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We Snuck Into a 55+ RV Park, Here’s What We Learned

For anyone under 55, there’s a certain mystique that surrounds 55+ RV parks. What are those seniors doing in there? How awesome are the amenities? Why can’t I camp there?

These were common questions we asked ourselves.

Well, this week we snuck into a 55+ RV park.

Let’s dive in!

What 55+ RV Park Did We Visit?

We camped at Sunkissed Village RV Resort near The Villages in Florida. Not only is the RV resort 55 and up, the entire community is geared towards active living seniors.

Additionally, the park is age-restrictive with RVs. All units must be 15 years or younger (two strikes against us). The 15 year rule is more lax than the traditional 10 year rule, but many RV owners find this rule annoying.

And, let us be transparent. We snuck in, with permission, through the back door. The park was interested in us filming some clips for YouTube and invited us. However, the guests didn’t know this…so we recieved some authentic reactions when we were seen on the grounds.

Did You Know: 55+ RV Parks are legal only because a small loophole in the law.

How Nice Is a 55+ RV Resort?

Sunkissed Village RV Resort is amazing (like most 55+ parks). This park is brand new and all the amenities boast that fact. From our level, bricked-pad to the pristine sewer connection, Sunkissed will be a beauty for years to come.

Keep in mind – being a new park means some of the trees aren’t yet mature. They saved a few large oaks on site, but shade may be lacking for a few years.

PRO TIP: We use Campground Reviews to read honest reviews about RV parks before arriving. Even though Sunkissed Village is new, they already have 5 star reviews on the site!

What Kind of Amenities Do They Have?

The amenities at Sunkissed, and many 55+ RV parks, are the main selling point. At this park you’ll find a resort-style pool, hot tub, fitness room, billiards room, pickle-ball courts, shuffle board and a large meeting room.

Additionally, they have daily scheduled activities and weekly live music.

Community is the key at 55+ parks. Not only do they provide a nice environment, they encourage an active lifestyle.

The most recent amenity you’ll find at 55+ RV parks are pickleball courts. And, I must admit, I love seeing this. Even though I have a few years to go before turning 55, I love playing pickleball. I’ll play everyday if possible. Have you tried out the sport yet?

How Much Do 55+ RV Parks Cost?

Cost, from park to park, varies greatly. At Sunkissed the daily rate is around $60 and the monthly rate starts around $700. This is within the norm of an average 55+ RV park.

The rates fluctuate seasonally and with the quality of your RV site.

You can bet your bottom dollar that peak season for rates begins when the first snowbirds arrive.

Florida rates also tend to be 15-25% higher, on average, compared to Arizona rates.

Pro Tip: When do snowbirds migrate?

What Did We Learn After Staying at a 55+ RV Park?

These parks aren’t much different than your typical RV resort. They have well-kept amenities, lots of activities and smiling neighbors.

The differences are children and party-going weekenders. You won’t find kids running around, splashing in the pool or playing on the playground. And, you won’t hear loud music blasting on weekend nights.

This can be a huge relief for active seniors who don’t want to be bugged by misbehaving kids.

Overall, 55+ RV parks are great communities for retirees to mingle and recreate with likeminded travelers.

What Are a Few Cheaper Options with less “HOA-Style” Rules?

If you don’t like your RV neighbors camping right next to you…or worse still, if you don’t like a laundry-list of rules, you have many other options.

Most 55+ RV parks thrive during snowbird season and are typically located in the following states:

  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • California

These are locations that have areas with great winter weather.

The good news is, they also have many boondocking locations available nearby. If you don’t know, boondocking means free camping off-the-grid. It also means you may have no fellow campers near you. Or, if campers are nearby, they’ll likely be at least 50 yards apart.

Many 55+ snowbirds prefer camping.

FYI: Here’s the truth about camping on social security.

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  1. Al says:

    Ah, I can’t wait! I am still in my 40s but I relate to those older folks so much better. No kids is absolute heaven. I’ve tried to negotiate my way into these places before with no luck, but I have found ‘adults only’ parks that don’t allow kids but allow younger adults.

  2. Steve and Debbie Newsome says:

    Since seeing your video review on YouTube we have scheduled a six week stay starting the middle of February. Looking forward to some warm weather.

    PS we really enjoy your videos.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great information.
    Useful information. Keep sharing!!!