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What Is an RV Rally?

Are you interested in finding like-minded RVers? An RV rally might make the perfect opportunity to do so. Keep reading to find out what a rally involves and who attends. We also share where you can find RV rallies throughout the country. 

RVing is like any special interest group. It’s fun to share your experiences and learn from each other. So, let’s look at why rallies are a significant ingredient. 

What Is an RV Rally?

An RV rally is an event where people who own RVs meet at a specific time and place. RVers gather in their rigs at the designated location, whether a campground, fairgrounds, BLM land, or another spacious destination.

Rallies typically have a theme, such as the Winnebago Rally, for any who owns that RV brand. Or a Full-Time Families Rally for anyone part of that RV group. 

Rallies often take place over a weekend or longer. They usually have some seminars or scheduled events and lots of information sharing. They also often include food, drinks, and organized activities.

Why Do People Attend RV Rallies?

People attend RV rallies for various reasons. The most common reason is to meet other RVers who share an interest in the rally’s theme. 

RVers also attend rallies to get excited about the RV lifestyle and learn about new products, destinations, concepts, and more.

 For example, a rally like the Overland Expo is all about overlanding. If you’re new to overlanding, it’s a great place to learn about products and routes and get encouragement from others who love it. 

RV rally
There are many amazing RV rallies you can find from coast to coast.

Where Can You Find RV Rallies? 

Many RV rallies take place across North America throughout the year. You need to make reservations for some more well-known events in advance. And you can find smaller events that pop up without much notice.

Our list of rallies is not exhaustive, but we introduce you to some larger events with structure and activities. 

Rallies in Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite, Ariz., is a hot spot for RVers. Its vast desert landscape allows thousands of RVs to meet at any time on BLM land. It’s an inexpensive event venue. 

January to March is when Quartzsite is most populated, and you’ll find various rallies taking place. 

Groups often take advantage of the timing of the big RV Show in January every year to coordinate a rally at the same time. 

Keep an eye out for groups you follow to see if they’ll have a rally in Quartzsite. 

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Escapees RV Club Annual Escapade

The Escapees RV Club Annual Escapade is a large rally that typically takes place in March. The location varies. 

The Escapees event has multiple activities going on at any given time. From workshops like the RVers Boot Camp to events for kids, it has something for every type of RVer. 

The rally also has nightly entertainment, food, and plenty of time for socializing with fellow RVers. 

FMCA International Rally

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) International Rally is a bi-annual event that includes education and vendors. You can learn about new products, campgrounds, RVs, and more at the expo. 

The rally includes various entertainment, activities, outdoor recreation, food, and socializing. And in between the bi-annual event, FMCA hosts many chapter rallies, which are smaller gatherings within certain areas. 

These bi-annual rallies happen throughout the year and typically over weekends. Since it has some across the country, you likely won’t need to travel far to find one to attend. 

Winnebago Rally

Winnebago hosts owners of their brand in Forest City, Iowa, for an annual rally. It’s an opportunity to meet other Winnebago RV owners and the manufacturers’ employees. 

You can also attend educational seminars and learn more about the functions and features of your Winnebago.

The rally is a fun celebration with good entertainment throughout the event. It’s typically held in the summer to enjoy the warm Iowa temperatures.

Open Roads Van Life Festival

Open Roads Van Life Festival is a bi-annual event for all ages of van lifers. Tent campers and the road-trippin’ community are also welcome. The event has workshops, outdoor recreation, and lots of social gatherings. 

If you’re new to van life, the festival is a great opportunity to learn more about what it takes to live in a van. 

You’ll learn and hear from experienced van lifers who have already made mistakes and think creatively to adjust to life on the road.

Overland Expo

The Overland Expo is an event all about overlanding. It has education seminars, exhibitors, and lots of community building. You’ll get to know other like-minded overlanders. And you’ll likely discover new routes, tips, and tricks. 

The event is also an opportunity to get outfitted and trained. It has products on display and for sale to help you build out the best overland vehicle for your journey. 

Grand Design Rallies

Grand Design has various owner rallies throughout the country. You’ll typically find one in Quartzsite during the winter and then other options year-round. 

Meeting up with fellow Grand Design owners is a great way to share information about your rigs and learn more. You’ll also get inside information on new upgrades and other features. 

Fulltime Families Events

Fulltime Families is a growing group of RVing families. They host several events throughout the year and across the country. 

These events are a helpful way to learn more about schooling your children on the road, living full-time in an RV, and navigating travel. 

And most of all, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends.

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What Makes an RV Rally Worth It?

An RV rally is worth it to meet new people and increase your RV awareness and know-how. Products and systems always change, and a rally helps you keep up with it all. 

Which of the rallies on our list look most appealing to you? We hope you attend one this year. And drop us a line to share how you liked it.

Have you ever been to an RV rally before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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