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Can Snow Ruin Your RV or Trailer Roof?

When the snow starts falling outside, it’s easy to forget that it’s piling on your roof too. If you’ve ever shoveled snow, you know that it can be cumbersome.

So can snow ruin your RV or trailer roof? Is there anything you can do about it? Let’s look and see!

Can Snow Ruin Your RV or Trailer Roof?

Unfortunately, snow is weighty and can cause severe issues for an RV or trailer roof. These roofs are flat and can be an ideal surface for snow accumulation. Placing too much weight on the top can damage the structure. In addition to structural damages, you could also experience leaks.

You should repair damage or leaks as soon as possible. If not, you could experience some severe water damage to your rig, especially when the snow starts to melt. 

Water damage can destroy an RV or trailer from the inside out. The longer you leave it alone, the bigger the situation can become for the owner.

How Much Snow Is OK for an RV Roof? 

RVs can typically handle anywhere from 220 to 280 pounds, but this can vary by the type of RV and construction materials.

While there are many factors to consider, a typical RV roof can hold approximately four to six inches of snow. However, some snow contains more moisture than others, causing it to weigh more than other types of snow.

How Do You Remove Snow From a Travel Trailer Roof?

Depending on where you live and how much snow you can expect, you may not wait until it stops to remove the snow. By the time the snow stops falling, it could be too late. You’ll need to access your roof and remove the snow.

Many RVers use a broom to push or pull the snow off the top.

Depending on the snow, you could use a leaf blower to blow the snow off your RV’s roof. This can be a quick and effortless method to do the job. However, whichever way you choose, you want to keep safe and avoid climbing icy ladders or steps.

Pro Tip: We like a cordless blower because you can get a good amount of snow off of your RV from the ground or step stool (if your roof isn’t too tall)

How to Keep Snow Off Your RV Roof

If you want to keep the snow off the roof of your RV, there are several things you can do. You may not always have some of these options, but they’re excellent methods. Let’s examine how you can keep the snow off your RV’s roof.

Store in a Carport or Park Inside

The best way to keep snow off your RV’s roof is to keep it out of the snow. If you have a carport or can park it inside, snow won’t be a problem.

However, these storage facilities can be challenging to find and very expensive when you reach them. If you don’t have private storage space, these spots can cost several hundred dollars monthly.

We keep ours in an enclosed unit, but. here are the different storage options you have.

Use an RV Cover

An RV cover can help keep snow and ice off your RV roof. This is possible because the cover will blow in the wind and help shake off any snow that settles onto your roof. In addition, it will create a layer of separation between the snow and your roofing materials.

Purchase a cover that correctly fits your RV to avoid any damage to the RV from rubbing or friction that may occur.

Park Where There’s Natural Shelter

If you can park close to a shelter, you’ll drastically reduce how much snow accumulates on your RV roof. Trees and rock walls are great natural shelters that protect you from the wind and snow. However, taller buildings and other structures are also great options to consider.

Remove the Snow Regularly

The key to preventing snow from building on top of your RV is to remove it regularly. If you wait until you have several inches of snow on your RV’s roof, you’re likely to damage something. You won’t see vent pipes and other crucial features when this much snow accumulates on your RV.

It would be best if you tried to remove the snow from your RV’s roof every couple of inches to avoid letting it build up. If the temperatures drop overnight, you could find an inch or two of ice on your RV. This will drastically increase the weight and could set you up for potential damage.

Hire Someone to Keep the Snow Off

If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you. No matter how much it costs, there’s a good chance it will be cheaper than any medical bills you’ll receive if you hurt yourself. 

A good professional will likely not only remove the snow off your roof but also shovel a clear path to and from the entrance of your RV or trailer. You won’t have to worry about stepping through several inches of snow or tracking it inside.

Honestly, this is a pretty good option because it’s likely cheaper than storage and someone is keeping an eye on your roof regularly.

Are There Consequences for Not Removing Snow From Your RV Roof?

The consequences of not removing snow from your RV or trailer roof can be costly. Several inches of snow can cause your RV’s roof to collapse and damage your RV. The damages can cause structural issues and water to seep into your RV.

Save yourself the hassle, and ensure you regularly remove snow from the roof of your RV or trailer. Trust us; you don’t want to deal with the consequences of not removing the snow.

Will you store your RV outside or adventure in the snow this winter?

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