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Which Grocery Chain Has the Best International Food Section?

Food, oh glorious food. Whether it’s cheeseburgers, pasta, pizza, tacos, or curry, there are so many types of food to enjoy. Chef or not, cooking different types of food can bring just as much joy as eating it.

But where can you find all the ingredients you’ll need for international foods? Which grocery chain has the best international food section? 

Keep on reading to learn the answer to that question and more.

Which Grocery Chain Has the Best International Food Section?

It may surprise you when you hear which grocery chain has the best international food section. And no, it’s not Kroger or Albertsons – or even Walmart. The grocery chain with the best international foods is actually World Market

Previously named Cost Plus World Market, this grocery store chain has more than 200 locations nationwide. Continually on the global hunt for culinary delights and handcrafted goods, it makes sense that World Market tops the charts for international foods.

Woman grocery shopping in World Market
World Market ranks as having the best international food aisle out of all grocery store chains.

About World Market

That’s not all they sell. Rewind to the late 1950s and head to San Francisco. This was the time and the place where Cost Plus World Market got its start. A businessman realized how much he liked traveling over sitting in an office. He combined that love of travel with his business skills. 

Collecting hand-woven wicker on his travels, he unloaded them at Fisherman’s Wharf, selling them for a profit. Quickly realizing how many people desired goods and food from around the globe, his collections increased to more than just wicker baskets. The shipyard storefront expanded into actual storefronts, resulting in more than 200 locations today.

Food Products

World Market tops the U.S. grocery chains as one of the stores with the best international food sections. Not only will you find basic items such as bread, pasta, and candy, but each of these items and more come from many countries. These include Germany, France, Australia, and India. 

Meats, cheeses, fish, jams, and spices are just some of the international items that will delight any chef, professional or novice.


And what pairs better with international food than international beverages? World Market carries a large variety of sodas, alcoholic drinks, teas, seltzers, coffees, and cocoas. Whatever you need to quench your thirst, chances are, it’s here.

What Other Products Does World Market Sell?

They don’t stop with food and drink. Since their origins began with wicker baskets, they still sell many charming baskets. But they also sell Persian-style rugs, kitchenware, stylish bedding, ornate mirrors, wall decorations, and so much more. 

With goods from all over the world gathered in one unique store, whatever your decor desire is, you’re more than likely to find it at World Market.

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Woman grocery shopping while talking on the phone in World Market
From meats, cheeses, beverages and more, World Market has something for everyone

What Other Grocery Store Chains Are Known for International Foods?

World Market may be known as the best place to find international foods and goods, but other grocery store chains also have international foods. Whether you’re in Chicago, San Francisco, or Tampa Bay, your tastebuds will delight in the many chains that offer culinary specialties. Chains such as Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Kroger, Albertsons, Target, Costco, and even Walmart will not disappoint when finding international foods. No need to hop on a plane. Just hop in your car and the world can be in your kitchen in an instant.

Does Kroger Have an International Section? 

While World Market has one of the best international food sections, where should one shop if you’re not near one of their 400 stores? Kroger, the largest grocery chain with more than 2,700 stores, might just be your best bet. With supermarket brands such as King Soopers, Fred Meyer, and Harris Teeter under their umbrella, searching for the best curry or Greek olives will be easy. 

Granted, each store will have different and varying amounts of food in their international sections. Still, the majority under the wing of this massive supermarket chain are sure to have an international food section. 

This is where plenty of people spend a great deal of time and money seeking out particular items to create magic in the kitchen. After all, it’s cheaper to find Jarritos Soda in your local supermarket than to buy a plane ticket to Mexico City.

Baker in World Market setting out bread
On your next grocery shop, head to World Market for some international delights.

What Is the Most Purchased Grocery Item in the US? 

Speaking of Jarritos soda, that has to be one of the most sought-after items in the grocery store, right? Well, sort of. While Jarritos is not anywhere near the top of the most purchased grocery item in the U.S., soda is.

According to a recent article in Businessnes, some of the most popular grocery items purchased are what you would expect: milk, bread, eggs, cheese, and cereal, to name a few. 

But what tops that list may be surprising to some and expected for others. It is soda. No, not soda water, soda (or pop) such as Coke, Sprite, and Pepsi. 

Is soda a must on your shopping list? 

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Is World Market Worth Shopping for International Foods?

Whether or not soda is a must on your shopping list, we’re certain that international food items of one type or another are a must. 

Seeking out some of the best international foods that remind you of your past travels, or have you dreaming of future travels? World Market is worth a trip. After all, you’ll find the foods that will bring the world to your home.

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