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The 7 Deadly Sins of Summer Camping

Summer camping can be a great way to make memories and possibly a friend or two. However, you may make an enemy if you commit one of these seven deadly summer camping sins.

Be considerate and respectful of those around you, and you’ll likely have no troubles. But, it’s not always that simple.

Keep reading if you want to know what not to do while camping this summer. Let’s get started!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Summer Camping

Don’t be the reason someone else has a miserable time camping. By avoiding these seven deadly sins for summer camping, you help ensure everyone else has a great trip.

Being Too Loud

There are very few things worse than loud neighbors when camping. Make sure you’re keeping track of time and not being too loud. It can be very easy to lose track when chatting around the campfire. If you or your fellow campers are loud, set the alarm on your phone to alert you when quiet hours start.

However, just because it’s not quiet hours doesn’t mean you can be noisy.  If you’re too loud, you may get a visit from an angry camp host. Avoid playing music too loud or being louder than necessary. It might surprise you how far a laugh or voice can travel across a campground.

Walking Through Campsites

We understand it may be shorter or more inconvenient, but you should never walk through an occupied campsite that isn’t yours. Yes, it will be more inconvenient and likely take more time. However, it’s the right thing to do.

Cutting through a campsite is incredibly rude and invades the space of others. Don’t expect those camping at the site to be forgiving. If they’ve had a rough week or woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re risking a major confrontation. They may assume you’re up to no good or looking to steal some of their camping gear. 

Forgetting Bug Spray

No matter how much fun you’re having around the campfire, forgetting bug spray can send you inside. You don’t want to find yourself covered in and scratching at mosquito bites all over your body.

We recommend keeping a designated can of bug spray with your camping gear. This helps eliminate finding yourself without bug spray for any future trips. Invest in citronella torches and other bug repellants, too.

Pro Tip: Here’s the best bug spray for camping!

Pets Running Free

Despite most campgrounds and local ordinances prohibiting off-leash pets, this is one summer camping sin that we see too many campers committing. It doesn’t matter how well behaved your dog is or what breed it is. You should never let your pet off-leash in a campground.

If there’s an issue, the campground may not warn you. They may ask you to remove the pet or your entire party from their campground. This isn’t how you want to end any summer camping trip.

Keeping your pet leashed and close to your campsite is vital for the safety of your pet and other campers. You never know the experiences of others in a campground. Those who have suffered from a dog attack may be incredibly uncomfortable with dogs running loose or close to their campsite.

Speeding in Campgrounds

This is one deadly summer camping sin that can be deadly. People often let their guard down when they’re in a campground. Kids often run between sites and forget to look both ways or consider traffic. Speeding through a campground can be extremely dangerous, and you don’t want to live the rest of your life knowing that you caused a serious or potentially fatal accident.

Ensure that you observe and obey all of the posted speed limit signs. We have seen some campgrounds that even have slower speed limits in areas at night. Don’t be in a hurry or distracted when driving in a campground. Watch for bikes or kids running across the road, especially near playgrounds.

Leaving Fires Unattended

It’s essential that you completely extinguish your fire before retiring for the night. Fires can be unpredictable and reignite with changes in the wind or reaching additional fuel in the firepit. Rangers may issue you a fine or citation if they see an unattended fire. Some regions of the country have stringent fire laws with steep fines and penalties.

When in doubt, douse your fire with plenty of water. You can then stir any hot coals and pour more on them. There will be virtually zero chance the fire will reignite or cause any issues when done correctly.

QUICK SOLUTION: Bring a propane fire pit to avoid this problem.

Bright Lights All Night

Using lights to see at night is important for your safety. However, you should always turn them off when they’re no longer needed. Some campers have extremely bright LEDs on the front cap or the camp-side of the RV. Some will leave these lights on all night, which can be extremely frustrating for those camping nearby. These lights might just shine right into their camper and make it difficult to sleep.

Make sure you’re conscious of where your lights are shining. Use flashlights or other lighting that avoids spreading the light out too much. Keeping the lights low to the ground reduces the odds of bothering your fellow campers.

Be a Good Summer Camper

Many people head out for summer camping trips to relax and enjoy themselves. However, having a neighbor that commits any of these seven deadly sins of summer camping can make that next to impossible.

Have you ever committed any of these seven deadly sins?

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