic, pride in craftsmanship and a customer comes first approach to business.”

Types of RVs: Pleasure-Way Industry currently manufactures seven Class B models. These include the 2022 REKON 4×4, 2022 Plateau FL, 2022 Plateau TS, 2022 Ascent TS, 2022 Ontour 2.2, 2022 Ontour 2.0, and 2022 Tofino. 

Best Features: Possibly the best feature of these Class Bs is that they’re not mass-produced. Pleasure-Way Industry touts its attention to detail and hand fits each component, including the wall partitions and running boards. They also feature advanced technology, high-quality appliances, and hand-crafted cabinetry. 

Outback Trailers

About: Outback Trailers (also known as Trillium) is an RV company based out of Rocky View County, Alberta. The three founders have over 60 years of combined RV manufacturing experience, and their focus is on building custom-made, high-quality molded fiberglass travel trailers. 

Types of RVs: Outback Trailers manufactures molded two-piece fiberglass travel trailers that are aerodynamic and lightweight. It has four floorplans: the Basic Unit, The Mini Couch and the Extended Counter Galley, the Bathroom Model, and the Front Dinette Model. You can also choose features to customize your own Outback Trailer. 

Best Features: Like many molded fiberglass RVs, the build is one of the best features. Because of their two-piece design, the Outback Trailers are leak-proof and rust-proof. They also have an insulated interior with the option for many additional features, including RV50 solar panels, an outside shower, dual 6V batteries, an awning, and more. 

Escape Trailer

About: Escape Trailer Industries is a Canadian travel trailer company founded by Reace and Tammy Harmatuik. In 1993, they began renovating old molded fiberglass RVs, which turned into an RV rental business called Economy Travel Trailer Rentals. 

Fast forward to 2003, they built their first molded Fiberglass RV and became Escape Trailer Industries. Now, Escape Trailers still maintains its customer-centric attitude by using a direct sales model instead of selling through dealers. Judging by their loyal fanbase, this strategy has turned out well. 

Types of RVs: Escape Trailers manufactures molded fiberglass travel trailers. Currently, they offer seven options: the E17B, E17A, E19, E21NE, E21C, and E23. Finally, you can get the E5.0 which is actually a fifth wheel.

Best Features: Like the other molded fiberglass RVs, the Escape Travel Trailers feature a solid, sleek design that is mold-proof, rust-proof, and leak-proof. Its models offer a unique floorplan with decor options that include classic and contemporary looks. 

They also come with a 55 amp Converter/Battery Charger and deep cycle batteries, with the option to upgrade to lithium and add a 190W solar panel with a 1,500W charge controller inverter. 

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Are Canadian Made RV Campers Worth It?

Like any high-end RV, you can expect to pay a little more for quality. However, we were surprised that some of these top Canadian RVs weren’t as expensive as we thought. In fact, a new Outback travel trailer starts at only $21,900. We also don’t doubt that any of the above travel trailers will stand the test of time, based on their durable construction and excellent reviews.

So, are they worth it? We think so.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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