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REVIEW: The Best Vehicle Cell Booster This Year

A cell booster is an excellent investment if you spend time in your vehicle and frequently drop calls. In general, you get what you pay for regarding vehicle cell boosters. If you depend on reliable cell service while on the road, you want the best vehicle cell booster possible.

The Weboost Drive Sleek is worth every penny and can help you stay connected in your vehicle.

Today, we’re looking closely at the Weboost Drive Sleek and why we think it’s the best vehicle cell booster of the year. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Vehicle Cell Booster?

A vehicle cell booster does what its name states and boosts cellular signals. It may surprise you how much better the signal can be when you eliminate a barrier between your phone and the cell towers. These devices are excellent for those who spend significant time traveling or frequently travel through areas with little to no cell phone coverage. 

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

Vehicle cell boosters typically have an outside antenna that attaches to the vehicle and a cable that runs into the vehicle’s cab. This cable transfers the external antenna’s signals to the booster and indoor receiver. The boosters can improve signal quality and reliability, especially in areas with a weak signal.

A signal booster will not help if there is no signal to boost. It cannot create a signal for you. These devices have the best impact when you have a weak connection that you need to upgrade.

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Woman looking at phone while tent camping
Whether you’re tent camping, hiking, or driving in your RV, ensure you have cell service no matter where you roam.

About Weboost Drive Sleek

The Weboost Drive Sleek is one of the best options for a vehicle cell booster. The device is a recipient of the CES Innovation Award and was one of the Best Mobile Products from the Media Excellence Awards. While some vehicle cell boosters talk a big game, the Drive Sleek backs up its promises.

The easy-to-install booster can boost 4G LTE and 3G signals in cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and boats. You’ll see improvements the moment you snap your phone into the cradle. It doesn’t matter what phone or cell phone provider you have. The Weboost Drive Sleek can boost your voice and data signals up to 32 times.

The Weboost Drive Sleek uses a USB-A port to power the booster and a 50-ohm system with a coaxial cable. SMA connectors ensure a smooth signal flow. The booster can provide a +23 dB increase in signal for faster speeds and reliability.

Camper van driving down road after throwing cell phone out the window
Ditch spotty cell service and keep your connection strong with Weboost Drive Sleek.

Why We Love the Weboost Drive Sleek

There are several things we love about the Weboost Drive Sleek. Let’s look at what we think you’ll appreciate about this vehicle cell booster.

Works with All Carriers

The Weboost Drive Sleek works with all major carriers. Whether you use AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, you’ll benefit from it in most instances. If a friend or loved one has a different provider, they can snap their phone into the cradle and boost their signal, too.

Since many of these cell providers invest in 5G networks, the Drive Sleek is 5G ready. You can trust it for years to boost your 4G or 5G signals. You won’t have to upgrade to another booster if you upgrade to a 5G phone.

Fits Most Phones

There’s no consistency in phone sizes, so the cell booster cradle needs to be adjustable. Luckily, the Weboost Drive Slee’s cradle can quickly adapt to any size smartphone. The cradle is spring-loaded and extends and retracts to grip your phone while in use. You won’t have to worry about it popping out when using it during your adventures.

DIY Installation

You can install the Weboost Drive Sleek in a matter of minutes. Attach the outside fin antenna to the roof of your vehicle with an adhesive disk or magnet. Route the cabling from the roof through the door jams and into your car. Place the Drive Sleek amplifier under one of the seats where it won’t be in the way. You can then route the cradle on the dashboard or attach it using the AC vent adapter. Connect the power supply to your vehicle’s 12-volt system, and snap your phone into the cradle to enjoy a boosted cell signal.

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Woman looking up directions on cell phone while hiking
Stay safe with Weboost Drive Sleek and ensure you always have access to cell service.

What We Don’t Love About the Weboost Drive Sleek

While there is much to love about the Weboost Drive Sleek, it’s not perfect. There are a couple of disappointing aspects to this booster. Let’s take a look!

Boosts One Device

The Weboost Drive Sleek can only boost the device’s signal connecting to the cradle. Other devices in the vehicle will not enjoy the benefits of the amplified signal. Depending on how long you’ll be in the car, other passengers may not enjoy having a weak signal during the drive. If you’re hoping to boost the signal of everyone in your vehicle, this may not be the booster for you.

Doesn’t Boost Band 41/71

While the Drive Sleek boosts bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, and 17, it doesn’t amplify two critical bands. Bands 41 and 71 are primary bands for T-Mobile. They cover rural areas and their 5G network. If you’re dependent on these bands, the Drive Sleek may not be much help.

In defense of the Drive Sleek, there are currently no consumer-level boosters for band 41 or 71 due to FCC regulations. So this is a negative characteristic of almost every cell booster for consumer use.

Is the Weboost Drive Sleek Worth It? 

The Weboost Drive Sleek is worth the $200 price tag if you need to stay connected while driving. Dropping calls and unreliable signal quality can be very highly frustrating. Those dependent on making phone calls while driving will find the Drive Sleek worth the investment. The Weboost Drive Sleek can minimize the time you are unreachable and be helpful to contact help during an emergency. We strongly recommend drivers use a vehicle cell booster because you never know when you’ll be somewhere with a weak signal.

Do you frequently experience dropped calls due to poor cell service? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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