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10 Rich Neighborhoods in the USA

Looking at the prices of houses lately, it can seem like every neighborhood is rich. However, some neighborhoods have a reputation for being some of the wealthiest.

It can be fun to dream about living in one of these communities, but some make it their goal to buy a home in a rich neighborhood.

So whether you’re dreaming or shopping, we’ve found ten rich neighborhoods in the USA that we think are worth considering.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Considered An Affluent Neighborhood In The US?

Coming up with a definition for an “affluent neighborhood” can be tricky. This is often because affluence is a relative and vague term. What’s considered a wealthy community in one area or region of the country might simply be a standard subdivision in another.

It can be hard to define an affluent neighborhood, but many people know one when they see it. These neighborhoods typically have larger and more expensive houses, which often means the community has higher household incomes than the surrounding area.

Individuals in high-paying professions like doctors, lawyers, and engineers often reside in many of these rich neighborhoods. However, there’s no telling what your neighborhood could do to make their money.

Which State Has The Most Billionaires?

The three zeros that separate millionaires from billionaires are quite significant. There are approximately 186 billionaires residing in the Golden State of California. This is largely due to the massive tech industry that calls the state home.

Many of these billionaires live in and around cities like San Francisco (116), Southern California (67), and Los Angeles (45). However, New York (135) and Texas (67) are also states with residents who have tremendous wealth. 

Mansion in rich neighborhood in the US
Take a drive through the ritzy neighborhoods across the US.

10 Affluent Neighborhoods In The US 

If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket or want to drive through a ritzy neighborhood on your next vacation, you’re in luck. We’ve found ten affluent neighborhoods around the US that are worth checking out. Let’s dive in!

#1 Beverly Hills, California

About: When people think of luxury and affluent neighborhoods, Beverly Hills, California, is one of the first places that comes to mind. It’s constantly featured in Hollywood movies, and many of the stars of these films enjoy living in this neighborhood.

There are approximately 32,000 residents that live here and shop in the many designer shops along the famous Rodeo Drive. If you have a large enough bank account, you can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. 

Median Household Income: $400,000

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#2 Tribeca, New York City, New York 

About: The 17,000 people in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca aren’t your typical neighbors. Many of these residents include the likes of Kelly Ripa, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, and many other high-profile celebrities in the entertainment industry. Homes in this neighborhood easily cost 10+ million dollars.

Business Insider labeled the neighborhood as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country. However, it’s worth every penny to those who can afford to live in the old-style homes or penthouses.

Median Household Income: $879,000

#3 Everglades Club, Palm Beach, Florida

About: Some people take pride in being a member of an elite social club. If that’s you, it’s hard to consider any neighborhood other than Everglades Club in Palm Beach, Florida. It’s one of the most prominent social clubs in the world! Only about 9,000 residents live in this rich neighborhood.

Some of the most notable residents include Sylvester Stallone, Rod Stewart, and Donald Trump. The Sunshine State has become a popular destination for people looking to move to a warm climate. If that’s you, maybe you could be the next resident at the Everglades Club.

Median Household Income: $470,000

From coast to coast, there are many unique and wealthy neighborhoods in the US.

#4 Cherry Hills Village, Denver, Colorado

About: Cherry Hills Village sits approximately 25 minutes from downtown Denver. The world-class golf courses and beautiful mountain scenery may be appealing, but be prepared to pay. Homes in this neighborhood typically start at three to four million dollars.

Six thousand people live in this neighborhood. Many enjoy taking advantage of the city’s proximity to excellent spots for exploring the outdoors and only being a short drive to the always thriving city of Denver. There’s never a reason to be bored in Cherry Hills Village!

Median Household Income: $430,000

#5 Southampton, Hamptons, New York

About: Many people dream about vacationing in the Hamptons, not living there. However, if you have a big enough bank account, you can own one of the multi-million dollar homes here. The city sits between some incredible beaches and offers plenty of high-end boutiques for shopping.

A host of artists, athletes, and politicians call Southampton home. One of the most high-profile residents is Michael J. Fox from the popular Back to the Future trilogy.

Median Household Income: $400,000

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#6 Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

About: Everything is bigger in Texas, even their bank accounts. Dallas is one of the wealthiest cities in the country and has more than a million people. The neighborhood of Highland Park is home to approximately 9,000 residents, which includes multiple professional athletes from the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

If you want to live in a rich neighborhood on the outskirts of the excitement of Dallas, Highland Park is hard to beat!

Median Household Income: $365,000

Rich neighborhood in the US
From celebrities to millionaires, the richest neighborhoods in the US are for the elite.

#7 West Menlo Park, Atherton Town, California

About: West Menlo Park in Atherton Town, California, is home to only four thousand residents but includes notable figures like Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and the founding investor for Google, Ram Shriram. Much of the neighborhood has at least a bachelor’s degree, and many residents graduated from the local college, Stanford University. 

Median Household Income: $525,000

#8 Short Hills, Millburn Township, New Jersey

About: It’s not a requirement, but almost all of the residents of the Short Hills neighborhood in Millburn Township, New Jersey, have at least a bachelor’s degree. Only about 13,000 people reside in the wealthiest neighborhood in New Jersey.

Homes typically cost around two million dollars but can climb quickly depending on the size and location of the home. If you can afford to live here, you might find yourself neighbors with world-class athletes, entertainers, or fashion designers.

Median Household Income: $380,000

#9 English Village, Mountain Brook, Alabama

About: Alabama may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of riches, but English Village in Mountain Brook differs from many Alabama neighborhoods. Approximately 70% of the population has bachelor’s degrees, and the neighborhood is a bit quirky.

You’ll find French bistros, stylish salons, and just about any game-day favorites, you might be craving. If you’re looking to experience an English country town in the heart of the deep south, English Village is as good as it gets! 

Median Household Income: $165,860

Woman walking by mansion in rich neighborhood.
Not everyone can afford to buy a home in some of the fanciest US neighborhoods, but they’re still fun to explore.

#10 Darien, Connecticut

About: With a population of approximately 20,000, Darien has been the home for designers, musicians, and even the very first director of the United State National Park Service (Stephen T. Mather). The city is approximately 45 miles north of the busy city of New York City.

It offers residents access to parks, beaches, and various private clubs. Expect to pay well over one million dollars for any home in or around this area.

Median Household Income: $350,000

Discover America’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods

We understand that not everyone is in the market to buy a home in one of these neighborhoods – we’re certainly not considering it anytime soon. Finding some of the wealthiest neighborhoods can be a fun and exciting adventure. You may run into a celebrity at the store or brush elbows with the creator of your favorite piece of technology.

Getting to peek into the lives of the upper class can inspire and motivate you to go for that promotion at work or to keep imagining and innovating on a project that could help you buy a home in one of these neighborhoods.

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