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7 Secrets for the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa

The Florida RV Supershow is one of the biggest RV showcases in the world. The five-day-long event can be an overwhelming experience for newcomers, though. 

Navigating the crowds and keeping track of the hundreds of vendors present is no easy feat. Not to mention the vast lots of RVs to explore. 

Luckily, you can prepare for the experience with these tips to make the most of your experience. Once you know what you’re in for, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time. 

So bust out your planner, and let’s get started!

About the Tampa, Florida, RV Supershow

The Supershow is an international recreational vehicles exhibition that’s been going strong for over 35 years. Each January, it offers an incredible experience for both full-time RVers and those just dipping their toes into the lifestyle.

If you’ve been before, you’ll know it’s enormous. Over 20 acres of vendor booths are waiting to show you the latest trends and innovations. Not to mention the vast selection of RVs to peruse if you’re in the market. 

The show offers educational seminars, entertainment, and a unique opportunity to get good deals on all things RV. 

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Florida RV Supershow in Tampa
Head to the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa to get the inside scoop on all things RV life!

#1 Study the Show Schedule and Layout Ahead of Time

The five-day event is packed with activities and events. Not all of the seminars will be of interest to everyone, though, and you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of free time to explore the vendors. 

Start by reviewing the schedule and flagging the must-see seminars. Some of them will have multiple sessions, so you can choose the most convenient one for your timetable. 

Download the Florida RV Supershow app to quickly access the schedule and digital map. You can also mark events you want to attend and get notifications when it’s time to mosey.

Take a good look at the map and layout to get a feel for it before the big event. Once you’re there, getting around will be easier if you’ve done the homework. 

#2 Make a Plan

If you want to make the most of the first day, plan to arrive early so you can check in as soon as they open. The lines for latecomers are much longer, and you can miss a lot while you wait. 

You can reserve a spot to overnight camp in the fairground’s general parking lot, but only with an advanced reservation. They also usually have a host hotel, but it sells out fast. Otherwise, you’ll be on your own to find the best place to stay nearby. If you’re staying off-lot, getting in and out of the show each day takes a lot of time, so prepare accordingly. 

Decide which events are must-see and which ones you can skip if you’re low on time. You’ll be busy, so make sure you have a plan for meals before you start to get hangry. And you know you’ll be walking a lot, which means giving yourself time to put up your feet.

#3 Wear Appropriate Attire at the RV Show

Comfy shoes and attire are priority number one since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside. Bring a hat and a long-sleeved shirt or sunscreen to avoid a nasty burn. 

January is the coldest month in Tampa, but you probably won’t need a heavy jacket. The temperatures will typically be in the low 70s during the day and dip down to the 50s at night. Dress in layers so you can stay comfortable as it warms up. You work up a sweat as you cover ground throughout the day.  

It’s also typically dry in the winter, but there’s always a small chance it will rain in Florida. Pack an umbrella and raincoat, just in case. Unless you plan on some fine dining outside the main event, you won’t need to dress to impress. 

#4 Bring Your Essentials

Food will be available around the fairgrounds, but you’ll pay a premium for it. Be sure to pack snacks and drinks to bring with you each day, and plan to eat some meals in your RV to save money. Don’t forget to keep your sunscreen on hand to reapply as needed. 

If you’re bringing pets, pack what you need to take care of them. The RV show allows mild-tempered dogs on a leash, so long as you clean up after them. 

You’ll also want to bring a pen, pad, camera, and a comfortable bag. Don’t overload yourself. 

Florida RV Supershow in Tampa
Prepare well for attending the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa.

#5 Take Notes and Pictures 

You may be tempted to buy every gadget and accessory you see on your first day. Don’t. There is plenty of time to upgrade your RV once you’ve gotten the lay of the land. 

If you see something you like, write it down. Don’t assume you’ll remember later, be precise so you don’t get frustrated trying to track a vendor down. Take pictures, ask questions, and make a note to yourself about the price. You may find a better deal elsewhere.

It’s a good idea to have a system to track who has what and where they are. That way, you can come back and easily find it later. Make a note on your map to help you make sense of what you’re looking at afterward. 

#6 Boost Your Knowledge 

The educational seminars are perhaps the best part of the Florida RV Supershow. They cover just about anything you’d want to know about RV life. You can get tips on choosing the best camper for your needs and learn how to handle essential maintenance. 

Take the time to brush up on safety tips and learn about the benefits of different battery systems, or check out a seminar on solar power if you want to go green. 

The seminars aren’t the only place to learn. You’ll also have a unique opportunity to talk to industry experts so you can research your next purchase. The more you know, the easier it will be to get a good deal if you’re looking to buy an RV. 

#7 Avoid High-Pressure RV Show Sales

There will be a lot of vendors offering special discounts and coupons. But some salespeople use shady psychological tricks to close a deal. High-pressure tactics rely on getting you excited to bypass your critical thinking and act impulsively. 

Be wary if a salesperson tells you that a deal is good for one day only. Take plenty of time to decide, especially with a big purchase. Just like a new car, RVs lose a big chunk of their value as soon as they leave the lot. 

The best deals will still be there when you’ve had time to shop around and compare. If you’re there with a partner, make a plan beforehand to avoid high-pressure strategies. Ensure you know when it’s time to walk away.  

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Don’t Miss the Florida RV Supershow!

The Florida RV Supershow is an excellent way to get good deals on campers and little things to cozy up the place. And the information you can learn is priceless! If you take the time to prepare, you can cut out the stress and enjoy the show. 

It’s also a chance to connect with RVers from across the country and even the world. While sticking to business is tempting, don’t forget to have a little fun. You might meet a new friend or get some inspiration on the next spot to take your camper.

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