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7 Aldi Brand Foods That Are Better Than Name Brands

Aldi is an ever-growing and popular grocery store. Cheaper prices and unique food options it one of their biggest draws. From private label brands to keeping products in boxes and reducing stocking time, the company knows how to keep costs down for the customer’s benefit.

Keep reading to learn more about the store and its food standards. We also look at seven Aldi products that are better than their name-brand counterparts.

Let’s get crunching!

What Is Aldi? 

Aldi is a well-known discount grocery store chain. It exists in about 2,100 locations across approximately 38 states. While it was mostly in the eastern half of the U.S., it now has around 92 stores in California. It’s also growing in other parts of the western half of the country. 

The grocery store hails from Germany and is well-known throughout Europe. Some people confuse it with the other common budget store in Europe, Lidl. However, they’re competitors. 

Why Did Aldi Knock Off Brands? 

Most of the brands that Aldi stocks are private labels. Essentially, it’s similar to more expensive name brands but for a lower price. 

The few name-brand products it carries are usually overstock items. This means it gets them cheaper and can sell them lower than you’ll find elsewhere.

Does Aldi Have Higher Food Standards?

Aldi is known for selling healthier choices, including gluten-free foods, Keto options, and more. It’s able to do this by stocking private-label brands. This allows it to bring high-quality food at prices someone on an average salary can afford.

Its quality assurance team follows strict guidelines for all its products. It’s also committed to human rights and fair labor practices.

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Blurry grocery store aisle in Aldi
Aldi food is not only affordable, but also delicious.

7 Aldi Brand Foods That Are Better Than Name Brands

You may find that some of your favorite foods are actually better at Aldi than the name brands you’re getting at higher-priced stores. Take a look at these seven examples.

1. Breakfast Best Waffles

Aldi’s Breakfast Best Waffles are delicious, chewy toaster waffles. They’re a similar product to Kellogg’s famous Eggo Waffles. We guarantee that if you close your eyes and try both, you likely won’t know the difference, or you’ll say the Breakfast Best Waffles is your favorite. 

The frozen waffles are stored and prepared the same as the Kellogg brand. However, according to a Mashed taste tester, the Aldi waffle has a lighter, crispier, and better texture.

2. Corale Premium Baked Beans

Baked beans are a staple in almost anyone’s pantry. Heinz and Bush’s Baked Beans are the most common brand named beans on the market. We always see commercials about them, so why wouldn’t you gravitate toward them? 

But, surprise! Many think Aldi’s Corale Premium Baked Beans are better. YouTuber, Sopherina tested it, and sure enough, she preferred the Aldi brand.

3. Burman’s Tomato Ketchup

Most of us grew up with Heinz Ketchup. Would you even dare buy another brand? The marketing around Heinz is so ingrained in American society. 

Burman’s Tomato Ketchup from Aldi gives Heinz a run for its money. When put to the test, Burman’s essentially tastes the same as Heinz’s ketchup. And, the Aldi brand costs significantly less.

4. Baker’s Corner Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aldi’s Baker’s Corner Chocolate Chip Cookies are often mistaken for Betty Crocker cookies. The YouTube channel But First, Coffee did a blindfolded taste test. 

She was shocked to discover that she liked the Aldi brand better. And to top it off, the ingredients are slightly better for you than the Betty Crocker mix.

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5. Millville Raisin Bran

When it comes to cereal, you likely think of Kellogg’s brands first. The company has ruled the cereal world for years. Kellogg’s Raisin Bran is one of its most popular products. 

But we think Aldi’s Millville Raisin Bran tastes better. But First, Coffee also did a taste test of these two kinds of cereal. She liked Millville better and thought the Kellogg’s brand tasted a bit stale.

6. Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice

Aldi’s Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice can be compared to Mott’s 100% Original Apple Juice. When taste tested by the Cheapism blog, they said they taste nearly identical. 

Since they taste the same and they’re both 100% apple juice, Aldi’s brand is a clear winner. This is due to the cost being about half the price of Mott’s.

7. Happy Farm’s American Cheese

Kraft cheese is another product we’ve all grown up with and know to be a go-to brand. But Happy Farm’s American Cheese from Aldi is a strong contender. 

The taste tester from Cheapism made a side-by-side comparison of Kraft and Happy Farm’s American Cheese. She couldn’t tell the difference. The only possible way to tell them apart is the color, and Aldi’s version is slightly thicker.

Where Does Aldi Get Its Products? 

Aldi sources its food and products from various locations. You’ll find items from North America, Europe, Asia, and various places worldwide.

But Aldi doesn’t hide where its food comes from. You can find the information on the packaging of each product.

Is Aldi Worth It?

Aldi is worth it. It has quality products at lower prices than other grocery stores with name brands. Keeping food on the table can be expensive, and Aldi helps those on various budgets get healthy choices. 

Do you have an Aldi in your area? You can find a nearby Aldi by searching on Google maps or going to to find a store near you. 

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