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Do Truckers Have a Bedroom in Their Truck?

Most over-the-road truckers spend extended time away from home. They are also away from their comfortable bed. After a day of driving hundreds of miles, where do truckers lay their heads? Do truckers have a bedroom in their truck? These are valid questions you might have, and we’ll provide you with some answers.

Today, we’re looking inside the big rigs rolling down the highway and how drivers equip them to meet their needs. Let’s get started!

Do Truckers Have a Bedroom in Their Truck?

Most long-haul truck drivers utilize a sleeper cab while on the road. These small rooms are directly behind the driver’s seat and are one of the most common sleeping arrangements for drivers. The sleeper cab can house almost everything the driver needs while on the road. The bedroom allows truckers to get the required rest before returning to work.

What Is Included in a Truck Living Space?

While a semi-truck offers many options for truckers, it doesn’t have everything. Unless you’re driving an expensive or custom-built truck, you will not find a bathroom or shower in most trucks. Truckers still typically rely on truck stops for showers and using the restroom.

The living space also provides access to electrical outlets to run TVs and other electronics. This can help the drivers pass the time during their mandatory breaks. While they’re not as roomy as a hotel or a bedroom, they can get the job done while truckers are on the road.

Trucker driving truck on highway
Many truckers will install a bed in their trucks to ensure they get a good nights sleep.

How Often Do Truckers Sleep in Their Beds?

When truckers are working, they typically sleep in their beds every night. They often do all they can to make their beds comfortable and get as much rest as possible. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, truckers usually spend 5.18 hours in bed daily. Their research indicated that truckers do not spend nearly enough time sleeping to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.

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Do Truckers Leave Trucks on While Sleeping?

Many truckers leave their truck running all night while sleeping. They often do this to help regulate the inside temperature of the cab so that they can stay comfortable. However, they not only worry about keeping themselves warm but also their truck. Idling the truck engine helps keep it warm in freezing temperatures.

This is a highly contentious topic, especially among environmentalists. The emissions from these big rigs pollute the air, and many truck manufacturers encourage drivers to stop the practice. They state that trucks will not experience any damage if the drivers shut them down instead of idling. Some areas are creating laws and regulations regarding the practice.

Front view of truck driving down highway
Truckers sacrifice lots of comfort to deliver all of our goods quickly.

How Do Truckers Go to the Bathroom?

Generally, only the heftiest and most expensive trucks include a bathroom. Some drivers will utilize a portable toilet in their trucks and dispose of their waste when they reach an appropriate station. However, not all trucks have room for drivers to store a portable toilet.

Those without room in their truck must rely on facilities at truck stops. They’ll likely need to correspond their bathroom breaks with their fuel stops to maximize driving time and avoid any possible delays with hauling their cargo.

How Do Truckers Shower

Most trucks do not have showers inside of them. However, truckers still need to stay clean and maintain their hygiene. Truck drivers will take advantage of showers at Loves, Pilot, Flying J, and many other well-known truck stop franchises.

Truck stops often have fee-based shower rooms for truckers to use. Some facilities charge for a particular time, while others have no limit and ask that drivers respect those waiting to shower. Drivers can get discounts or free showers by joining loyalty reward programs at various truck stops. Fuel purchases help drivers earn points that they can redeem toward multiple rewards, including showers.

Inside truck as a trucker drives on highway
Sleeping, using the bathroom, and showering isn’t easy for truckers.

Do Truckers Have Air Conditioning?

Semi-trucks typically have an air conditioner that runs off a small generator, which they mount outside the truck. This can help drivers stay cool when sleeping for the night. If you drive through a truck stop during a warm summer evening, you’ll likely hear the hum of the engines powering the air conditioning units. They can be rather noisy, but drivers must stay cool and comfortable.

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When Did Trucks Get Sleepers?

Truckers began to use sleepers in trucks in the 1930s and 40s. However, they weren’t a standard feature in most trucks until the 1950s. As technologies improve, manufacturers continue to find ways to make their units comfortable for drivers. Today, some drivers have satellite television, internet, and cozy setups for life on the road.

We’re grateful for the sacrifices these truckers make to keep food and other essential items on store shelves. If it weren’t for them spending countless hours on the road, our lives would all be drastically different. It’s not a big ask for drivers to want a safe and relaxing place to sleep after a long shift.

Would you ever consider a trucker’s life on the road? Tell us in the comments!

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