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Does Jeff Bezos Own an RV? (No, But He Does Own a Super Yacht)

With many people jumping into RVing, you may wonder if the wealthiest people on the planet also own RVs. With the cost of RVs these days, it might take a hefty bank account to afford a luxury RV. However, even wealthy people might experience sticker shock when they see RV prices.

So does Jeff Bezos owns an RV? Keep reading, and we’ll answer this question and more. Let’s get started!

Who Is Jeff Bezos?

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He has an estimated net worth of approximately $131 billion. Bezos graduated from Princeton University after studying computer science and electrical engineering. He worked on Wall Street, becoming a senior vice president at the investment firm D.E. Shaw. He spent four years in this position before pursuing one of the biggest success stories in history. 

He’s the executive chairman of, owner of The Washington Post, and the American aerospace company Blue Origin. He’s one of the most successful, influential, and talked-about people on the planet. 

What Is Jeff Bezos Known for?

While once the senior vice president of an investment company, Jeff Bezos left his high-paying career to pursue e-commerce. In 1994, Bezos started a virtual bookstore called out of his garage. The business quickly grew and began attracting global attention.

The company is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and almost everyone has a Prime membership. Amazon competes alongside some of the largest corporate empires like Walmart.

Super yachts parked beside each other in marina.
While Jeff Bezos doesn’t RV, he does have a luxury super yacht.

Does Jeff Bezos Own an RV?

Jeff Bezos has plenty of money to buy an RV. He could buy an entire RV company and barely dent his net worth. However, there’s no record of him buying an RV. So you can stop hoping that your campsite neighbors with that big Class A motorhome might be the Bezos on vacation. While he doesn’t own an RV, he does possess some incredible stuff!

Does Jeff Bezos Have a Super Yacht?

Bezos is entering the world of super yachts this summer with his new super yacht, Y721. The former Amazon CEO is going toe-to-toe with other tech billionaires to see who can have the largest vessel. The contest results are some of the most luxurious and extravagant boats you could imagine. 

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How Large Is Jeff Bezos New Yacht? 

The new yacht, Y721, is so vast that it may require dismantling a bridge to get it out of port. It’s 417 feet long and comes with a secondary support boat that is broader and more expensive than yachts other tech moguls own.

This super yacht has three decks, and one has a swimming pool. It has space for 18 guests and requires a crew of 40 individuals to run it. The boat’s tender will haul all the toys Bezos and friends could need while on the water. There are jet skits, other boats, and a helicopter landing pad.

Jeff Bezos’ super yacht also comes equiped with a helicopter landing pad.

How Much Is Jeff Bezos New Yacht?

Bezos’ Y721 is beyond excessive, which also comes with a shocking price tag. He’ll pay a hefty $500 million for the floating paradise. However, the initial price tag isn’t all that he’ll pay. There are estimates that it will cost Bezos $25 million a year to run the Y721. 

Who Owns the World’s Largest Yacht?

Despite how impressive the Y721 may be, it’s not the most enormous yacht in the world. The largest yacht in the world is the Azzam which the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan owned. The manufacturer built it in 2013 in Germany, and it’s a massive 590 feet long.

The boat can host 36 guests and requires a crew of 60 to operate it. The boat came with an estimated price tag of $605 million. However, he listed the yacht as a charter boat to avoid European taxation. Charter yachts are exempt from property taxes, allowing boat owners to avoid a hefty property tax bill.

Super yachts docked in marina
Play like the rich and famous on a super yacht.

Why Do Billionaires Buy Yachts?

Billionaires buy yachts because of the incredible privacy they offer. They can hop on their vessels with their loved ones and head to sea. They’ll have everything they need to live comfortably, with wait staff to take care of their every need and be away from the public eye.

Many billionaires also see them as a status symbol. A massive yacht commands attention and shows off your success. Because if you clearly can afford such an enormous yacht, you’ve had some successes. If your craft is bigger than the other boats on the water, you can puff your chest out a little more.

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Should Jeff Bezos Get an RV Next?

Jeff Bezos has a  $500 million super yacht with a massive staff to cater to his every need. No RV will come close to offering the kind of luxury the Y721 provides. Even if he were to purchase the $3 million Palazzo Superior, it wouldn’t be a contest. The Y721 will provide him with much more comfort and privacy.

Now, if he wants to buy us our next RV? We’re not going to pass up that offer!

Would you purchase a yacht if you had Bezos’ funds? Tell us what you would buy first in the comments!

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