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Why Do People Visit Cry Baby Bridge?

Ohio has a lot to offer, but nothing is quite as creepy and mysterious as Cry Baby Bridge. Legend has it that this bridge is haunted, and reports of eerie sounds and energy can be heard and felt by visitors at night. Most notably, the cries of a baby.  

Have you ever wanted to have a paranormal experience? Keep reading to learn all about the legend of Cry Baby Bridge. 

Where Is Cry Baby Bridge? 

Cry Baby Bridge is in Salem, Ohio, a small town in the northeast corner of the state. And while there are many Cry Baby bridges in Ohio, the one in Salem is the most notorious. Many used it as a motor vehicle bridge on West Pine Lake Road.

However, it’s decommissioned and overgrown, making the bridge hard to see because of all the vegetation. Located just off Egypt road, there’s no way to use the bridge, but you can still explore the area leading up to the bridge. You can even look down at the creek below. 

What Is the Legend Behind Cry Baby Bridge in Ohio? 

There are several urban legends behind Salem’s Cry Baby Bridge. One of the most popular stories is about a mother who threw her baby over the bridge. That’s because her family disowned her after the baby’s birth. Shortly after, she hung herself.

Another story claims that a three-year-old wandered off from a couple arguing. The child was either lost or drowned in the water below. Others say a baby wandered away from its mother and fell into the creek. The mother then jumped in to save her child. But they both drowned. That left the father to find them, run away to get help, and disappear entirely. 

Whatever happened at that Cry Baby Bridge, many people claim that you can hear a baby crying late into the night, as well as other mysterious happenings. These include feeling as though someone (or something) is pushing you into the creek below. There are also reports of hearing unexplained noises.

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Cry Baby Bridge in black and white
Only the brave will dare to cross Cry Baby Bridge.

Why Do People Visit Cry Baby Bridge?

Everyone loves a good mystery, and it delivers just that. Will you actually hear the baby crying? Will you experience any unexplainable phenomena? You never know until you visit that Cry Baby Bridge for yourself. This is one of the many reasons people visit year after year. 

Can You Walk on Cry Baby Bridge? 

With the infamous Cry Baby Bridge permanently out of commission, you can’t drive on or explore the bridge past the barrier. However, you can walk up to the barrier. It’s relatively close to the bridge, and you can view the mysterious landmark from afar. 

What Is Ohio’s Scariest Bridge? 

Hands down, Cry Baby Bridge in Salem is Ohio’s scariest bridge. While there are other haunted bridges in Ohio, the one just off Egypt Road has so much tragic history. In addition to the urban legends behind the “baby cries,” there were also reports of suicides.

This includes five teens who hung themselves off the bridge in the 1970s. Furthermore, in 1983, a satanic cult apparently gathered at the bridge, and individuals found many sacrificed animals at the site. More recently, however, a 66-year-old woman was found murdered and burned near the bridge. To this day, no one knows who did it. 

Haunted Bridge with ghost crossing
Visit Cry Baby Bridge, one of Ohio’s most haunted spots

What Are Other Scary Bridges in Ohio?

Ohio is no stranger to haunted bridges. In fact, nine bridges are experiencing hauntings in this relatively small state. In addition to the bridge located in Salem, you can visit Jaite Railroad Bridge in Jaite, which closed in 1948 and is said to be haunted by former paper mill workers and town residents. 

Everett Road Covered Bridge in Peninsula is another bridge many say is experiencing hauntings by the ghost of a farmer. He drowned in the water below while trying to cross the bridge at night. You can also visit the Walhalla Road Bridge in Columbus if you want a scare. The story is that a man who killed his wife and committed suicide under the bridge is haunting it.

Other scary ones include the Station Road Bridge in Brecksville, the Y-Bridge in Zanesville, Moonville Tunnel in McArthur, “Hell Town” Cry Baby Bridge in Boston Township, and Schrader Road Tunnel in Chillicothe. 

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Is Visiting Cry Baby Bridge Worth It? 

So, is it worth going out of your way to visit Cry Baby Bridge? We think so, especially if your interest in a good mystery is very high. Who knows? You might just hear the eerie cries that so many visitors have reported. But if that doesn’t happen, you’ll still get to explore a beautiful area you’ve never seen before. And sometimes, that in itself is a reason to venture out! If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience both!

Would you ever visit the bridge in Salem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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