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What Is Trailer Valet?

There are a record number of travel trailers on the road today. Campers, utility trailers, tiny houses, or cargo trailers, all seem to have one thing in common:  parking headaches. It can be particularly challenging to back a trailer into a small space. It can get more difficult if you don’t have much experience doing so. 

We’ve seen a few arguments from RV parking. So it may come as no surprise to find campers elated with a line of Trailer Valets. These gadgets can save you time and stress regarding the intricacies of fine-tuned parking. Today we’ll take a closer look at the various Trailer Valet products.

What Is Trailer Valet?

A Trailer Valet is a trailer tongue jack that almost parks your trailer for you. This remote control rover-dolly has multiple functions moving boats and trailers up to 360-degrees into and out of tight spots. The Trailer Valet attaches to the hitch with its 2” or 2-5/16” ball. And you can stow it away by pulling its pin, tilting it up, then reinstalling the pin. 

You can also take it off for use on another vehicle of similar weight, so you’ll only need one. And depending on the model, it can maneuver rigs up to 12,000 lbs with a tongue weight of 1,200 lbs.

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Where Is Trailer Valet Made?

Supertech S. Corporation, owned by Ted Chen, manufactures Trailer Valet in City of Industry, Calif. The company has been in business for 27 years. It specializes in computer technology and support products for the recreational vehicle industry and produces two types of dolly valets. You can also get a wireless remote control model with 30 minutes of continuous run-time and a two-hour recharge time.

Trailer Valet product shot from company website
Make parking your camper quick and easy with a Trailer Valet.

What Can You Move With a Trailer Valet? 

Currently, you can get two Trailer Valets. The first moves by hand crank or drill, and the second has a remote control. The smaller of the two hand-crank options, the Trailer Valet 5X, can maneuver a camper up to 5,000 lbs with 500 lbs of tongue weight. And the Trailer Valet XL can handle rigs up to 10,000 lbs with a tongue weight of up to 1,000 lbs.

The remote control line called RVRs has four models, starting with the RVR3. This little ‘robot’ can move trailers weighing up to 3,500 lbs with precision and a tongue weight of 350 lbs. The RVR5 handles weights of up to 5,500 lbs and tongue weights of 550 lbs.

 Accordingly, the RVR9 will move up to 9,000 lbs with 900 lbs of tongue weight. And the granddaddy of them all, the RVR12, will move up to 12,000 lbs with 1,200 lbs of tongue weight.

You can see how these dollys can easily park small to mid-range travel and utility trailers and boats. Even tiny houses and cargo trailers can make good use of this equipment. And almost all of them have a 2” or 2-5/16” ball to fit what you need to move.  

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Why Do You Need a Trailer Valet?

If you travel solo, connect your camper alone, and depend on a rearview camera, a Trailer Valet may solve your problems. You can single-handedly unhitch and hitch in record time. It can also help you get your boat back in the garage without scratching the sides. This device can give you more time on the water. You’ll park that boat trailer in no time at all.

But suppose you have an 11,000 lb RV to back into a narrow parking spot between two big expensive motorcoaches at the storage lot. In that case, a wireless remote-controlled RVR12 can save you the headache of finding a spotter and help get the job done. And within the RVR lineup, you can get a robot with tank tread, ready to meet any challenge.

Trailer Valet’s RVR series comes with a little robot to make parking your camper faster than ever before.

Will Trailer Valet Work on Gravel? 

All of the Trailer Valet models work exceptionally well on flat paved surfaces. But they also get the job done on grass or gravel as long as they are relatively flat and compact. You may, however, have problems with performance on loose gravel or pitched terrain. The company suggests using plywood to flatten a surface for better results.

How Much Does a Trailer Valet RVR Weigh?

The hand-cranked Trailer Valet 5X and its larger counterpart, the Trailer Valet XL, weigh 51 lbs. The remote control models weigh between 63 lbs, while an RVR5 weighs 99 lbs. The RVR9 weighs 77 lbs, and the largest model, the RVR12, weighs 118 lbs.

Is a Trailer Valet Worth It?

If parking a travel trailer gives you nightmares or keeps you from enjoying your rig, consider a Trailer Valet. It could be well worth your investment. Would you take your camper out more often if you didn’t sweat the tough parking job when you brought it back? Could you rest easier knowing that your tiny home will fit anywhere you take it, as long as you have your Travel Valet? Perhaps you and your partner could enjoy a quiet and relaxing trip without getting frustrated trying to park the trailer at the campground. If you answered “yes” to any or all of these scenarios, it’s time to invest in a Trailer Valet.

Would you use a Trailer Valet? Tell us in the comments!

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