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Is The Walmart Auto Center Legit?

You dropped your car off at the Walmart Auto Center and are headed into the store for some shopping. Walmart is like the Swiss army knife of retailers. There’s practically nothing they don’t do!

But will the staff there take good care of your car? Or should you keep driving and stop at a more trustworthy auto center?

We took a deeper dive into what Walmart’s Auto Center offers and if they provide quality work and parts.

Let’s jump in!

What Is the Walmart Auto Center?

While they don’t offer everything necessary to keep vehicles rolling, they provide many basic and routine maintenance items for drivers to drive their cars safely. If you can plan it right, you might even be able to have all the work done while you’re already at the store doing your weekly shopping.

Walmart Auto Centers offer essential car care assistance at many of their retail establishments. They hire certified auto care technicians to help keep customers and their cars on the road.

The centers provide some routine services, including tire installation, battery testing and installation, and oil/lube services. They’ll also help with wiper blades and installation, headlight restoration, and bulb installation. 

Do All Walmarts Have an Auto Center?

Unfortunately, not all Walmart stores have an auto center. As of October 2022, there were 4,662 Walmart retail stores in the United States. Approximately 2,500 of these locations have a Walmart Auto Center. This equates to about 53.6% of Walmart locations having one.

Is The Walmart Auto Center Legit?

Walmart states their technicians are certified auto technicians but does not say what exact certifications their technicians have. However, if you do a little digging, you’ll discover that job postings for their auto centers states, “Become certified on and operate powered equipment needed to perform the essential functions.” 

Most will train individuals placed in the auto center. Since many of the tasks done there aren’t overly complex, it can be easy for individuals to learn. However, the advantage of taking your vehicle to a certified technician is that they’re likely to notice when something doesn’t look right. Someone just learning to change the oil in a car may not see a serious issue while they’re under the hood. 

Does Walmart Sell Good Tires?

Walmart Auto Centers sell a variety of tires, including popular brands like Michelin and Goodyear. You can often get a pretty sweet deal by purchasing your tires from Walmart. In addition to selling and installing tires, they also provide a $10 per tire road-hazard warranty.

Purchasing this warranty can help should you experience an unexpected flat tire or have an issue during normal wear and tear of the tires.

Will Walmart Install My Tires?

Walmart does sell and install tires. Prices for tire services will vary based on the location. Costs typically range from $11 to $25 per tire, depending on the tires and the vehicle. You can purchase lifetime balance/rotation and road-hazard warranties when installing your tires through Walmart.

If you’re not finding the tires you’re looking for available in your local Walmart, chat with one of the Auto Center associates during your next visit. Their website states that more than 10,000 tires are available online, and they also sell custom wheels. All you have to do is ask for the details!

How Much Is an Oil Change at Walmart?

Prices for oil change services will vary based on the location but typically range from $24.88 to $54.88. Oil changes will vary based on the type of vehicle and how much oil is required. Confirm pricing for your specific vehicle before dropping off your keys. You don’t want any surprises when you come back to pay when it’s all said and done.

Walmart Auto Centers do not list oil changes for diesel engines. If you’re a diesel vehicle driver, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a different location that specifically offers diesel oil changes.

Does Walmart Do Brakes?

Their auto centers don’t work on brakes, but you can order parts through Walmart’s website if they have the right ones for your vehicle.

Is the Walmart Auto Center Worth It?

Like many of Walmart’s services, the auto centers can be rather hit or miss. Employees can tend to be underpaid, undertrained, and overworked, which means they can be some of the last people you want working on your vehicle.

However, that’s not always the case, and some are highly efficient and consistently get the job done right. You can save a few bucks and get work done on your vehicle while doing your regular shopping.

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