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Does Target Sell Vehicle Batteries?

If it’s time to buy new a new battery for your vehicle, could Target be a good choice?

You can find just about anything shopping at the great red bullseye. From groceries and toys to clothing and sporting goods, it even has an automotive section.

But can you buy vehicle batteries at Target?

Let’s find out!

The History of Target?

Target is a big-box general merchandise retailer and the seventh-largest retailer in the United States. A popular Minneapolis department store, Dayton’s, launched the company as their discount division. The first store was opened in Roseville, Minnesota, on May 1, 1962.

The brand grew quickly and became a nationwide chain in the 1980s and 1990s. The parent company, Dayton-Hudson Corporation, was renamed Target Corporation in 2000.

Target has a reputation for being slightly more expensive and up-scale than its main competitor, Walmart. However, the slightly heftier price tag typically results in higher quality products on the shelves and clothing racks. The fact that most Target locations have a Starbucks Coffee location inside of them feeds into a more affluent environment in the store.

Who Owns Target?

The official owner of Target stores is Target Corporation. Dayton Corporation originally launched Target in 1962 and renamed themselves as Dayton-Hudson Corporation in 1969. Then, in 2000, they decided that the entire brand identity would fall under Target Corporation going forward.

How Many Target Stores Are There?

As of 2021, there were 1,926 Target stores in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia. The way locations are spaced out, approximately 75% of the U.S. population lives no more than 10 miles from their nearest Target store. This means there’s a good chance there’s a Target location near you.

Target stores have a reputation amongst consumers for being extremely clean and well-organized. Their large footprint allows for plenty of space for shoppers to move about and the store. As a brand, they do a great job of tying their branding into the stores in fun and creative ways. It’s not uncommon to see seasonal photo spots that include the company’s mascot, Bullseye.

Target stores are especially popular amongst shoppers looking to decorate their homes. Through partnerships, like with Joanna Gaines, the store has become one of the go-to places for shoppers looking to spruce up their homes.

Woman in aisles shopping at Target

Does Target Sell Vehicle Batteries?

Target locations have a limited automotive section in their store. It’s typically no more than a dedicated aisle or two. While you’re likely to find automotive oil, car wash supplies, and other accessories, you will not find vehicle batteries. You’ll need to find a retailer with a large focus or emphasis on automotive needs.

Where to Buy Vehicle Batteries

If you’re disappointed that Target doesn’t offer vehicle batteries, you should know that plenty of other options are available. Here are a handful of the best spots you should consider when shopping for a new vehicle battery.

Auto Parts Store

Auto parts stores are the first place most people run to when they need a new battery for their vehicle. It seems like just about every corner in any area with a decent population has an Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, or O’reilly’s. 

These are great locations because they’re typically filled with trusted and knowledgeable employees who can test your old battery and offer recommendations on a new one. Many will even install it for free if you purchase it from them.


With nearly double the number of stores as Target, the nearly 5,000 Walmart locations have approximately 2,500 Auto Care Centers. Their stores sell a variety of batteries for a variety of uses, including in vehicles.

Auto Care Center technicians can help you select the right battery for your vehicle. There’s a good chance you can drop off your vehicle, purchase the battery, and they’ll install it while you do the rest of your weekly shopping.

FYI: Who makes Walmart Batteries?


Not only does Costco sell a box of pancake mix large enough to feed a small army, but they also sell vehicle batteries. They’ll test your current battery to see if it needs replacing and help ensure that any new battery you purchase is compatible with your vehicle. If that’s not enough, they’ll help you recycle your old one and install your new one.


People aren’t lying when they say you can buy just about anything on Amazon. On the popular online retailer’s website, you can find almost anything, including vehicle batteries.

However, keep in mind that you want to double-check all of the specs to ensure the battery you’re ordering is compatible with your vehicle. The only negative of ordering from Amazon is that they’re not going to install it for you or offer any help recycling the old battery.

Know Where to Get a Quality Vehicle Battery

Now you know where to look to hunt down a new battery. If you have a dead or junk battery, you’re not going anywhere soon.

If you’re living on borrowed time when it comes to your battery, make sure you know where to go to replace it when it kicks the bucket. You don’t want to find yourself stranded in a parking lot late at night, unable to start your car. Get a new battery in your vehicle, and stop worrying!

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