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Popular YouTuber Claims “Russia Wants to Nuke Yellowstone National Park”

If you heard that Russia wanted to nuke Yellowstone National Park, would you believe it? With the current war in Ukraine, the idea might seem fitting.

An air force veteran with a Youtube channel rattled his 300,000 followers with his claim about Russian plans to bomb the national park. But are reports like this true, or are they taking advantage of worldwide concern over Putin’s current aggression?

Today will look into these wild claims and go over what would happen if a nuke went off in Yellowstone National Park!

Let’s roll!

Does Russia Want to Nuke Yellowstone?

Popular Youtuber Jake Broe released a video in late December 2022 which included images of Russia wanting to nuke Yellowstone National Park. His video is one of many claims touted by alarmists that the Ruskies have plans to bomb the United States.

Broe also states that we would face a minor global extinction event if this happened. The problem is he has no proof to support this idea.

Multiple tabloids have cited claims of a Russian Academic pondering where best to strike the United States since 2013. But we don’t even know what date the Russian Broadcast is from, nor who is speaking. For all we know, the video could be an excerpt from a Russian student film.

So this is a great example of why we should check our sources when we hear scary news stories. Don’t believe the hype!

What Is the Yellowstone Supervolcano?

Believe it or not, Yellowstone National Park is a volcano. The entire place is literally one gigantic crater made from the last time it erupted. The good news is that this occurred over 640,000 years ago.

The other good news is Yellowstone erupts rarely. That’s because it’s a supervolcano. It can go off with force a million times stronger than others and blast matter up to 240 miles from the center. This is why scientists monitor the park closely at all times. 

So you can enjoy the hot springs and geysers if you’d like. Just remember they’re signs this supervolcano is still active! But don’t worry; we’d see loads of earthquakes for weeks, if not years before this one erupts.

Atomic bomb being detonated
While Youtuber Jake Broe may disagree, it is unlikely that Russia will drop a nuclear bomb in Yellowstone.

Can a Russian Nuke Cause Yellowstone to Erupt?

Most likely, no. The energy equivalent of a nuclear bomb is about the same as a strong earthquake. But because the Yellowstone caldera is massive, an atomic blast doesn’t have the power to cause it to erupt.

If you think about a nuclear bomb dropping into the mouth of a tall volcano, you might imagine the red-hot magma devouring it. And you’d be right. Furthermore, the Russian military would have to detonate their nukes with impossible precision. The scenario is more like science fiction.

If Russia nuked Yellowstone National Park, the explosion would probably happen mid-air. It would cause its own devastating effects by spreading radiation, just as it would anywhere. With Yellowstone, a crater-like volcano with magma beneath miles of surface area, you’d have to bury a bomb even deeper.

But no scientific evidence shows a nuke could cause Yellowstone to erupt.

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Can a Nuclear Bomb Trigger a Yellowstone Earthquake?

Nuclear explosions can cause earthquakes. But the chances are slim. Especially with a supervolcano because of its size. In addition, atomic testing around Yellowstone has never caused tremors.

We see a lot of activity happening on the fault line around Yellowstone. But the rock within the park is solid, so visitors rarely notice the shocks. Regardless, it’s nearly impossible for anything to set off seismic activity in Yellowstone except the earth itself.

If Russia or anyone decided to drop nukes into Yellowstone, there would be other issues to worry about. The damages would all be caused by the blast and radiation that followed.

A nuclear explosion would cause most plants and animals within 100 miles of the bomb to die immediately. And we’d be dealing with polluted air and land for centuries. So a Yellowstone earthquake is the last thing we’d need to worry about!

Geyser in Yellowstone
While it is unlikely Yellowstone will be nuked, there are plenty of other dangerous sites amongst the park.

Is Anyone Testing Nuclear Weapons?

Thanks to the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, testing has almost entirely ceased worldwide. One hundred eighty-five countries have signed this agreement prohibiting all atomic bomb trials.  Once eight countries ratify the document, the no-nukes treaty will become international law.

The test ban involves over 300 agencies that regularly monitor worldwide compliance. North Korea is the only country known to still be testing nuclear weapons. 

The push to totally get rid of nukes continues. Over 2000 tests conducted since 1945 have left miles of land uninhabitable. Victims of atomic trials range from cancer patients, disfigurement and amputees, and people with other chronic illnesses.

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What Would Happen If the Yellowstone Supervolcano Did Erupt?

It’s important to remember that Yellowstone eruptions are very rare. But if this supervolcano does go off, the worldwide effects would last decades. 

Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming would be blasted by a mix of lava, ash, and hot gas. The debris covering these states could also reach Canada and California. In addition, a gas called sulfur dioxide from volcanic clouds could cause acid rain and other climate problems.

Because of the sheer magnitude of Yellowstone, we would be facing significant changes to the environment. But don’t panic! The human race is tough and has been dealing with mother nature since the dawn of humankind. 

Scientists predict the Yellowstone Supervolcano won’t erupt again for thousands of years. The first blast was over two million years ago. And the only other two happened after 600,000 years. So we’re good!

Take Care With What You Believe on the Internet

The internet is filled with claims that Russia plans to nuke Yellowstone National Park. But these stories are bending the truth. The footage has no date, and the information is vague and lacks credibility. 

It’s understandable to be nervous about Putin’s plans. But if a story sounds too crazy to be true, trust your gut and check the facts! Most of the world has agreed to stop all nuclear weapons testing and has banned the use of bombs. And science has shown that nuking the Yellowstone supervolcano wouldn’t cause it to erupt.

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