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Is RV Trip Wizard Still the Best RV Trip Planner in 2023?

If you’ve planned any number of road trips in the past, you know how stressful it can be to find campgrounds, attractions, and truck stops along your route. A simple Google search isn’t always effective. Plus, you want to make sure you’re not traveling on narrow, windy, backcountry roads to get to your destination. Many RVers have used RV Trip Wizard for years, and it remains one of the top trip-planning tools on the market. 

Let’s take a closer look at this feature of the RV Life network so you can decide if it’s the best RV trip planner in 2023.

What Is RV Trip Wizard? 

Many travelers use RV Trip Wizard to help plan routes. It features a visual trip planner so you can see every stop on your journey, campgrounds, fuel stations, rest areas, and more. Users can also input specific details about their RV to ensure that the route they’re taking is safe for the size of their rig.

In addition to being a planning tool, RV Trip Wizard also estimates the cost of your trip with fuel and campground fees. Finally, users can input daily drive times and distances to keep themselves from getting exhausted. The app will alert you once you’ve reached your daily limit so you can figure out where to stop for the night.

Is RV Life and RV Trip Wizard the Same?

RV Trip Wizard is part of the RV Life network. RV Life offers a maintenance tracker and an RV-safe GPS system along with the trip planning tool. These tools are only available to RV Life Pro members. 

The free basic features give users access to campground reviews, an RV forum, and RV classifieds. RV Life Pro costs $59 per year and provides access to the additional tools mentioned.

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RV Trip Wizard home page
RV Trip Wizard is an essential app for many RVers.

Does RV Trip Wizard Have a GPS?

The RV Life app provides Pro members access to an RV-safe GPS system. RV Life Trip Wizard integrates your trip into the app, so you have both the itinerary and the directions in one location. An RV-safe GPS is very important for RVers. Users input how tall, heavy, and long their RV is, and the GPS tool finds safe routes, so drivers don’t have to worry about low clearances or weight limits on bridges. 

In addition, if you’re carrying propane on board, the app will alert you to upcoming tunnels and other places ahead that will require you to turn off the propane.

How Does RV Trip Wizard Work? 

RV Trip Wizard is compatible with most computers, tablets, and smartphones. This easy-to-use system allows users to view campground reviews, access discount clubs, see upcoming road hazards, and more. New users can take advantage of the seven-day free trial before committing to the yearly subscription fee of $59 for RV Life Pro.

Users input their preferences in the trip planning tool, such as Good Sam campgrounds or free campsites. Then you set your start and end locations. Then, add campgrounds, restaurants, rest stops, and more to the route. Once you plan a trip using the RV Trip Wizard, you can export your route to Google maps or a GPS device.

Is RV Trip Wizard Still the Best RV Trip Planner in 2023?

There are many pros to using RV Trip Wizard, like saving favorite locations, creating personalized and safe routes, and tracking expenses. The additional access to the RV-safe GPS is another huge advantage, and users can easily integrate it into Apple CarPlay, too.

But one of the biggest cons to using RV Trip Wizard is that it’s a web-based program. Users can see trips on the app but can’t edit them. It can also take a while to learn the system. With so many features, there’s a learning curve for all new users.

Woman and son in front of RV while camping
RV trip planning apps make organizing an RV adventure quick and easy.

What Are Other RV Trip Planner Apps?

Another popular RV trip-planning app is Roadtrippers Plus, which is part of the Togo RV family. Unlike RV Trip Wizard, users can view and edit trips via the app. Another distinction is that you can collaborate with other RVers through the app. As long as other travelers have the free version of Roadtrippers, you can build an itinerary with others.

The Dyrt Pro is another tool many RVers use. One of the biggest pros to using this app is the ability to view free camping on Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Forest Service, and National Park Service (NPS) managed lands. The map has layers to show RVers these locations that set it apart from RV Trip Wizard and Roadtrippers Plus. 

This tool also provides campgrounds reviews in real-time so users can make educated decisions about where to stay based on other RVers’ experiences.

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What Is the Best Navigation System for an RV?

The best navigation system for an RV is the one that gets you where you need to go safely. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Garmin has produced several versions of RV-safe GPS systems you can mount on your dash. The Garmin RV 785 can help RVers avoid low clearances, steep inclines, and tight turns. The 7-inch screen also makes it easy to see. 

Finally, the built-in dashcam automatically records footage if it detects an incident. However, it’s one of the most expensive options on the market today. There are cheaper options for travelers on a budget.

But many RVers don’t purchase a separate dash navigation system. Instead, they use their smartphones and apps like RV Life and Roadpass Pro. These subscription services have a monthly or yearly fee and can add up over time. But it will take years to meet the upfront cost of a Garmin, Magellan, or Tom Tom navigation system. So the best RV-safe tools really come down to budget and personal preference.

Is RV Trip Wizard Worth It?

Since RV Trip Wizard comes with a seven-day free trial, there’s no reason not to try it. Plan your next adventure with the trip planning tool and then take advantage of the RV-safe GPS navigation. RV Trip Wizard can make it easy to find the nearest rest area or fuel center when you need a break, giving you peace of mind as you travel. Make your next road trip enjoyable and safe with RV Trip Wizard!

What trip-planning tool do you use? Tell us in the comments!

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