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Famous YouTuber Helped Grand Design Create an RV

When searching for an RV to live in full-time, many RVers feel limited in their choices. Whether it’s quality, floor plan, or storage solutions, there aren’t a lot of full-time living RVs on the market.

Famous YouTuber Changing Lanes and Grand Design teamed up to design a toy hauler made by full-time RVers for full-time RVers. Since Changing Lanes has owned and lived in a Grand Design Momentum toy hauler since 2018, they were the perfect pick to help create a new RV. 

Let’s dive in!

Who Is Changing Lanes?

Chad and Tara sold their house and everything in it to live and travel full-time in their Grand Design Momentum 397TH in 2018. Along with their dog Daisy, they’ve traveled all over North America and shared their travels via their YouTube channel. They show where they’ve been and guide other RVers about DIY projects, tips and tricks, proper maintenance, and repair how-tos. 

In addition to their Momentum, they also travel with their 2018 Indian Roadmaster and love going for motorcycle rides all over the country.

Tara has been fighting Chronic Lyme Disease for years. So, part of their decision to sell everything and travel was to take advantage of her good days. She didn’t want to be trapped in a bed in a house on her bad days. At least she could enjoy beautiful views from an RV even when she couldn’t go out.

Why Are They Creating an RV With Grand Design?

Changing Lanes has owned the same Grand Design Momentum since the beginning of their travels. Chad and Tara are brand ambassadors for Grand Design’s Momentum line.

After traveling for several years, they’ve developed quite a following. They have over 241,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 35,000 followers on Instagram. They know their stuff about RVing, specifically, the Grand Design Momentum line.

What Is Special About the RV They’re Creating?

After living in their Momentum for almost five years, Chad and Tara have things they like and don’t like about their current set-up. Lance Lees, the Momentum Product Manager, asked if they would be willing to use their knowledge and RVing expertise to help design a new floorplan for the Grand Design Momentum line.

So they went through their current fifth wheel, telling Lance what they liked and didn’t like and how they would change things. Compared to their 397TH model, the new build – the 410TH – has more than double the bathroom space and more seating in the living room space. It also has a larger garage, more basement storage, and a more spacious bedroom.

This increase in size makes the 410TH about 45 feet long. That’s a foot longer than Chad and Tara’s current 397TH.

In addition to the increased space, the new 410TH has a lighter farmhouse paint scheme, and a residential fridge. Additionally, there’s a residential oven/stove, a garage camera, 310-degree backup lighting, and a new exterior paint scheme. This new Momentum is an RV built for full-timers by full-timers. The big reveal and debut of the Grand Design Momentum 410TH will be September 14 to 18 at the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, Pa.

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Grand Design Momentum RV
The Grand Design Momentum 410TH model is designed to fit all your RVing needs.

With over 241,000 subscribers, Changing Lanes has established a successful and popular YouTube channel. Chad and Tara are two likable people who have captured the attention of thousands of RVers who look to them for advice and help. Below are three of the most popular YouTube videos on their channel.

Grand Design Momentum 397TH – Full Time RV Tour!

Posted in May 2018, this video has over 2.2 million views. It takes viewers on a tour of their current Grand Design Momentum 397TH. They stopped at a rest area to show the interior of the toy hauler and how they can access the refrigerator, bathroom, and bedroom with the slides in. This model has two bathrooms and two black tanks. There are also two gas tanks, a 30-gallon tank for the generator and a 30-gallon tank for toys in the garage. 

Chad walks around the entire exterior of the unit, telling viewers about the tanks’ capacities, their water filtration system, and more.

Tara then goes inside the rig to show the floor plan. The bedroom features a king bed, a separate closet for a washer and dryer, and a large wardrobe closet. It also has a 6-drawer dresser and another shelving unit for even more storage. The living room features a free-standing dinette, a reclining sofa, a huge TV, and an electric fireplace. In the same space, the kitchen has a central vacuum, a kitchen island, a large pantry, a two-way fridge, an oven, and lots of storage cabinets and drawers.

Finally, Chad shows the garage space with his Indian Roadmaster. Once they’re set up and stationary at a campsite, Chad takes the motorcycle out and sets up the interior space as his office. There is a full bathroom in the garage. The HappiJac queen bed comes down for additional sleeping space if they have guests.

Grand Design Momentum 397TH (Full Time RV Home Tour 2.0)

Posted in February 2021, this video has over 2.1 million views. Like the previous video, it takes viewers on a tour of their Momentum toy hauler. But this time, Chad and Tara are pointing out upgrades and changes they’ve made over the three years. One change was replacing their Flex-Air hitch with a MORryde hitch. 

Additional changes were adding a Go Power! inverter, three Battle Born lithium batteries, and a Hydrastar trailer brake controller. In the garage space, they upgraded the ramp door to the Lippert weatherproof door. They also transformed the interior space into two large desks where they can work simultaneously.

Chad and Tara added a security system for peace of mind at night and when they’re out during the day. They changed out the factory mattress in the bedroom, Chad built a shelf in the wardrobe closet, and he built shelves in the side closet. Additional upgrades include changing the toilet seat and faucet in the main bathroom, adding a storage unit underneath the dining table, and modifying the pantry.

Towing a Large 5th Wheel RV | Full Time RV Truck and Towing!

Posted in November 2018, this video has over 1.7 million views. It shows how to tow a fifth wheel. In the beginning, Chad goes over important numbers RVers need to know when towing, like GVWR, pin weight, GCWR, and tow ratings. In this video, Changing Lanes had yet to upgrade to the MORryde hitch and still has the Flex-Air hitch.

Chad talks about the safety gear he keeps in his truck and how important each item is should they ever break down on the side of the road. He also talks about the important features when towing a large fifth wheel.

Once they arrive in the Walmart parking lot, they discuss their trip plan and its importance.  

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These RVers Made an RV for RVers

Thousands of people follow Chad and Tara of Changing Lanes. They know RVing and gladly share their experiences and knowledge gained over the years with other travelers. They were ideal candidates for Grand Design to contact when building a new model for the Momentum line.

So if you’re in the market for a new toy hauler, check out the big reveal in Hershey or get online and subscribe to the Changing Lanes YouTube channel. It might not be perfect. But, if you want an RV made by full-time RVers for full-time RVers, this could be your rig!

Will a Grand Design Momentum 410TH be in your future? Tell us your thoughts on the design in the comments!

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