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Cheap RV Steps are Dangerous: You Should Seriously Upgrade

Steps on an RV are essential, but are they dangerous? A lot of campers come from the manufacturer with cheap steps. 

Keep reading to learn what makes RV steps dangerous and how much weight they can really hold. We also provide a guide for upgrading your steps. 

Let’s step right into this! 

Are RV Steps Dangerous? 

Who wants to twist an ankle or worse due to cheap RV steps? We suspect you didn’t raise your hand. But the truth is, RV steps can be a dangerous safety concern. 

The steps put on campers by many manufacturers extend from the unit and hang freely without any support from the ground. They are often made of cheap metal and may not support a lot of weight. 

In addition, without being planted onto the ground, the steps are extremely unstable. It makes them easy to slide off. And it can be difficult to get on the steps when they’re too high off the ground for your legs. 

The steps also create a bounce in the camper due to the lack of grounding. This can cause someone to lose balance, and it’s an annoyance for other people in the RV. The bouncing may also damage your stabilizer jacks over time.

How Much Weight Can RV Steps Hold? 

On average, RV steps can hold up to 300 pounds. It’s one of the reasons RV steps are dangerous. If two people go down the steps together or a 300-pound person and your dog, the steps could give way. 

When upgrading your RV steps, take into consideration their weight capacity. There are options on the market that can hold up to 500 pounds.  

How Much Does It Cost to Replace RV Steps?

Replacing RV steps can cost upwards of $550. But there are options lower than that, as you’ll see in our list below. If you’re like us, safety and quality outweigh the cost. Having stable and well-constructed steps for your RV will also increase its longevity. 

Can You Replace RV Steps?

Yes, you can replace RV steps. It’s an easy DIY project with limited tools needed. Replacement stairs typically come with the hardware needed for installation. 

Which RV Steps Are the Best?

The best RV steps take into account sturdiness and construction. But not all RVs are the same, so it’s important to get steps that fit your rig. The following are three models that are quality and come highly recommended. 

Lippert-791573 Solid Step Triple Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway

About: The Lippert-791573 Solid Step Triple Step fits RV entry door widths from 29 inches to 36 inches. They are extremely stable with an extra wide top step. And they’re safe with aluminum step treads and adjustable legs to level the steps when on uneven surfaces. They also have recessed feet at the bottom to help prevent tripping.

The steps fold up into your RV’s doorway during transport. This makes it easy and efficient on travel days. And you’ll find no bounce in these steel steps when they’re down. 

Hardware and installation instructions are included. The product comes in double, triple, and quadruple steps.

Price: $264 for the triple step

MOR/ryde International Inc. STP-4-30-03H Fold Up Step 4 Step 30″ Door

About: The MOR/ryde International Inc. STP-4-30-03H Fold Up Step has a 500-pound load capacity. It means that these steps are strong, durable, and built to last. The step rise is 8 inches, and the height of the steps is 36.5 inches to 42 inches with adjustable feet. And the door width it fits is 30 inches, with the dimensions from flange to flange being 27.75 inches to 28.25 inches.

The steps secure to the inside of your RV door for transportation. They’re easy to lift and take down when stationary. So, even if you’re stopping for a quick rest on a travel day, it’s simple to take the steps down and put them back up. 

Price: $530

Prime 1 Safety RV Steps Extra Large Platform 19in x 14.5in Extra Size RV Folding Step Stool and Ladder

About: The Prime 1 Safety RV Steps Extra Large Platform Folding Step Stool and Ladder is 19 inches by 14.5 inches. You can also adjust the height in four different positions from 8 inches to 9.5 inches, and it has rubber feet. It can hold 600 pounds and is stable and safe with reinforced non-slip grips. 

The step folds up and locks in place so you can easily store it. It only weighs 8.05 pounds for easy carrying. 

The step comes in handy for campervans or any type of RV. It also doubles as a step stool.

Price: $72

How Do You Measure RV Steps? 

To measure for RV steps, get the height from the ground to your entry door threshold. Also, measure the door frame from inside edge to edge. It’s recommended to round up to the nearest even number.

Is It Worth Upgrading Your RV Steps? 

Upgrading your RV steps is worth it. Stable and safe steps are the difference between a twisted ankle and a relaxing camping trip. We recommend ditching the poorly made, bouncy, free-hanging steps from your RV and replacing them with a sturdy option that will last a long time.

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