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Can You Be a Successful Professional While Living in an RV?

While RVing was once a community dominated by retirees, the demographic has changed considerably in recent years. With the increase in remote work opportunities and online learning, families and professionals can embrace RV life. However, living in an RV can be incredibly difficult and stressful. So can you be a successful professional while living in an RV?

Today, we’re answering this question and will help you start thinking about ways to fund your adventures while on the road. Let’s get started!   

Can You Live in an RV Full-Time?

Living full-time in an RV is possible, but only in some places. Some local rules and regulations make it very difficult for RVers to live in their rigs full-time. And even in locations that allow for full-time RV living, the weather can interfere. RVs aren’t typically insulated well and don’t offer much protection against extreme heat or cold.

You can find RV parks and campgrounds that allow long-term stays. If they’re in mild climates, it can be easier to live full-time in an RV. However, they can be expensive. 

If you own land, check the local rules and regulations before getting too far along in planning to park your rig. Some areas have strict requirements or limits on how long an individual can live in an RV in one spot.

What Jobs Do Full-Time RVers Have?

One of the greatest adjustments in the workforce in recent years has been the move toward remote work. This has allowed many employees who didn’t previously have the opportunity to embrace working remotely. You can find full-time RVers working in various industries, including finance, health care, and social media.

While many see the handful of YouTube and social media influencers who make their living through brand deals and ad revenue, this is a very small percentage. Most full-time RVers have regular jobs or other income streams they manage from the road.

Can You Be a Successful Professional While Living in an RV?

Many professionals live and work in an RV. With the proper rig and setup, an RV can be both a home on wheels and an office on wheels. Some professionals have to travel from one office to another as part of their job. Living in an RV allows them to integrate traveling for work and family life.

How Can I Make Money While Living in an RV? 

If you want to avoid blowing through your entire savings, you’ll need to make money while on the road. Luckily, there are many more options today than there were a decade or two ago. Let’s consider how you can make money while living in an RV.

Work Remotely

Remote work is more popular now than ever before. In recent years, many companies transitioned as many positions as possible to working remotely. You can find remote work positions in customer service, accounting, web design, and so much more. While some companies may require employees to prove themselves before releasing them to work remotely, that’s not always the case.

Start a Business You Can Manage Remotely

If you don’t want someone else telling you when and where to work, start your own business. If you’ve got a few entrepreneurial bones in your body, you could launch a company that you can manage remotely. This could be a blog, online craft shop, or something else entirely.

Become a Traveling Nurse

The nation has been facing a nursing shortage over the last several years. As a result, travel nursing has become an incredibly lucrative career. Some nurses purchase RVs and travel from hospital to hospital, one contract after another. This type of employment is perfect for a nurse who loves their career and wants to see the country.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

Many successful people become successful because they recognize their weaknesses or are incredible delegators. Many of these individuals hire virtual assistants to help manage their workload and keep them organized. If you’re detail-oriented and organized, a virtual assistant position might be worth considering.

While many of these positions require you to work specific hours, employers typically don’t care where you work. In most cases, you only need a solid internet connection and a computer to do the job.

Find a Job Within Your Profession Near an RV Park

If you’ve already got years of professional experience, see if you can find a job near an RV park. You can use your years of experience and knowledge to land a fantastic job. Living in an RV can sometimes be more affordable than living in a typical residential home. This means you may even be able to take a pay cut to embrace this lifestyle.

Find Other Ways to Make Money While Living in an RV

Many RVers look for seasonal jobs at campgrounds or farms near campgrounds. These are great opportunities because they’re short-term positions allowing an RVer to experience the area and make money.

Some of these jobs will cover living expenses or provide a spot to park an RV for the duration of the job. The RVer can move on to the next job when the job is over. This is an excellent option for those who want to travel with the seasons and enjoy warm weather.

Is It Hard to Live Full Time in an RV and Work? 

While you may see the social media feeds of full-time RVers and think that all they do is have fun, that’s not the case. Living full-time in an RV and working requires balance. You may be parking in some of the most epic locations in the world but can’t go out and enjoy them because of work responsibilities. However, many who can find the right balance find the lifestyle incredibly rewarding.

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