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Which Gas Station Has the Best Showers?

Finding a clean place to shower while on the road can pose a challenge. While many gas stations and truck stops have showers, their cleanliness can be unpredictable. Trust us; you don’t want to shower at any gas station. 

We’ve walked into some nightmarish bathrooms during our travels and could never imagine paying to shower in one of them. So which gas station has the best showers?

Fortunately, one specific station rises above the rest and has a reputation for providing the best showers. Let’s look at which fuel station you should stop at when you need to freshen up during your next adventure.

Can You Shower at a Gas Station?

Some gas stations offer showers but not all. Typically, truck stops and other travel centers located near interstates will have some. These gas stations typically serve truck drivers who spend most of their time on the road. 

But, anyone willing to pay, may use the shower.

Gas station showers will typically cost $10 to $15. However, some large corporate truck stops have reward programs where participants can earn points from fuel purchases and redeem them for food, beverages, and showers. If you’re already buying the fuel, you may as well join these programs and enjoy a reward every now and then.

Which Gas Station has the Best Showers?

While plenty of gas stations have great showers, TravelCenters of America, more commonly known as TA, have the best. The TA bathrooms have been voted the best showers several times.

The showers at TA have dedicated employees who deep clean the showers between every use. When they finish, they restock the bathroom with two freshly-laundered and oversized towels, a bath mat, a washcloth, and soap. Additionally, it has an oscillating fan and hairdryer in every shower room.

TA takes pride in providing the cleanest showers for guests to enjoy. They’ve remodeled many across the country to help guests have a great experience. Regarding the best gas station showers, it’s hard to beat TA.

How Do You Shower at a TA Truck Stop?

If you need to shower at a TA truck stop, first head to the counter to purchase a shower. Once you pay, the attendant will give you a ticket with a customer number, stall number, and a combination to enter the shower room. 

Depending on when and where you stop, you may have to wait. The wait time depends on how many individuals are in front of you. However, keep an ear out for them to call your customer number or watch the screen. You can proceed to the shower room when it’s your turn.

Once in the shower room, you’ll have a designated amount of time. Truck stops are typically more strict about the time limit during peak times. However, the amount of time you get is typically plenty to use the restroom, shower, and take care of any grooming needs you might have.

About TravelCenters of America

Phil Saunders started the chain in 1972. These large truck stops offer various services for commercial and passenger vehicles. They’ve become one of the country’s most respected gas station travel centers.

In May of 2007, TA purchased Petro Shopping Centers. While the two continue to operate under separate names, they’ve both become known for offering a fantastic customer experience. In addition to clean showers, many drivers find that they have some of the best fuel prices of all fuel locations.


The TravelCenters of America LLC headquarters is in Westlake, Ohio. But the chain has more than 270 locations in 44 states and one Canadian province. 

While you can find locations all across the country, they’re more concentrated in the Midwest. However, you’ll find them as far south as southern Texas and as far north as Washington state.

Products and Services

TA locations offer various products and services for professional drivers and passenger vehicles. Whether you need to fill up with hundreds of gallons of diesel or top off on unleaded, you’ll find high-quality fuel here to maximize your gas mileage and get you to your destination. 

Drivers of modern diesel vehicles can quickly and easily fill up with DEF at the pump. However, if you need to plug in your car, many TA locations have started taking steps toward installing charging stations.

These facilities also offer truck parking, a driver’s lounge, laundry services, and restaurants to grab a quick bite to eat.


While TA has had a reputation for years for having the best showers, they continue to impress their guests. Over the last several years, the company has overhauled over 700 showers at 68 sites.

While their showers tend to be on the more expensive end of $12 to $15, they are often worth it regarding cleanliness and quality. A long, hot shower can make the perfect way to start or end a travel day.

How Many TA Truck Stops Are There in the US?

As of 2021, there were 272 TA truck stops across the country. These locations are in 44 states and one province in Canada. In addition, TA, as a whole, employs more than 20,000 employees. 

A majority of these locations sit next to major highways and interstates and are frequented by truckers and travelers. Whether you need to empty your bladder or fill up your fuel tank, TA truck stops make a great place to stop.

Does TA Express Have Showers?

Yes, TA Express locations have showers. However, these facilities are smaller than the standard TA or Petro Stopping Centers. Since these are smaller facilities, users can get in and out without fighting large crowds and hoards of people.

Can Anyone Use Truck Stop Showers?

While many people think only truckers can use truck stop showers, that’s simply not true. Most truck stops will have no problem allowing non-truckers to use their shower facilities. 

However, non-truckers should stay mindful that these drivers typically operate on tight schedules. They have very stressful jobs and spend a lot of time on the road. 

While you’re free to use these facilities, avoiding them during peak times may be a good idea. Additionally, be mindful of how long you take and avoid taking longer than necessary, especially if there’s a line of others waiting behind you.

Do Truck Stop Showers Include Towels?

Most truck stop showers include towels to dry off after showering. However, if you don’t like the idea of using those towels, bring your own. 

Many individuals who frequently use truck stop showers will have a specific shower bag to carry all of the essentials they need for showering.

Are TravelCenter of America Showers Worth It?

Aside from a hotel, you’ll struggle to find a better place to shower while on the road than TravelCenter of America showers. They’re some of the most consistent regarding cleanliness and customer experience. 

Are they the cheapest option? No. However, paying a few dollars more for a premium showering experience is worth it. If you need to stop for fuel and want a shower, you may as well check off as many boxes as you can in one stop.

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