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Why Do Truckers Have Huge Spikes on Their Wheels?

Many drivers do a double-take when an 18-wheeler rolls up beside them and they notice the huge spikes on their wheels. They look like something you’d expect to see on the wheels of chariots cruising around ancient Mesopotamia.

It’s hard to miss these massive spikes, but what are they doing there?

The answer might surprise you!

Let’s dive in!

What Are Truck Spikes?

Truck spikes attach to the rims and hubcaps of a truck. While they’re most commonly found on big rigs like semi trucks, some drivers install them on cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles. While the points look incredibly sturdy and somewhat dangerous, they’re typically not.

Typically, manufacturers use plastic to construct the spikes. They then coat the piece with a thick coating of paint that mimics a chrome or steel finish. From a distance, these spikes look like they could do some severe damage if you or your vehicle were to come in contact with them. 

These truck spikes will likely break off or dent when push comes to shove. They may cause some damage to your vehicle, but no more than if they weren’t there. If anything, they could help alert you before your car comes into contact with the actual tire and causes even more substantial damage to you and your vehicle.

There’s nothing illegal about using extended lug nut covers, including truck spikes. These are typically considered safety-enhancing features for those on the road.

They get your attention and help to prevent drivers from getting too close to a vehicle.

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Are Truck Spikes Dangerous?

Truck spikes are not dangerous whatsoever. Because they are either made from plastic or very weak metal, they’re likely to bend or break when put to the test. While it’s a bit of a stretch, the only potent danger when using truck spikes is that they could distract other drivers on the road.

However, they help improve safety by encouraging drivers to keep their distance from big rigs.

Are Wheel Spikes Only for Trucks?

While you’re more likely to see wheel spikes on trucks, you can put them on various passenger vehicles. Some drivers who want to attract attention to their cars will install them.

Because they have a somewhat intimidating look, they catch the attention of just about anyone passing by.

Why Do Truckers Have Huge Spikes on Their Wheels?

There are a few reasons why truckers would install huge spikes on their wheels. Let’s look at why you might want to consider installing them on your vehicle, even if you drive a minivan.

Warn Other Drivers

It’s hard to miss the giant truck spikes sticking out from a truck’s tires. Drivers seeing these spikes are more likely to keep their distance when passing vehicles. They look like they could do severe damage if they come in contact with your car.

Truck drivers that use truck spikes on their wheels are looking for a way to keep themselves and others safe. Truck spikes can help drivers be aware of how close they are, whether passing or being passed by a vehicle.

Protect Lug Nuts

Some truck drivers can log hundreds of thousands of miles in a year and travel through nasty conditions. Truck spikes can serve as lug nut covers that keep the dirt, debris, and other gunk off the nuts. Otherwise, the nuts spend most of their time exposed to the elements, and they can get filthy and become difficult to remove when needed.

A driver may be less concerned about the safety aspect and be more concerned with protecting their lug nuts by using truck spikes.

Improve Look

Some truck drivers want to improve the look of their rig. Semi-trucks are large beastly trucks that should look rough and tough. However, as we mentioned, truck spikes aren’t just for big rigs. You’ll find them on various vehicles, from Honda Civics to massive Ford F-450s.

They certainly change the look and feel when it rolls down the road and sits in a parking space.

Should You Install Truck Spikes on Your Vehicle?

While truck spikes are an effective way to attract attention while you travel down the road, they’re not for everybody. They offer some increased safety and protection of your lug nuts, but some might find them a bit much for their vehicle.

Having giant spikes sticking out of the side of your sparkly Mini Cooper isn’t going to make it as intimidating as if they were on a souped-up and lifted off-roading truck. However, the choice is yours whether you should install them on your vehicle or not.

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