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The Best Fifth Wheel Brands (2022 Models)

The Best Fifth Wheel Brands (2022 Models)

An RV purchase is a huge decision, especially because RVs are depreciating assets. If you’re in the market for a new RV, you should do your research and purchase a quality brand from the beginning.

A great fifth wheel brand can make your RV experience the best that it can be. In that spirit, let’s look at the best fifth wheel brands in 2022.

Let’s dive in.

What Makes a Great Fifth Wheel Brand? 

Factors that make a fifth wheel brand great go beyond aesthetics and build quality. Here are the top features you should look for when selecting a great RV brand and manufacturer. 

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the top qualities of a great fifth wheel brand. You won’t have a good time with a brand with the best build quality but terrible customer service. Customer service goes above and beyond the RV buying experience.

Great customer service includes all stages of the RV owning journey, including service, warranty work, and more. 

Fifth wheel RV driving down highway.
A quality fifth wheel can give you major luxury on the go.

Build Quality

Build quality is the obvious factor most people take into account when selecting a great RV brand. So many RVs on the road today use the lowest quality materials possible to mass-produce RVs to feed a hungry buyer pool. 

The manufacturers that focus on quality over quantity are the ones you want to buy from. Often these manufacturers have higher prices and longer wait times, but you’re going to end up getting what you pay for, so it may be worth the wait.

Floor Plan Variety

What good is an RV brand with excellent build quality and customer service if they only offer one model? RVing is so unique in that every person and every family does it differently. And every person or family has different needs and preferences when it comes to floor plans.

A great selection of floor plans doesn’t always signify a quality brand, but you’ll at least have options.

Pro Tip: Fifth wheels are known for their size and the luxury the extra space provides. Read more to find out exactly How Big are Fifth-Wheel RVs?

Truck towing fifth wheel RV.
A great fifth wheel brand comes with quality customer service, solid build quality, and many floor plan options.

The Best Fifth Wheel Brands in 2022

Without further ado, here are the best fifth wheel brands in 2022. Some are tried and true household names, and some are new to the scene. 

Alliance RV

Alliance RV is the latest and perhaps greatest RV manufacturer on the scene. They broke ground on their state-of-the-art production facility in the RV capital in Indiana in the fall of 2019. A family of RV executives who formerly worked for Damon and Heartland RV started the company. 

The Alliance mission is completely and totally customer-driven. Each Alliance RV incorporates customer input, and these luxury fifth wheels work great for full-time living. Current offerings by Alliance include the Paradigm fifth wheel with eight floor plans, the Valor toy hauler with six floor plans, and the Avenue fifth wheel with three floor plans. 

Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV is a household name in the RV industry. They bring superior build quality and an incredible customer service experience. Winnebago Industries owns Grand Design RV and its line of luxury fifth wheels, toy haulers, and travel trailers in various budgets, weights, and floor plans. 

The Grand Design tagline is “luxury, value, and towability.” This brand definitely delivers. Popular Grand Design models include the Imagine line of travel trailers and the Solitude line of fifth wheels.

Grand Design RVs are great for full-time RVing, part-time RVing, and weekend warriors. 

Keystone RV

Thor Industries owns Keystone RV, alongside other high-quality and popular RVs like Airstream, Heartland, and DRV Luxury Suites. Popular Keystone RV models include the Keystone Cougar, Keystone Montana and Montana High Country, and their newest model: the Keystone Arcadia.

Keystone RV goes to great lengths to produce RVs based on customer input and leads the way with new innovations and designs every year. 

Pro Tip: Curious about Keystone? We broke down whether you should Buy or Avoid: Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel.

Heartland RV

Heartland RV is a high-quality fifth wheel manufacturer located in the RV capital, Elkhart, Ind. It delivers beautiful fifth wheels, toy haulers, and travel trailers perfect for full-time RVing in all four seasons. 

Popular Heartland models include the Heartland Bighorn and Heartland Big Country fifth wheels. Customers know Heartland for superior build quality and great customer service. The company uses high-quality building materials, has a rigorous RV testing and quality control process, and offers best-in-class facilities and nationwide RV serviceability.

Many RVs come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, but Heartland offers a three-year warranty and strives to process all warranty claims within 24 hours. 

Northwood Manufacturing

Northwood Manufacturing is an Oregon-based RV manufacturer producing high-quality fifth wheels, toy haulers, truck campers, and more. Its fifth wheel brands include the Arctic Fox and Fox Mountain four-season RVs. Northwood is independently owned, which is already an indicator of a higher-quality RV. The original founder still maintains the company — not a massive parent company.

Northwood Manufacturing RV owners love the RV buying and RV owning experience. This crops up in rave reviews on RV forums everywhere.

While they don’t have a huge fifth wheel selection, they do have quality and incredible customer service. 

DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Luxury Suites are lesser-known fifth wheels, but they’re extremely high-quality. These “mobile suites” truly live up to the name. 

DRV has two luxury full-time fifth wheel lines: Mobile Suites and Full House. The Mobile Suites are the line that started it all, and the Full House models are fifth wheel toy haulers with all the luxury you’d expect from DRV.

There are more than 15 floor plans for the Mobile Suites and three for the Full House toy hauler. DRV brings luxury, quality, and a great customer service experience to the table.

If You Want Great Quality and Service, Go with One of These Brands

It’s not hard to find a high-quality fifth wheel brand if you know where to look. We know you’ll be in great hands with any of the brands we discussed here. Many of them don’t solely manufacture fifth wheels.

You can find travel trailers, truck campers, and toy haulers, too. So no matter which towable you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of the brands on this list. Which is your favorite?

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