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5 Reasons Your RV is Infested with Flies

An RV infested with flies is one of the worst nightmares. 

Any homeowner can attest that pest problems are a pain. But when you’re living in a small space like an RV or camper, a bug problem feels up close and personal.

Fortunately, your insect issue is probably due to one of five common causes. And each of these causes calls for a pretty simple solution.

Let’s take a look!

What Is a Fly Infestation?

It’s normal to see a fly or two buzzing around your home, and they’re especially abundant during the spring and summer months. But if your RV is suddenly full of them, you may have a bigger problem. Large numbers of flies may indicate an infestation.

Although an infestation isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s certainly no fun. Large numbers of flies can be a true nuisance. From attacking your food to constantly buzzing, those winged things are deeply annoying.

Occasionally, a fly infestation can cause real problems. Thanks to their unsavory diets, they carry loads of bacteria, such as salmonella and tuberculosis.

So why do you have an infestation? It’s likely one of five reasons.

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Close up of a fly on a white background
The constant buzz of a fly infestation can get annoying quick!

#1 Flies Are Finding Ways to Get Inside

The most straightforward reason for all the flies is that they found an easy entrance to your RV.

Life in an RV means lots of entering and exiting your vehicle. You may even leave your door open to enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice. Frequent door opening and closing could explain your sudden unwanted visitors.

If you keep your door shut most of the time, the issue may lie with your windows or vents. Flies could enter this way if these spaces aren’t screened or sealed correctly. Check all openings to the outdoors to verify that there aren’t any weak spots.

Do your windows and vents have screens? If that’s the case, there might be a break in the material. Check all screens periodically to ensure they’re structurally sound.

#2 You Have Something Rotting Somewhere

You’ve checked your windows, vents, and screens, and they’re secure. So what’s the root of your fly problem?

Rotting or decaying matter can also cause your RV to be infested with flies. These insects eat old food, garbage scraps, and dead animals. Even something as simple as an unattended spill can feed a whole family of insects.

Decaying material doesn’t only attract flies. It actually helps them reproduce! These pests lay their eggs in the decomposing matter, and they lay a lot of them.

If you think this could be your issue, take action. Empty your trash cans as often as possible and examine less obvious sources such as your sink drains, p-traps, and garbage disposal.

#3 Fly Eggs Are Thriving in Your Warm RV

Flies require specific environments to breed. Aside from decomposing material, they also need warmth.

Have you ever noticed that flies seem less abundant during the fall and winter? That’s because they reproduce and survive most successfully at temperatures of 75 degrees or more. 

Fly larvae won’t develop into adult insects if subjected to temperatures below this level.

Your vehicle could be a perfect breeding ground if it’s consistently warm. There are also specific areas of your RV that may be problematic. Warm, humid rooms like bathrooms provide ideal conditions for these pests. Even the warmth from large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can attract them.

Check these areas out! If you notice a lot of flies in one specific place, it might be time to take action.

#4 Flies Are Breeding More Quickly Than You Can Get Rid of Them

Sadly, the root cause of a fly infestation could be simple bad timing. They live a lot longer and reproduce more quickly than you might think.

Despite their reputations for being short-lived, these insects survive anywhere from 15 to 30 days. That’s a shockingly long time for such a small creature! During that period, they can breed and lay eggs multiple times. One fly can spawn an infestation of dozens in two weeks or less.

Given this timeline, it’s easy to see how quickly an infestation can get out of hand. After all, most of us don’t have time to sit around swatting flies all day.

#5 Flies Are Attracted to Your Yard or Lot

If you’ve ruled out the first four infestation causes, there’s one more possibility. Flies might be buzzing around your yard or lot in large numbers, then entering your RV.

As mentioned, trash, spilled food or drink, and decomposing material can attract flies. A full outdoor trash can is a goldmine for insects looking to lay eggs. If your trash can stays full for long periods, it could be the culprit.

Animal waste attracts flies as well. Does your dog relieve itself in your yard? Even one or two neglected piles of pet poop can become a problem.

Always try to keep your yard free of waste. A clean outdoor environment will help you maintain a clean indoor environment.

If you’re in an RV space with lots of flies outside, ask the staff to help you check for sources. 

Fly on window screen in home
Use fly traps, tapes, and swatters to get rid of flies for good!

So, What Should You Do if Your RV Is Infested With Flies?

It’s official. You have a fly infestation. Now what?

Don’t panic! Conventional pest control methods like fly tape, traps, and swatters are highly effective. Place tapes or traps around your RV, especially in those warm or humid rooms. And keep a swatter close by!

Bug zappers are also very helpful. These machines attract insects using a bright, warm UV light and “zap” them once trapped inside. Bug zappers are inexpensive and easy to find at home improvement stores.

Pesticides may be necessary if the infestation is severe. Over-the-counter sprays like Raid are helpful for doors, windows, and other potential entry points in your home. There are even pet-safe insecticides for folks who live with furry friends.

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Fly Infestation, Buzz Off!

Bug infestations are no fun, especially when the bugs can fly! An infestation is even less fun in a small living space such as an RV.

Thankfully, you can take plenty of preventative measures to keep these insects out of your home. Most treatment options are inexpensive and easy to access. With just a fly swatter and a few quick alterations or cleanups in your vehicle, you’ll be pest-free in no time.

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