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Do All Walmarts Have a Photo Center?

Walmart seems to have everything you’ll ever need. You’ll find clothes, home goods, toiletries, groceries, toys, tires, RV supplies, sporting goods, and more. So it should come as no surprise that they also have photo centers.

But do all Walmarts have photo centers, and what do these centers include? Are they professional, and what is the quality? Keep scrolling to learn more about Walmart’s photo centers. Let’s get started!

About Walmart Photo Center

Stopping at Walmart to pick up a few items usually results in a full cart. So, it makes perfect sense to use Walmart as your photo stop. Many Walmart photo centers can print your photos while you shop. You can order cards for all occasions, from holiday cards to graduation announcements and everything in between.

There are also many options to print photos on almost everything. From prints and cards to gifts, Walmart is a one-stop shop.


From wallet-sized to wall-sized, Walmart can print almost any photo measurement you desire. You can upload photos online or drop them off at your local store. Some locations even offer one-hour print and enlargement services. With 4×6 standard prints starting around $0.15 a print, a Walmart photo center can beat almost any price.


Whether it’s time to send out holiday cards or a special announcement, there are numerous styles of cards. You can design a collage of photos and customize your text or keep it simple with one image and a basic greeting. You can create one card or hundreds. It’s up to you. Personalized card pricing starts at around $0.30 per card.


Whatever you dream of regarding personalized images on a product, Walmart will probably have it. There’s no end to gift ideas. With coffee cups, calendars, pillows, blankets, phone cases, jewelry, ties, and t-shirts, it’s all possible. It only takes a photo to begin.

Pet Gifts

There are plenty of gifts for pets and pet owners, too. You can place your pet’s photo on your coffee mug or a wall tapestry. Or maybe you’re thinking of giving your pet a gift? How about a personalized doggie t-shirt? You can find that at a Walmart photo center, along with personalized pet bowls, leashes, collars, and even pet beds. Fido is loved here as much as you are.

Do All Walmarts Have Photo Center?

Now that you know a few items available at Walmart photo centers, you’ll need to know which Walmarts have them. While most of them do, some do not. To find out which stores have photo centers, you can use Walmart’s handy photo center locator to find the Walmart with a photo center nearest you.

Can I Print My Photos In Store at Walmart?

Walmart photo centers first came out years ago when digital photography became all the rage. Most stores had in-store printing options available. Today, many stores still offer in-store printing options, but some no longer provide that service. This is due to the advancement in digital photography. 

In the past, people recorded photos on memory cards. You would take the memory cards into a photo shop and insert them into a self-serve kiosk to order your photo items or hand the disk to the photo attendant. Today, the majority of people use their phones to take pictures, and nobody is going to give up their phones to print photos. Enter online services.

How Do I Connect to Walmart Photo Kiosk?

Online services begin with a Walmart photo kiosk or by connecting to their online photo services. If you are at a physical Walmart photo kiosk, you can upload photos from an online account or via smart cards if the booth at that location still allows it. 

Many photo places have apps connecting you to the kiosk, making it easy to access your photos anywhere you store them, including your computer, phone, or Facebook. However, your best bet is to contact the Walmart photo center closest to you for their kiosk connection requirements.

Can You Print Photos From Your Phone?

We use our phones for everything. In reality, they are more like mini-computers than phones. We use them to look up locations, plan routes, take photos, and access almost anything, including photo printing options. The easiest way to print photos from your phone will be through an app. The app would allow access to your pictures while connecting to the printer. The printer could be a photo center like Walmart or a private printer. 

Since most of us no longer have a home printer, heading online to Walmart’s photo center is the best place to start printing photos from your phone. You can upload your photos, choose your items, pick delivery or in-store pickup, and make a payment. You can do everything else with your phone, so you can also print photos from one.

How Long Does It Take to Print Photos at Walmart? 

It once took forever to print, frame, and deliver photos. Today, we can access prints and many other photo items. But efficiency comes with a price. If you want to use Walmart’s one-hour photo service options, prices will be higher than if you don’t have a deadline.

Prints, enlargements, and even greeting cards will often be ready for pickup or delivery within a couple of days if you don’t use the one-hour photo service. Other items like canvas, poster-size enlargements, calendars, coffee mugs, etc., can take up to one to two weeks to be ready for pickup or delivery.  

Then there’s the delivery, which can take even longer depending on Walmart’s carrier and where the items are going. Overall, Walmart photo centers can get photos and photo gift items in your hand in a reasonable amount of time for an affordable price. 

Are Walmart Photos Good Quality?

A photo doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be an ideal photo. That isn’t to say that Walmart photos aren’t good quality. They have a good color quality, and depending upon the original photo; they can be pretty sharp with good tonal qualities, as well. 

The catch is that most people using Walmart photo centers are not professional photographers. Walmart employees are working with amateurs, and they are creating a work of art to the best of their abilities. 

So, when you take a photo of your dog running across a field of bright yellow flowers with the sunshine in the background, and the resulting image consists of almost white flowers with a slightly blurry Fido, that’s what you will get back as a print. But because that photo captures your best friend in all his glory, it is the best photo, even if it’s not perfect.

Would you use Walmart’s photo services?

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